Kilcolman Settlement at Kilcolman

Index of citations of Spenser’s prose and poetry on the Centering Spenser website

Cited works are followed by the name of the essay or Object Description they appear in. The Object Descriptions are keyed to the room that the object appears in, i.e., “OD GF P bellows“ indicates the Object Description of a bellows in the Ground Floor Parlor.

“OD” = Object Description
“TH” = Tower House
“GF” = Ground Floor
“P” = Parlor
“B” = Bedroom
“S” = Study
“C” = Chapel
“P/G” = Privy/Garderobe
“GH” = Great Hall
“SRA” = “Storage Room and Armory”
“BA” = Bawn Area

A View of the Present State of Ireland: “Conflict: Desmond Rebellion”; “Travel and Trade: Rivers”; “Travel and Trade: Roads”; “OD TH GF mantle”; “OD GF P desk, with letters”; “OD GF P bellows”; “OD GF P map”; “OD GF P spinning wheel”; “OD TH P bellows”; “OD TH SRA”; “OD TH P harp" ; A View of the Present State of Ireland Teaching Resource

The Faerie Queene (cited by Book, Canto, Stanza, Line #):
Book I.Proem.i.9 “OD GF P lute”; i.1 “Travel and Trade: Roads”; i.8-9 “OD TH SRA”; i.39ff “OD TH B bed”; iv.8 “OD GF P portrait of Queen Elizabeth I”; v.3.4-9 “OD GF P lute”; v.3.6-7 “OD TH P harp”; v.20.1-3 “OD TH GF mantle”; viii.3-9 “OD GF P gun-loop”; viii.11.4 “Conflict: Desmond Rebellion“; viii 46.6-47 “OD BA sheela-na-gig”; ix.13-15 “OD GF P portrait of Queen Elizabeth I”; ix.33-36 “OD GF P bellows” and “OD TH P bellows”; ix.51 “OD GF P desk, with letters“; x “OD TH C altar-table and crucifix”; x.22.2 “OD GH mantelpiece”; xi.7 “OD TH S bookshelves”; xii.11.1-6 “OD TH B toy knight”; xii.11.8-9 “OD GF P map”; xii.11.9 “OD TH S woodcut of St. George”
Book II.Proem.2 and 5.5-9 “Writing: Spenser and Raleigh”; i.39ff “OD TH B crib and fireplace”; iv.38.7-9  and 46 “OD TH SRA”; v.10 “OD GF P narwhal, i.e., ‘unicorn’ horn”; vii.54.1-2 and 55.3-9 “OD TH P apples in a silver dish”; ix.13.7 “OD TH SRA”; ix.16.1-2 “OD GF P gun-loop”; ix.24.3 “OD BA garden, bower and tower”; ix.29-30 “OD BA kitchen”; ix.32 “OD P/G”; ix.47.5,8, 51.6-9, 53,3-9 and 57.6-9 “OD TH S desk, with paper, pen and ink and books”; ix.49.8-9 and 51.6-9 “OD TH B bed”; ix.59.3 “OD TH S bookshelves”; x.76.8-9 “OD GH mantelpiece”; xi.14.3 “OD GF P gun-loop"; xii “OD BA garden, bower and tower”; xii.23 “OD GF P narwhal, i.e., ‘unicorn’ horn”
Book III.i.16-17 “Travel and Trade: Rivers”; iv.58.1-3 “OD TH GF mantle”; v “Travel and Trade: Rivers”; v.13-26 “Writing: Spenser and Raleigh”; vi.32.3 “OD TH B crib and fireplace”; xi.28-30 “GF P tapestry”
Book IV.i.25 “OD TH P apples in a silver dish”; v.34.3-9, v.38.7-9, vii.40-43, viii.12 “OD GF P bellows” and “OD TH P bellows”; vii.38-46 38.9, 42.5, 39-41, 46 and viii.2-18,12.6-7 “Writing: Spenser and Raleigh“; viii.33.6-7 “OD GH mantelpiece”; xi.40-44 and 44.3-4 “Travel and Trade: Rivers”
Book V.i.9.8 “OD GH mantelpiece”; ii.8.2, 19.1-2, 19.9 and 27.5 “Travel and Trade: Rivers”; iv.5.1-5 and 19.2-7 “OD TH B chest”; v.22-3 “OD GF P spinning wheel”; viii.44 and 46.1 “OD TH S helmet, Spanish”and “OD GH helmet, Spanish”; ix.10.1,4-9 “OD TH GF mantle”
Book VI.vii.43 “OD TH SRA quilted jack”; x “OD GF P date stone”
Book “OD GF P desk, with letters”; vi.52 “OD TH P deerskins” and “OD TH B deerskins”; vi.37.7 and 38.1-2 “OD TH C altar-table and crucifix”; vi.54.8-9 “Travel and Trade: Rivers”; vii.59.7 “OD TH B chest”
Dedicatory Sonnet(s) to the earl of Ormond “Travel and Trade: Rivers“

”Colin Clouts Come Home Againe” (cited by line #): 56-79, 164-71, 187, 260-3, 358-63 “Writing: Spenser and Raleigh”; 57-79 “OD TH P ‘Raleigh’s window’”; 104-55 “Travel and Trade: Rivers”

”Epithalamion” (cited by line#):  23, 357-63, and 398-404 “OD TH B bed”; 56, 75-6, and 218 “Travel and Trade: Roads”; 67-73 “OD TH B deerskins” and “OD TH P deerskins”; 173-4 and 177-80 “OD BA garden, bower and tower”; 178-80 “OD TH B chest”; 190 and 334-52 “OD BA sheela-na-gig”; 242-3 and 248-54 “OD TH GF barrels”; 315-27 “OD TH GF mantle”; 353-71 “OD TH B crib and fireplace”

Amoretti (cited by sonnet #): 64, 65 and 89 “OD BA garden, bower and tower”; 64, 65, 67, 68, 69 “Sample Teaching Assignment: Amoretti 65”; 67 “OD TH P deerskins”; 74 and 75 “OD GF P date stone”; 75 “Sample Teaching Assignment: Amoretti 75”; 77 “OD TH P apples in a silver dish”

“Verses upon the said Earles Lute”: “OD GF P lute”

“Tears of the Muses”: “OD GF P lute”

“The Ruines of Time” (cited by line #): 603-9 “OD TH P harp”; 604-9 “OD GF P lute”