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Direction and Written Content:  Thomas Herron, Department of English, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, ECU.

Construction:  University Multimedia Center, ECU.  Director:  Laurie Godwin.
Modeling Methods and Software
Student assistants: 
-- Castle reconstruction: Sara Hegler, Katrina Ketel, Wesley Owens, Jonathon Valle, Katie Mills.
-- Textual editing: Lucas Berrini, Eric Hancock, Stephanie Smith, Joshua Pittman, Edward Reges, Sarah Meador Parrish and David Buchanan.

Artistic Direction (including portrait recreations):  Joyce Joines Newman (ECU).

VR Director:  Doug Barnum (ECU).

Technical Support:  Laurie Godwin, Joyce Joines Newman and Wayne Godwin (ECU).

Advisors:  James Lyttleton, Eric Klingelhofer, Joyce Joines Newman, Jane Fenlon, John Bradley, Michael Potterton, Julian Lethbridge, Susannah Ottaway.

Photos:  Unless otherwise specified, they are uncredited and have been provided by James Lyttleton , Joyce Joines Newman, Thomas Herron, Sara Hegler, Wesley Owens, and Sara Painter.    

Thanks to:  International Spenser Society; American Society of Irish Medieval Studies; “Elizabeth I and Ireland” conference (Storrs, CT, Nov 2009); Folger Shakespeare Library; Greenville Museum of Art; Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland; Robin Haller and her students at the School of Art and Design (ECU); and many individuals for their helpful advice and support, including David Lee Miller, Jocelyn Nelson, David Wilson-Okamura, Gary Stringer, Anne Lake Prescott, Rachel Moss, Niall Brady, Terry Barry, Michael Anne Bevivino, Marianne Montgomery, Valerie McGowan-Doyle, Brendan Kane, Sara Painter, Jessica Gammel-Bennett, Jeffrey Johnson, Kenneth Price, Willy Maley, Aidan O’Sullivan, Stuart Kinsella, Maryclaire Moroney, Andrew Hadfield and Christopher Morrongiello.

Text and Citations: Written content by Thomas Herron unless otherwise noted. All citations to Spenser’s works, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the following editions: The Faerie Queene. Ed. A.C. Hamilton. 2nd ed. (NY: Longman 2001); The Shorter Works. Ed. Richard A. McCabe (NY: Penguin, 1999); A View of the Present State of Ireland. Ed. W.L. Renwick. 2nd ed. (Oxford: Oxford UP, 1970).

Copyright permissions for digital reproduction have been obtained for the following items:

  1. Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh (Ground Floor Parlor):  courtesy of Wilson Library, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
  2. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth (the “Manteo Portrait”) (Ground-floor parlor):  courtesy of the Elizabethan Gardens, Roanoke, North Carolina.
  3. Map by Francis Jobson of the Munster Plantation (NLI MS 16.B.13): courtesy of  the National Library of Ireland. 
  4. Photograph of St. Christopher mural in St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England: courtesy of Jackie Selby Brooks of Malton, North Yorkshire.
  5. Recording of “Mr Dowland’s Midnight“ (15631626) by John Dowland, played by Christopher Morrongiello, Avie Records 0045: courtesy of Christopher Morrongiello.
  6. Reprint of Thomas Herron, “Archaeology and the poetry of Edmund Spenser:  Content and Context” in James Lyttleton and Colin Rynne (eds), Plantation Ireland:  settlement and material culture, c.1550-c.1700 (Dublin:  Four Courts Press, 2009), 229-47:  courtesy of Four Courts Press, Dublin.

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