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Citations: All citations to Spenser’s works, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the following editions: The Faerie Queene. Ed. A.C. Hamilton. 2nd ed. (NY: Longman 2001); The Shorter Works. Ed. Richard A. McCabe (NY: Penguin, 1999); A View of the Present State of Ireland. Ed. W.L. Renwick. 2nd ed. (Oxford: Oxford UP, 1970). This edition of the View uses modernized spelling.


Modeling sources for the Centering Spenser buildings

Modeling Methods and Software

Portrait Reconstruction: "Centering Elizabeth: Imagining Elizabeth Boyle in Art and Literature"

Portrait Reconstruction: Edmund Spenser


Select bibliography of published works with relevance to an archaeological study of the Munster Plantation

Select bibliography of works pertaining to Spenser, Raleigh and the archaeology and settlement of the Munster Plantation

Spenser and Ireland Bibliography (to 1996)

Edmund Spenser World Bibliography