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Modeling sources for the Centering Spenser buildings

Much of the modeling was done based on on-site visitation, as well as in consultation with experts listed on the Acknowledgements page of this website, including (especially) Eric Klingelhofer and James Lyttleton. 

Special thanks for this document go to Joyce Joines Newman and Wesley Owens.  The finished castle recreation is by necessity speculative and was not approved in every detail by every advisor.

Various unspecified details throughout the website reconstruction are taken from a visit to the reconstructed and finely appointed late-medieval towerhouse at Barryscourt Castle, Co. Cork. To the OPW guide who kindly gave us a tour outside of normal visiting hours, we offer our sincere thanks. Published details from Barryscourt as well as additional sources are listed here (including Works Cited).  Specific locations are listed in parentheses, usually following the page number of a citation, e.g., “David Sweetman, Medieval castles of Ireland p. 49 (Dublin Castle)” indicates a reference to Dublin Castle on p. 49 of Sweetman’s book.

Further sources (for the gardens, for example) can be found under the relevant Object Description listings on this website.

Sweetman, Medieval Castles, p.49 (Dublin Castle) [illustration from John Derricke, Image of Irelande (1581)]; p. 159, 160 (Barryscourt)

Machicolation over E entrance:
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NW Corner Bartizan:
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Roof/gables/drain holes:
Ashtown Castle, Dublin
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Corner Tower:
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Ashtown Castle, Dublin
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Leask, Irish Castles, p. 107 (Rockfleet) [chimney on long side, not gable end]

Great Hall
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Ground Floor Parlor
Klingelhofer, “Edmund Spenser” [placement of chimney]

Sweetman, Medieval Castles, p. 188 (Donegal) [keystone]
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Longford Castle , Wiltshire
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Bawn Wall
Top edge:
Sweetman, Medieval Castles, p. 49 (from Derricke, Image of Irelande)
Leask, Irish Castles, p.90 (Derryhivenny)

Breen, Gaelic Lordship, p. 153 (Carriganass)

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