Recreating Spenser: the Irish Castle of an English Poet

This iBook showcases many illustrations and select subject matter taken directly from Centering Spenser: a digital resource for Kilcolman Castle.

Only the Preface and Chapter 5, on Virtual Reality developments, are wholly original to the iBook. New illustration formatting not found on the website has been created for the iBook, including schematic diagrams of interior rooms. This book, like the website, is written and designed by Thomas Herron, with the exception of “Modeling Methods and Software”, written by Wesley Owens and Appendix 2, "Select bibliography of published works with relevance to an archaeological study of the Munster Plantation", by James Lyttleton. Copyright for the iBook belongs to Thomas Herron and East Carolina University.

The iBook can be downloaded here:  Recreating Spenser: the Irish Castle of an English Poet