Illustrations on Paper

This section includes book/magazine/recording covers, magazines illustrations, other illustrations, prints, posters, cards, etc . . .  
A paper item that has a DC illustration in it or on it (excluding his comic books, collections, stories) will most likely be listed here. 
Some, however, are listed in the bibliography under
Illustrations and Designs Not on Paper: i.e., OK Soda items with DC art exist as 
paper and non-paper items, but for the sake of unity all are listed together under Illustrations and Designs Not on Paper. 

Unless stated otherwise, the illustrations below represent work done specifically for the publication in which they appear (sketchbook pages and 
some ads would be an exception); most of these illustrations have not been reprinted or collected.  Although DC interviews and features 
include illustrations (mostly from Eightball), these are not listed here because they are reprints. For a key to abbreviations, go

The first two sections identify comic book, magazine, newspaper, zine, catalog, book, and recording covers/art.  
These lists do not include the covers of DC's comic books and collections.
For the DC covers to the Earwax mini comic collaborations and other DC-related mini comics, see the Mini Comics section.

Covers of Comic BookS, MagazineS, NewspaperS, CatalogS, BookS, ZineS, ETC:
All are color unless entry ends with b/w (black and white).

Before 1989

The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom 254 (9/29/78): DC illustration b/w
Psycho Comics 2 (4/82): color
Doomsday Squad 2 (9/86): cover is not by DC, but a small image from the cover of LL 2 appears in the top left-hand corner 
Fox Comics 14 (11-12/86): front & back  b/w/red (published in Australia)
Big Yeah 7 (4/87): zine with DC illustration and logo lettering b/w
Jumpin Jive (10/87): zine with color cover, produced by Chicago store Hep Cat Comics - signed Daniel Clowes '52
Cracked Collectors' Edition 73 (1/88): back cover (see Cracked 226)


Cracked Monster Party 5 (4/89): DC's only front cover art for Cracked
Men of Mystery (6/90): zine's cover is a photocopy of a 1989 convention sketch done by DC
The Adventures of Tad Martin (1990): zine - see 5 entries below for reuse of this cover b/w
Butt Biscuit 5 (1990): mini comic b/w
Drawn & Quarterly 8 (4/92)
Buzz 1 (9/90): back cover - The Sense-Assaulter (W: Rick Altergott)
The Comics Journal 154 (11/92): cover for a long DC interview
The Adventures of Tad Martin 3 (1992): the same DC logo appears on issues 1, 3, and 4 b/w
Blab! 7 (Summer 92)
Real Stuff 10 (12/92)
Son of the Ultimate Comics Catalogue (1992): Fantagraphics catalog
Duplex Planet Illustrated 1 (1/93)
Misfit Lit (3/91): catalog for a traveling exhibition
Urban Legends 1 (6/93)
No Trend Press 18 (c.1993?): German
Young Lust 8 (1993)
Your Flesh 27 (1993): includes DC interview
Different Beat Comics (3/94): Fantagraphics sampler with DC/Peter Bagge Cracked story Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
normalman-Megaton Man Special 1 (8/94): a small DC illustration appears on a multi-artist cover
A Vast Knowledge of General Subjects 1 (9/94)
Daniel Clowes' Famous Original Art Catalogue and Price List 1 [1994]: see E14 p.27 b/w
Ruta 66 105 (4/95): color version of illustration on p.2 of Blab! 4
Strapazine 40 (9/95): 'The Liberators'  - later used as back cover to Zero-Zero 12 (10/96) with additional panel that includes new illustration and text
Internal Correspondence (10/95): DC cover on this Capital Distributors industry periodical
Daniel Clowes' Famous Original Art Catalogue and Price List 2 [1995]: see E15 p.27 b/w
Zero-Zero 12 (10/96): back cover (a version of this minus the top panel first appeared as a cover on Strapazine 40)
The Imp 1 (1997): cover art adapts title page of Blue Italian Shit (E13), with additional lettering b/w
Zozolala 102 (10-11/98): cover uses title page from Immortal, Invisible (E16) b/w
Happiness Screenplay (1998): uses same art as movie poster, VHS, and DVD
The Imp 2 (1998): 3 printings, each a different color cover - red, blue, and orange respectively
The Creeps (1999): cover was drawn but the book was never finished/released
Madman Comics: G-Men from Hell 4 (12/00): back cover (uses image from Madman card set)


The Comics Journal 233 (5/01): full-length interview with DC
The Stranger (5/24-5/30/01): same image as a print produced for the 1999 BeeldBeeld show
Portland Mercury (5/24-5/30/01): same image as above
LA Weekly (7/20/01): issue has 2 DC covers - one on the paper itself and one on the restaurant guide insert [both are enlarged panels from GW]
Sound Voice 308 (8/01): has an illustration of Little Enid on the cover - reverse image of Enid from Little Enid Doll box art
Urbanview (8/01): cover uses self-portrait from DB dust jacket, 1st hardcover edition
Blur 5 (9/01): cover is a photo of the Little Enid doll - magazine also includes additional photos of the doll

Expo 2001
(10/01): similar image appear in The New Yorker (11/27/00), a color illustration for an article on computers and productivity
Reprodukt (2001): catalog uses faces of Enid and Rebecca appearing on Presspop button set (see Illustrations Not on Paper), and DC's Reprodukt logo
VPRO Gids 4 (1-2/02): 4 panel strip - VPRO Gids is a Dutch TV magazine, similar to TV Guide
I. (5/02): Stephen Dixon novel published by McSweeney's - the cover features a die-cut 'I.' through which a DC drawing is visible 
Scram 17 (3/02): cover is an untitled strip about a fictional forgotten singer, Wilbur Kopek (UC)
Madman Picture Exhibition 2 (5/02): back cover is DC color guide for the illustration that appears in the issue; front cover collage uses a portion of 
  interior DC image [this image first appeared in Madman card set (see below), then as back cover to Madman Comics: G-men from Hell 4 (see above)]
Best American Nonrequired Reading 2003 (10/03): DC cover on hardcover, soft cover, CD - the cover is a kind of story
Real Stuff (3/04): DC's cover for Real Stuff 10 is reprinted in this Dennis Eichorn collection - the book does not have a DC cover
MoCCA Who's Who (6/05): a b/w drawing of a John Kuramoto character  'Groovi'
Resonance 47 (10/05): feature on DC uses self-portrait from DB 1st ed. dust jacket
Graphic Novels: Everything You Need to Know (11/05): cover is DC cover image from the German version of Caricature
Adverbs (4/06): DC cover on this Daniel Handler novel 
The Prisoner of X  (5/06): see
End of I. (2006): DC image for this Stephen Dixon novel is silk-screened on cover - same art was used for Dixon's I. New version is colored differently.
Wally's World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of the World's . . . (2006): uses panel from 'Wallace Wood' (TCE) as cover illustration


StudioVoice 379 (6/07): DC cover on this Japanese media magazine - uses part of the last panel from page 1 of 'Green Eyeliner' (Esquire 7/98) (C)
Frankenstein (9/25/07): DC provides the art for the front/back cover and 2 flaps in the form of four comics (plus art for the spine) for the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition
The New Yorker (5/12/08): each copy has two different DC covers that form a 2-panel story titled Man's Best Friend
Krazy! The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art (5/08): catalog for this show features art from DC's cover for Caricature pb.
  This illustration or portions of it appear on promo material: posters, buttons, billboards, etc . . . 
An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): DC front and back covers - also feature 3 new strips on cover and reprints DC stories
The New Yorker (5/11/09): DC cover titled Leading the Way
The New Yorker (6/8+6/15/09): DC cover titled Future Generations
The New Yorker (10/12/09): DC cover (one of 3 covers) titled The Food Chain
TCAF 2010 (1/15/10): DC poster art
The New Yorker (2/15/10): DC and Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, and Ivan Brunetti covers.
Shock Corridor  (1/18/11): cover and illustrations for Criterion DVD
The Naked Kiss (1/18/11): cover and illustrations for Criterion DVD
Paul (3/2011): DC created the cover of a comic book  'Encounter Briefs #23' that appears in the movie Paul.
The New Yorker (12/5/11): DC cover titled Black Friday

[New York Times Sunday Magazine (c. 2010): commissioned but unpublished color illustration of Glenn Beck (see here)]


The New Yorker (6/4/12): DC cover titled Crashing the Gates
Lucky Peach 9 (12/2013): DC logo/title lettering
The New Yorker (2/29/16): DC cover titled Privileged Characters - DC talks about it here: 

COVERS AND Illustrations for MUSICAL RecordingS: 
The entries below refer to recordings with DC cover art unless the entry ends with nc, for not cover.
Formats (LP, CD, CASS, EP, 45) listed below represent the versions I have seen - for some titles there may be others. 
VA means 'various artists.' All illustrations are color unless the entry ends with b/w, for black and white.  
Some of the LPs are available in different colored vinyl; but since this fact has no bearing on the DC cover art, it is not indicated below.

Entry Format: Artist: Title (year released) [record company] format(s)

Frank French and Kevn Kinney: Everything Looks Better in the Dark (1987) [Twilight Records] LP CASS
Ernest Tubb: Ernest Tubb Live 1965 (1989) [Rhino] CD - I have not verified this entry nc
Raunch Hands: Payday (1989) [Crypt Records] LP CD
Victor Banana: Split (1989) [SplatCo Music] LP b/w
Link Wray: Rumble, The Best of Link Wray (1990) [Rhino] CD - title lettering only - appears on booklet and CD nc
Thee Headcoats: Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats! (Already) (1990) [Sub Pop] LP CD CASS b/w
Cheater Slicks: Destination Lonely (1991) [Dogmeat] LP CD b/w
Jack Scratch: When Worlds Collide (1991) set of three 45s b/w
Urge Overkill:
Supersonic Storybook
(1991) [Touch & Go Records] LP CD CASS
VA: Beat of the Traps (1991) [Carnage Press] LP
VA: Place of General Happiness: Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2 (1991) [ESD] CD CASS
VA: Las Vegas Grind Volume 4 (nd. circa 1991?) [Strip] LP
VA: Las Vegas Grind Part 2 (nd. circa 1991?) [Strip] CD - same art as above [German/American versions have different logos/coloring
Rube Ruben: Shmendrick (1992) [Sympathy for the Record Industry] 45
The Supersuckers: The Smoke of Hell (1992) [Sub Pop] LP CD CASS
Two aging alcoholics recorded without their knowledge: Shut Up Little Man (1992) [SULM] CD - DC art on CD nc
VA: The Beat Generation (1992) [Rhino] CD {box set} - title lettering only nc
VA: DIY: Come Out And Play - American Power Pop I (1993) [Rhino] CD - drawing of a Mod/Punk on CD and back cover - also on a 1993 Rhino T-shirt
LaBrea Stompers: Funzo's Knuckle Room (1993) [DB Recs] CD
Victor Banana: Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1993) [Jenkins-Peabody] EP [1st pressing - ed. 500 -signed not numbered]
Victor Banana: Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1993) [Jenkins-Peabody] EP [2nd pressing - not signed/numbered]
Victor Banana: Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1993) [Jenkins-Peabody] CD - different art than EP


VA: Rykodisc Retail Reel 7 (1994) [Rykodisc] CD - this image also appears on a 1994 calendar and a video box b/w
Neil Smythe: Refrains (1995) [Jenkins-Peabody] CD - cover and booklet art
John Peel: The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions: 1989-1993 (1994) [Sub Pop and Strange Fruit] CD
The Psyclone Rangers: The Devil May Care (1995) [World Domination] CD [insert uses b/w illustration from E8 p.15, 'the inventor . . .'] nc
Fireside: Do Not Tailgate (1996) [American Recordings] CD - tan version; full booklet with DC lettered lyrics and illustrations 
Fireside: Do Not Tailgate (1996) [American Recordings] CD - white version; partial booklet with DC illustrations, no lyrics - a CASS promo version exists
VA: Jackpot! The Las Vegas Story (1996) [Rhino] CD - title lettering only nc
Mohamid Rafi: Jaan Pehechaan Ho (2001) [Rambling Records] 45 (picture disk ) - illustration appears in GW screenplay
VA: The Best of the Beat Generation (2002) [Rhino] CD - uses same lettering as The Beat Generation box set above nc
VA: Landmark Music Vol. 2 (2002) [Filter Music Media Marketing] CD - uses Sunshine Cinema poster art with additional lettering
Bob Moss: Folknik (2002) [Soundco Records] CD
Yo La Tengo: Merry Christmas from Yo La Tengo (2002) [Egon] CD - DC cover, art on CD, and 4 panel strip ('Guinea Pig Xmas') 
  on insert - this art was done first for Clowes family holiday cards b/w
Matmos: The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast (2006) [Matador] CD LP - includes a color DC illustration nc
Big Bob Taylor: Wowsville (2012) [Crypt] 45 - uses the main illustration from the cover of Lloyd llewellyn #4, 1986.
The New Bomb Turks: Tape Worm Blues (2013) - cover uses old (early 1990?), and (I think) unpublished DC illustration

Illustrations in Books, Comics, Magazines, Newspapers, Mini Comics, Zines, on Video Boxes, Postcards, etc:
All are color unless the entry ends with b/w, for black and white


Paige Profile 4 (1978): DC illustration b/w. I'm unsure of the zine's title, either Paige Profile or Paige Comics
[perhaps DC art appears in other comics titled Paige Presents, Paige Profiles, or Paige Comics (c. late 1970s)]
Maggot-Zine 1 (5/81): full-page illustration in this limited run zine b/w
Business card/postcard (c. early/mid 80s): see The Comics Journal 154 b/w
Business card 8" x 11.5" (c. early/mid 80s): see The Comics Journal 154 b/w
Love & Rockets 13 (9/85): ad for LL uses art exclusive to it b/w
Love & Rockets 14 (11/85): back cover is ad for LL - art appears elsewhere
Doomsday Squad 2 (9/86): back cover is ad for LL - art appears elsewhere
Amazing Heroes 115 (5/87): 1/4 page drawing of Bizzarro Titano b/w
Blab! 2 (Summer 87): illustration of Melbin Uggly (a slightly larger version appears in Cracked 223) b/w
Blab! 2 (Summer 87): two-page illustration for Notes from the Underground Part II (artists talk about EC comics) b/w
Lloyd Llewellyn postcard (1987): see letters page of LL5 - there are two versions (one appears in MWLL) b/w
Last panel of Uwanna, a story from LL5 (1987): see LL5 - this was never drawn; those who sent in for it received original drawings
Stripaids (1987): small LL illustration in this UK benefit collection b/w
Sound Affects 6 (c.1987): one panel Lloyd Llewellyn comic in this zine
Blab! 3 (9/88): portrait of Charles Schneider b/w
Renegade 9 (1988?): zine uses lettering and an image by DC that would later be the cover to The Adventures of Tad Martin 3 (1992)


Blab! 4 (Summer 89): self-portrait b/w
Dallas Fantasy Comics 6 (7/89): mini comic - one page b/w
Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs (1989): full-page illustration b/w
The Village Voice Rock & Roll Quarterly Vol 3 No 1 (Spring 1990): 5 small illustrations b/w
Outside In 36 (Summer 1990): one-page self-portrait in a mini comic b/w
133 More Noses (2/91): 4 small illustrations in this mini comic b/w
Amazing Heroes 189 (3/91): full-page ad for E (no new illustrations) b/w
Blab! 6 (Summer 91): illustrations for Alcoholic Cartoonists story b/w
The Comics Journal 144 (9/91): sketchbook material b/w
Reflex 20 (11/91): DC interview includes unpublished sketchbook illustrations and The Sense Assaulter
Buzz 2 (Winter 91): small illustration and letter from DC b/w
Cad: A Handbook for Heels (1991): 3 full-page illustrations, plus others (one is signed 'Clyde Stanley') b/w

Fantagraphics 1992 calendar (1991): full-page illustration b/w
Kokopop Records (1991): logo lettering
LA Weekly (c. 1991) illustration of the band Jane's Addiction (info comes from the interview in Damp 6)
The Shambles (1991): flyer illustration for an appearance by The Shambles at the New Sounds Festival
Sub Pop Video Network Program 1 (1991): art for the entire video box
Worry Bird Disk (1991): logo illustration and lettering b/w
Earwax menu (c.91/92): with Terry LaBan, Gary Leib, Doug Allen, Archer Prewitt, and Chris Ware b/w
Earwax / Myopic / Bombardier flyer (c.91/92): with Gary Leib - 'Cafe, Record, Books'  in Chicago
Bonus 1 (6/92): small illustration in sketchbook style in this free Chicago magazine printed on newsprint b/w
The Comics Journal 154 (11/92): sketchbook material b/w
Advance Comics (c.1992): Certified Cool logo (a cat reading and wearing shades) for Capital City Distributors, currently appears in Diamond's Previews
The Best of Dallas Fantasy Comics (1992): sketch in mini comic b/w
Friends of Omaha 2 (1992): inside back cover b/w
Madman Adventures 1 (1992): DC 'guest inks mystery panels'
Shut Up Little Man (1992): 3 full-page illustrations done with Gary Leib b/w
Vox Canis 3 (1992): zine by Dan Kelly reproduces a letter from DC with a small illustration b/w
Ten in One Gallery (c.1992): for show cARToonist (with Chris Ware, Gary Leib, Doug Allen, Heather McAdams) the artists collaborated on title lettering of "Cartoonist"


The Best of Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 1 (4/93): reprints illustration from AH 115 (see above) in a larger size b/w
Psychotronic Magazine (Spring 93): heading for record reviews section (first appears in this issue -as of 2005, image is still being used) b/w
The New Yorker (6/14/93): portrait of Elvis Costello
Spin (9/93): portrait of Peter Bagge b/w
The New Yorker (10/18/93): very small self-portrait, one of a collection of artists' doodles/self-portraits b/w
Entertainment Weekly (11/5/93): 1+1/3 page illustration for a feature on the 100 best CDs
Deep Girl 3 (1993): Ariel Bordeaux comic with a DC doodle
Eightball postcards (1993): set of ten postcards - use images from E and elsewhere - new cover art and lettering on back of postcards
Eightball sticker (1993): done as give-way for Hateball tour - red lettering/white background - image is used on letters page of E11 with blue lettering
I Like Comics 1 (1993): Peter Bagge-produced  fanzine with 1 small DC sketchbook-style illustration b/w
Internal Correspondence (1/94): Capital City Distributors publication - 2 page Eightball ad drawn for this publication  
The New Yorker (1/10/94): illustration of David Greenberger and Ernest Noyes Brookings
Interview (9/94): oversized full-page self-portrait with short profile
Flatter 5 (1994): zine with small illustration in sketchbook style b/w
Hustler (6/94): 2-page spread for How to Get the Most Out of Your Sex Dreams
Hustler (11/94): full-page illustration and one small illustration for Interview with a Lesbian
Circle Press 2 (Fall 94): zine with small illustration in sketchbook style - also has a short interview
Jack Kirby's Heroes and Villains Black Magic Edition (1994): DC inks Kirby's sketch of Vollstag, a Thor character b/w
Full Frontal Nudity 3 (6/95): interview includes a drawing by DC of the interviewer, Kyle Rimkus b/w
Dream (1995): multi-artist collection - DC's contribution is "Me?!" From the Sketchbook of Daniel Clowes [includes 12 sketchbook pages] b/w
Exquisitely Corpsed Concoction of Cretins 2 (1995): mini comic has one DC illustration b/w
Mr. Nostalgia's Wonky Comics Catalog  (1995): apparently contains DC art originally published in David Tosh's convention minicomics

Narrative Corpse (1995): 3 panels in a multi-artist chain story b/w


Fireside (1996): promotional sticker for their Do Not Tailgate CD - uses CD cover art
National Society of Cartoonists 50th Anniversary Album (1996): self-portrait (with short bio.) b/w
Oregon Lottery (1996): 4 billboards
Hustler (4/97): color illustration and title logo for 'Hot Letters' column - this appears in other Hustler issues, so 4/97 may not be first appearance
Pulse! (7/97): color illustration for an essay on prog-rock albums
Scenario Vol. 3, 3 (Fall 97): four full-page color illustrations accompany the screenplay for 'Love Serenade'
Vogue (8/98): two color illustrations accompany a short feature on DC

Happiness (1998): 8" x 12" Japanese promotional card with drawings of characters on back b/w
Happiness (1998): drink coaster -Japanese promotional item with drawings of characters b/w
Stripdagen Haarlem postcard (1998): color cover art from the Ghost World hardcover
Hustler (6/99): two-page spread for 'I've Been Screwed'
The Imp 3 (1999): portrait of Chris Ware b/w
Dirty Stories Vol. 2 (Summer 00): title pages [a version of the illustration in Hustler (6/99)] b/w
The Comics Journal 227 (10/00): a David Boring ad uses art that appears as a promo poster (inside back cover)
Nest (Fall 00): inside back cover and last page, ad for Commes des Garcons that uses 4th panel on pg.18, E16
Too Much Coffeeman 12 (Fall 2001): illustration of this magazine's title character in sketchbook style
The New Yorker (11/27/00): color illustration for an article on global tracking technology
The New Yorker (11/27/00): color illustration for an article on computers and productivity
The New Yorker (11/27/00): color six-panel illustration for an essay not by DC
Below Critical Radar (2001): back cover uses Dan Pussey illustration from Different Beat poster (see Prints and Posters below)
Pop 1 (Autumn/Winter-00/01): inside back cover, ad for Commes des Garcons uses last panel on p.16, E21colored yellow- this same ad appeared in b/w
Purple 6 (Winter 00-01): back cover folds open, a 2 page ad for Commes des Garcons that uses 4th panel on pg.18, E16 - smaller than in Nest above
Commes des Garcon ad (00): uses penultimate panel of 'A Message to the People of the Future' (E10) - I am unsure where this ad appeared


Why Art Cannot Be Taught: A Handbook for Art Students (6/01): reprints 4 panels from Art School Confidential (E7)
Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly: Back to School 2001 (7/01): full-page color portrait of Todd McFarlane
Ghost World Soundtrack (7/01): back cover has 2 DC illustrations
Presspop Gallery postcard (8/01): for DC exhibition - uses the drawings of Enid's and Rebecca's faces on above buttons
Empire (11/01): two-page illustration accompanies DC text about the Ghost World film
New York Times (12/16/01): full-page, full-color ad for Sunshine Cinema  (see Prints and Posters below)
New York Times (12/21/01/ -present): daily ads for the Sunshine Cinema use a portion of the art from the poster b/w
Village Voice (12/25/01): full-page, full-color ad for Sunshine Cinema (2001): includes many DC illustrations done for the site

Studio Voice 313 (1/02): oversize full-page color reproduction of the inside front cover of E 20 ('Hulligan's Wharf')  minus the lettering
Fast Company (3/02): two full-page and four small illustrations for a feature on deviants and business [has short bio/interview with DC]
Dirty Stories Vol. 3 (Spring 02): title pages b/w
Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery (4/27-5/25/02): 'The Drawing Show' exhibition postcard uses the last panel on p.3 of DB b/w
Madman Picture Exhibition 2 (5/02): DC illustration that appears in Madman card set (see also Covers above)
Madman Picture Exhibition 3 (6/02): DC illustration that appears in Madman card set (see also Covers above) appears on cover very small 
Madman Picture Exhibition Hardcover Collection (10/02): DC illustration that appears in Madman card set (see also Covers above)
The New Yorker (8/5/02): full-page illustration (9 separate panels) for a story on reading faces
Bang! 2  (4/03): French magazine reprints DC's storyboard for the title credits to Ghost World movie as first printed in the GW screenplay book
Jack Kirby Collector 39 (Fall 2003): small DC sketch of Enid, DC's response to 'What is your favorite Kirby Cover?' b/w


New York Times Magazine (7/11/04): feature on comics discusses DC's work; includes a photo of DC drawing a self-portrait
100 Artists See Satan (2004): show catalog has photo of unpublished DC work 'Devil Self-Portrait' (c.1990) ink and gouache
Talk to Her: Interviews (8/04): DC full-page portrait of Orson Wells b/w
MangArt (dated 2003 released 9/04): DC draws Shigeru Sugiura (Japanese manga artist) characters b/w
The Comics Journal 264 (11-12/04): small illustration of cartoonist Ivan Brunetti b/w
ReadyMade 18 (Aug-Sept/05): self-portrait in ink and colored pencil
99 Ways to Tell a Story (2005): DC panel from 'Gynecology' (E17) appear in a multi-artist story in this Matt Madden book
Melto-Fu (2005): box on this toy made for Meltdown comics has a very small color image of Girly Melt by DC 
        (this maybe the only place the image appears; I believe it was not done for this box, but rather as a possible Meltdown character/mascot)
New York Times (2/12/06): large ad [in 4-panel comic strip form] for the Broadway show Well features DC art and lettering 4-color
New York Times (2/19/06): ad [single panel not included in above] for the Broadway show Well features DC art and lettering b/w

Well (2006): DC did this Broadway show's logo and 5 panels of art for ads; 4 panels formed a short narrative and the fifth panel was used, like the 4 panel story,
in a number of differently formatted print ads. The 4-panel story/ad appeared in the show's poster and on the Well website.  The title logo alone appeared on the 
show's playbill and on the theatre's marquee. DC also did some lettering of show information (i.e., cast and ticket info) and one [and possibly two] fonts 
were made of his lettering and used in print ads and elsewhere, such as reviews of the play on the website. The text that appeared in the DC artwork 
was written by the show's author, Lisa Kron. Well previewed on Broadway on 3/10/06 and ran until 5/14/06

Private Stash (9/06): full-color illustration in this 20 cartoonist collection from The Buenaventura Press  
In the Studio (10/06): includes an expanded version of the DC feature from Comic Art 1, with new color DC self-portrait


Newsweek: Commemorative Inaugural Edition (1.27.09): full-page color portrait of Barack Obama
The New Yorker (9/21/09): full-page color illustration
McSweeney's 33 [aka San Francisco Panorama] (12.9.09): DC did the masthead for the newspaper; part of the lettering was used for title of Panorama Magazine insert
GQ (8/10): full-page color illustration of Bill Murray
New York Magazine (5/2/16): DC draws Don Delillo

Prints and Posters:
Exhibitions for prints/posters associated with an exhibition) 
All are color unless the entry ends with b/w, for black and white; s&n means signed and numbered; ed. means edition of.


Montana Family Restaurant [poster] (c.1985): I have only seen the original art, not the poster - for a Maine restaurant b/w
Lloyd Llewellyn [s&n print - ed. 600] (c.1988?): small print on heavy stock  8.5 x 11 b/w
Sammy Dyer School of Theatre Arts [poster] (1990): for performance by Chicago dance school - mostly text, with silhouettes by DC b/w
Thee Headcoats, Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! . . .  [poster] (1990): uses record cover art b/w
Golden Apple Comics [s&n print - ed. 300] (7/91): with four other artists for Golden Apple Comics in LA b/w
Cheater Slicks, Destination Lonely [poster] (1991): uses record cover art b/w
Duplex Planet [poster] (1991): uses DC cover art for Place of General Happiness CD - DC lettering in blue, line art in white
Eightball Tour [poster] (1992): large image of the swami from the first panel of The Future (E4) b/w
Madman [s&n poster] (1992): multi-artist cover - DC provides a small disembodied head
The Supersuckers, The Smoke of Hell [poster] (1992): uses record cover art
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron [s&n print - ed. 400] (1993): movie-poster style
Hateball tour [poster/flyer photocopies] (1993): with Peter Bagge - exists in different sizes b/w
Different Beat [poster] (1994): numerous images from Fantagraphics artists - DC provides a dancing Dan Pussey


Happiness [poster] (1998): same image appears on DVD, VHS, and screenplay book
Happiness [poster] (1998): two-sided mirror image?
Velvet Hammer Burlesque [print/poster] (1999) - exists in at least 6 forms: color print, color proof, beige proof, black and white proof, signed 
  poster, unsigned poster - image appears on a show program
David Boring [poster] (2000): for image see inside back cover of The Comics Journal 227 (10/00)
Ghost World [posters] (7/01)

Sunshine Cinema [poster] (12/01): multi-panel narrative for opening of the renovated Sunshine Cinema in NYC
Lee's Comics Spice [poster] (1/31/03): for the 'Spice' signing at Lee's Comics - has DC self-portrait with 8 other artists' self-portraits b/w
Fantagraphics Benefit [print] (7/03): poster for show featuring Built to Spill - modifies DC artwork from Needle-Dick (E7)
The Death-Ray [s&n print - ed. 95] (6/04): produced by
Buenaventura Press - printed on Chapin paper 
The Death-Ray [s&n print - ed. 100] (6/04): produced by
Buenaventura Press - printed on newsprint
Eightball 23 [poster] (7/04): image of E23 cover 11" x 14.5" - 2 sides, reverse image - for retailers who ordered 10 or more E23s
Eightball 23 [print - ed. 4] (7/04): image of E23 cover - 3 x 5 feet - printed for Meltdown Comics in cooperation with DC
Well (3/06) [poster]: see info on the Broadway show Well above
Art School Confidential [print set - ed. of 5] (5/06): set contains 4 prints (pages 1-4 of the story ASC) - 12 x 18.75 - prints are detailed facsimiles of the
  original art as it looks in 2006, with all of the faded zipatone, pencil marks, changes, smudges, etc . . . . produced for show in May-June 2006 at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery


TCAF 2010 [poster] (1.15.10)
Wilson [poster] (4/21/10): two-sided promotional poster uses cover image, title, and a one-page excerpt from Wilson
Eightball 18 cover [s&n print - ed. of 100] (9/2012): produced by Clowes and  Pigeon Press - available with or without logo paste-up
SPX [s&n print - ed. of 50] (9/15/12): self-portraits of DC, Chris Ware, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez
Comic Arts Brooklyn 2015 [poster]: featuring art from Patience with new logo and lettering
Galerie Martel [eight-image portfolio - ed. of 100; two prints - each s&n ed. of 100] (2/1/17): produced for solo show

Images on Cards:
All are color unless the entry ends with b/w, for black and white

Mondo Suburbia (1990): 1 card in set b/w
Crackpots & Visionaries (1992): 1 card in set {set available as uncut sheet}
Duplex Planet, Not a Lie from My Mouth (1993): 4 cards in set {set available as uncut sheet}- Bogart card credited to DC is by Jaime Hernandez
Madman X 50 (1994): 1 card in set {set available as uncut sheet}
Booksmith Author Card 553 (10/17/02): uses self-portrait from DB dust jacket, 1st hardcover ed.  - for David Boring book tour b/w
Booksmith Author Card 768 (6/24/05): front image same as above - for Ice Haven book tour b/w

Book plates produced by the French comic shop 'Super Heros':
The Ghost World bookplate is the only one in this series that uses exclusive art - others use panels from their respective collection -
DC did not select or color these:
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1999):
s&n [140] - image of Dr. Wylde on a TV monitor
Ghost World (1999):
s&n [140] - art was done for this bookplate
Caricature (2000): 
s&n [190] - image from Immortal, Invisible
David Boring (2002)
: s&n [200] - portrait of David from cover of first US edition hardcover, not the dust jacket
Ice Haven (2006):
s&n [200] - image of Officer Kaufman from IH back cover
Eightball (2009): [?] - image from Ugly Girls

Meltdown Comics (4/2012): set of 7 stickers