Illustrations / Designs Not on Paper

This section focuses on non-paper objects that have DC illustrations, and on objects that were designed by DC. For the sake of coherence, 
some paper items are included; for example, the sections on OK Soda and Meltdown Comics material have both paper and non-paper items.  
Items listed include paddleballs, watches, skateboards, t-shirts, soda cans, hats, ties, lighters, buttons, a soda vending machine front, etc . . . 
For a key to abbreviations, go
here. The categories below are:

Objects - T-Shirts - OK Soda Items - Meltdown Comics - Video/Animation - Games - Company Logos - Books



Hand-painted ties (1989): 5-10 were produced - see E1and Cad: A Handbook for Heels (a tie appears in a photo spread)
Eightball button (1991): small black pin-back with white lettering
Eightball cloisonné pin (1991): Venus figure from E6 cover
Eightball mug (1991): black with numerous small illustrations in white
Eightball rubber stamp (1991): Tina from LVG
Lloyd Llewellyn button (1991): small black pin-back with LL face
Eightball hat (1993): black hat with logo
Santa Cruz skateboard (1991): image on a skateboard designed for skateboarder Corey O'Brien
Santa Cruz sticker (1991): sticker of part of the image on the Corey O'Brien skateboard (see T-Shirts below)
Sub Pop paddleball (1991): with 'Punky,' the Sub Pop mascot of the early 90s
Sub Pop watch (1991): with 'Punky'
HateBall button (1993): tour button with image of Dan Pussey by DC and Buddy Bradley by Peter Bagge
Eightball Flame Rite Zippo SMK 005 (10/94): female image on black lighter - identified in Flame Rite literature as 'Devil' 
  [SMK 005 was also sold in a boxed collection of 6 lighters with illustrations by the artists, who all signed the box]
Eightball Flame Rite Zippo SMK 039 (7/96): male image on silver lighter - identified in Flame Rite literature as 'Cigar Moron'


Little Enid Doll (7/01-4/02): There are at least five different versions of the doll - all versions come with the same DC box art 
Little Enid Doll 1. standard version: black hair, black shirt, red skirt
Little Enid Doll 2. punk version A: green hair, white shirt, pink skirt
Little Enid Doll 3. punk version B: green hair, white shirt with blue collar, pink skirt. This version was produced after version A.
Little Enid Doll 4. Japan only version: black hair, red shirt, blue skirt (all boxes feature Little Enid wearing this outfit). The rarest version (500 produced)
Little Enid Doll 5. Pink hair version: pink hair, yellow shirt, pink skirt
Presspop buttons (7/01): 4 different - Rebecca, Enid, Little Enid, Ghost World logo - all use DC art originally done for a Ghost World
  movie poster but not used - it appears on this button set and on a Reprodukt (German publisher) 2001 catalog
Enid and Rebecca Cloth Dolls (7/02): from Presspop - art for the dolls and the packaging
Signal Books (2003): DC designed the logo for this Berkeley, CA book store
15" Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll (1/04): doll and all box art by DC -
Scram Magazine (4/04): Through, Scram magazine offers numerous items that use the DC cover to Scram 17 or just the DC lettered Scram
 logo from  the cover.
Items from cafepress are only produced as they are ordered, so the products that appear on the site are photoshop-style  
 mock-ups; therefore, I can't say which of these items actually exist.
Pogeybait Doll (2/05): from Japanese company Presspop - doll and box art by DC
Uggly Family (8/05): CafePress offers 60 Uggly Family items that use DC art from the Cracked series of the mid-80s - images come from DC's UF portrait
 Items from cafepress are only produced as they are ordered, so the products that appear on the site are photoshop-style  
 mock-ups; therefore, I can't say which of these items actually exist.


Pogeybait Doll (2006): variant edition - same as above but figure has shirt and tie

Little Enid (2/06): small version of Little Enid Doll above - same box art
Santa Cruz Corey O'Brien Mutant City Ashes to Ashes Deck (3/06): this is a b/w/gray reissue of a color deck with DC art from 1991
In the Studio button (5/06): promo button uses DC self-portrait with non-DC lettering from the book In the Studio
Chocoolate (2007-8): Hong Kong clothing company uses DC's David Boring character and art from this book in a promo campaign.
 Art appears on store window displays, trucker cap, website . . .
Krazy! The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art (5/08): catalog for a show features art from DC's cover for Caricature pb.
 This illustration or portions of it appear on promo material: posters, buttons, billboards, etc . . .


The Strand (2010): DC art on a tote by the famous NYC bookstore
SPX (9/15/12): tote bag with LVG panel
Wanderlust (9/24/2012): temporary tattoo created by Tattyoo for a brunch event at Wanderlust
Mr. Jones pins (2012): many colors and sizes
Fantagraphics button (2016): based on the shield image from the first US paperback ed. of Ghost World, front cover (1998)
Silicon Valley (5/17): Several items with DC's season four 'key' art for the HBO TV series are available at the HBO shop
Silicon Valley (5/17): Cartoon Mug 11oz 
Silicon Valley (5/17): Cartoon Mousepad 
Silicon Valley (5/17): Cartoon T-Shirt 
Silicon Valley (5/17): Cartoon Women’s Slim Fit T-Shirt 
Silicon Valley (5/17): Cartoon Hoodie

Giant Little Enid Doll (2019): from Presspop - custom order, at around $3000.00. Very few, likely no more than three, were made.
Bigger Little Enid Doll (2019): from Press Pop - see
Bigger Little Enid Doll (2019): from Japanese company Presspop - black and white version
Death-Ray Doll  (2020): from Japanese company Presspop - "Andy" version
Death-Ray Doll  (2020): from Japanese company Presspop - "Hero" version

shamble button?

What follows is a list of authorized t-shirts. Numerous unauthorized t-shirts exist; most are GW related and use images from poster, movie stills, etc.  
If the art only appears on the t-shirt and was not reprinted on another object, that fact is noted with $. 
All other t-shirts use art done for an occasion other than the t-shirt.


Nine Pound Hammer (c.1986): illustration is first panel, p.22 from LL3 - with Clowes's signature added
Rhino Records (c.1990): black with illustration of four hipster rhinos in white $
Corey O'Brien (c.1991):  uses same image as sticker of the Santa Cruz deck for O'Brien 
Duplex Planet (1991): illustration of Ernest Noyes Brookings from DC art for Place of General Happiness CD
Eightball (1991): main image is the man with leeches in his eyes from LVG
Las Vegas Grind (c.1991): uses cover art from Las Vegas Grind LP
Lloyd Llewellyn (1991): uses cover from 1st printing of  #$@&!: The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection
Sub Pop Mega Mart (1991): Punky, the early 90s Sub Pop mascot - image was taken from DC art for Sub Pop Video Program vol 1
Sub Pop (1992?): Punky for President
Urge Overkill (1991): adapts cover art from UO's Supersonic Storybook album
Young Dan Pussey (1991): DP says 'It's pronounced Poo-say!' $
Shut Up Little Man (1992): uses DC art from the CD of the same title - the art is on the CD, not cover
The Supersuckers (1992): The Smoke of Hell LP cover art
Eightball (1993?): uses main image and title lettering from cover of E12
Hateball (1993): with Peter Bagge
Rhino Records (1993): large rectangular b/w image of modish punk in decaying urban landscape - from the CD DIY: Come Out And Play - American Power Pop I
Crypt Records (1994): illustration of fictional Crypt Records A& R head 'Irving Azlik, Jr.' $
Different Beat (1994): DC provides a dancing Dan Pussey (same image as poster - see
Illustrations on Paper)


Eightball (1994): young woman with beehive hairdo sitting on a couch with three pillows $
Eightball (1995): Enid-esque character smoking a cigar, part of an intricate sign $
Sessions (1996): for a skateboard company - this image (minus lettering) appears as 'Clowes in Space' print (see
Illustrations on Paper)
Comic Relief (1996): with Richard Sala and Adrian Tomine
Everclear (1996): t-shirt for the band Everclear $
San Diego Comic-Con (1998): Dan Pussey / Rusty Brown - with art by Chris Ware $
The Comics Journal (7/01): one panel from the DC cover of issue 233 - 'I Hate The Comics Journal'
Enid and Rebecca (7/01): adapts images from the cover of the film edition of Ghost World
Ghost World  (7/01): image from first page of GW collection: 'GW' in concrete
Little Enid  (7/01): uses some of the box art from the Little Enid doll
Ghost World (7/01): uses movie poster photo and lettering - two versions available: white and black (Japan only)
Ghost World (7/01): promotional giveaway - uses movie poster photo and lettering - white only
Expo 2001 (10/01): uses Expo anthology cover image and lettering
Ghost World (11/01): baseball style shirt with the UK GW film logo


Paul (3/2011): DC created the cover of a comic book 'Encounter Briefs # 23' that appears in the movie Paul (never commercially available)
Stussy (3/2011): 'Monster'
Stussy (3/2011): 'Space'
Stussy (3/2011): 'Detective'

Presspop (9/2013): cover of Japanese translation of The Death-Ray
Silicon Valley (5/17): Several items with DC's season four 'key' art for the HBO TV series are available at the HBO shop
Silicon Valley (5/17) Cartoon T-Shirt 
Silicon Valley (5/17) Cartoon Women’s Slim Fit T-Shirt 
Silicon Valley (5/17) Cartoon Hoodie

Fantagraphics (2020): uses image of Fantagraphics "shield" taken from an EB cover.

[For other t-shirts, please see Scram entry above and OK Soda, Meltdown Comics, and 3 Beads of Sweat entries below]

OK Soda:

DC created art for two cans (of the seven), the same art appearing on plastic 20 oz. bottles, glass 20 oz. bottles, and on plastic 2 liter bottles.  
(Note: the can/bottle art uses images - logos, text - not by DC.) The 2 liter bottle contains a large DC image of the back of the boy's head, which does not 
appear on the can. The can art with the male face is identified in OK sales material as 'boy,' so I will call the other can art by DC 'girl.'
I think, but am not positive, that the cans and small plastic bottles each exist in at least two versions: with/without the text 'a unique fruity beverage.'  
Apparently, Clowes art that is different from the can art appears in animated TV commercials.

A number of DC OK illustrations were based on images from Eightball: the girl art is similar to the first panel of  Smoke (E1), which show the ex-wife 
of LVG's main character, Clay Loudermilk; some of the images of the boy are based upon other LVG panels with Clay. The image of the two men fighting 
on the boy art is based upon a panel in Glue Destiny (E12). A number of images were produced for OK, but never used (some appear in 'Clowes' Famous 
Original Art Catalogue').  When the same art is used on different OK objects, minor changes are sometimes made; for example, when the boy can art appears 
on a T-shirt, detail in the form of extra shading lines in the sky/clouds is present. When art is reproduced at a smaller size, such detail may be omitted. 
All OK items are from 1994-5. [See Time magazine (5/30/94) - for DC on OK see The Comics Journal 186]

*Other OK items that use DC art (I have either seen these myself or have reliable information on them):

prize can: a slightly oversized can with girl art that has prizes (an OK bandana? hat? and?) and cash to buy another can(?)
11" x 17" banner of boy art: a folded newspaper insert on stock- possibly also in 20" x 36"
11" x 17" banner of girl art: a folded newspaper insert on stock
13" x 24" poster of girl art: silver ink
21" x 22" poster of boy art
3' x 3' heavy stock poster of girl art
12-pack container: with image of  boy seen from the back
12-pack container:  with large image of boy's head seen from the back - 2 versions - with/without the text 'a unique fruity beverage'
T-shirt: uses the entire boy can art
cellophane envelope: has the boy head seen from the back - this envelope came with four OK stickers
ceiling dangler: a mobile that has numerous items, one of which is can with girl art
soda vending machine front: 5' x 3' boy art
push/pull decals: for a store's door - push is back of boy's head, pull is front
cold vault static cling #2: 2 items - right and left half of boy face
barrel cooler: large circular cooler on wheels with boy art
shoelaces: wrapper uses one panel from boy art
ceiling dangler: a mobile that has numerous items, one of which is the can with boy art

An OK Soda 'trade brochure' has a full-page image that uses many of the elements of the boy art, but re-colored. It also has a full page with the 
image of the half-submerged male from the boy art in the center.  Images from the boy art appear throughout the brochure, which also includes 
numerous single-page inserts that show items with part or all of the boy art (girl art is not used in the brochure).

*Although they are listed in the brochure, I have never seen the following items, which may have been proposed but not made:

From inserts entitled 'Premiums':
pad of paper: front and back have images from boy art
jacket: with back of boy's head - this image does not appear on the boy art but does appear on 2 liter bottle

From inserts entitled 'Point of Sale':
dump bin
2' x 5' banner: uses most of boy art
3' x 10' banner uses all of boy art
pole sign
shelf wobbler
cold vault 3-d #2: 2 items - right and left half of boy face

Meltdown Comics:

DC designed the logo, Melt character, and Baby Melt character for Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, CA; these appear on the store sign, 
business cards, t-shirts, in ads, etc. [For two such ads, see Expo 2001 anthology and Comic Art 4] Many other items likely exist.

Meltdown Comics (1996-present): store logo and Melt/Meltron character
Meltdown Comics (1996): Melt character - character appears on numerous t-shirts and sweatshirts
Meltdown stickers (1998): Melt and Baby Melt each appear on a sticker
Meltdown key chain (1998): Melt character key chain - two versions: square and one that follows the outline of the character
Meltdown patch (1998): Melt character 
Meltdown patch (1998): Large Melt character with store logo
Meltdown patch (1998): Baby Melt character 
Meltdown Mel toy (1998): Melt stuffed character toy
Meltdown Meltron toy (1998): Meltron stuffed character toy
Meltdown wrapping paper (1998): Melt character color paper
Meltdown plastic figure (2001): small figure of Melt with Baby Melt - 3 versions: multi-color, clear green, black
Meltdown Comics (7/01): red silhouette of Melt character on black shirt


Ramones (1995): art for video of 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up' - DC did a number of drawings that receive limited animated
David Boring (2000): Movie-style trailer
Apple computer (c. 2006): commercial features DC
Mythbusters (2007): DC draws the title design for an episode of this TV show
The Simpsons (2007): episode Husbands and Knives features DC voicing himself and some DC drawings of various Bat-utility belts


Boredom (1994): a board game by Scairy Hairy Toys [appears as the inside covers of Orgy Bound] - box art also by DC
Meltdown Comics:  

Company Logos:

This list brings together information from the above categories and the Illustrations on Paper section of the bibliography. It does not include
logos for one-time or limited use (such as DC's logo for an issue of Scram Magazine). For non-company logos by DC, search this page and 
Illustrations on Paper  section.

Kokopop Records (1991)
Worry Bird Disc (1991)
Three Beads of Sweat Records (1994):
in 1994 DC did the logo for this Chicago label - appears on Greenhorn 7', CDs, buttons, b/w sticker, t-shirts
Meltdown Comics (1996): DC created the mascot "Melt"
Necessaries Toy Foundation: DC did the logo and some of the lettering  for this company/site, which went online 8/03
Signal Books (2003)
The Fantagraphics Store (2006): The store logo was not designed by DC, but its central image is a DC drawing of Dan Pussey.
  This logo appears on many items: the store window, posters, postcards, print and web ads, etc . . .
Chicago Hyde Park Village (6/2012): logo -
Wanderlust (6/7/12): DC created logo and numerous illustrations for this Paris entertainment center; they appear on posters, pizza boxes, napkins, menus, tickets, etc . . .


Clowes is designing the volumes of Fantagraphics's Barnaby reprint series. His approach closely follows the design, and uses elements of,
earlier collections of Crockett Johnson's comic strip:

Barnaby Volume 1 (2013)
Barnaby Volume 2 (2014)
Barnaby Volume 3 (2016)