This list has some gaps, especially with regard to pre-2000 information.
The abbreviation 'ed.' means 'edition of'; this refers to how many prints were produced for the show.

Entry format: Gallery (dates): Show Title - if with other artists - additional information


Misfit Lit (1991): with other artists - DC catalog cover and a DC s&n print ed. 250 
Exit Art (10/93):
Comic Power - with others - see The New Yorker (10/18/93) 
Richard F. Brush Gallery
(11/10/94-12/17/94): An Exact Spectacular - includes DC's + others' art from Duplex Planet comics/cards 
Bess Cutler Gallery
(1995): Comical Fine Arts - with others - see The Comics Journal 182 (11/95) 
Analph [in Zurich] (4/96): with Lindsey Kuhn and Spider Webb

Gallerie Lambiek
(1998): exhibition poster, available as a small s&n print ed. 40 - also 'Clowes in Space' s&n print ed. 200  
Words and Picture Museum
(5/98): The Best of Fantagraphics - with others
(1999): with Chris Ware - s&n print ed. ?, catalogue, and fancy catalogue with s&n book plates ed. ?
Cornell Fine Arts Museum
(3/17-4/30/00): Bizarro World! The Parallel Universes of Comics and Fine Art - with others  
Storyopolis (11/00):  DC's The Sleeping Beauty pages and other artists' work from Little Lit

Roq la Rue
(1-2/01): with other Fantagraphics artists
New Langton Arts
(1/10-2/10/01): Stranger than You - with others
Mondo Bizzarro
(2/3-2/28/01): Art Parts Show - with others
Roq la Rue
(5/11/01-): with Chris Ware - s&n print uses images from DC and Ware, but not designed by them 
Ten in One Gallery (9/7-10/13/01): Ink Studs - with Chris Ware, Gary Panter, Kaz, and Charles Burns  
Presspop Gallery (8/27-9/2/01): 
Presspop Gallery (10/9-1020/01): with others - Presspop produced a two-sided color flyer with Japanese GW cover


Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery (4/27-5/25/02): The Drawing Show - with others - show postcard uses DB panel, p.3 [see gallery archives] 
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
(7/27-10/13/02): Fantastic! The Art of Comics and Illusion - with others
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (7/27-10/13/02): Bay Area Blast! - with others
Richard Heller Gallery (1/11-2/15/02): solo show - see LAWeekly (1/10/03)
Regina Gouger Miller Gallery (1/17-3/21/03): Negotiating Identity for a New Generation - with others
Zeitgeist Gallery (3/4-3/23/03): Comics as Art - with others - the program for this exhibition has a short interview
Buenaventura Gallery (7/7-7/28/03): Original Comic Art - with others - show catalog with DC interview/self-portrait
Hyde Park Art Center (8/24-10/4/04): Comix Chicago - with others
Jack Hanley Gallery (6/10-7/31/04): Our Insular Puerile World  - with others - DC's 'The Darlington Sundays' from McSweeney's 13
Grand Central Art Gallery (7/3-9/19/04 ): 100 Artists See Satan - with others - catalog photo of unpublished DC 'Devil Self-Portrait' (c.1990) ink/gouache
Washington University (10/1-10/30/04): The Rubber Frame: Comics and Culture - with others
Centre Gallery (9/23-11/14/04): The Graphic Novel - with others
Cartoon Art Museum (11/20/04-5/22/05): Contemporary Literary Comics: Selections from McSweeney's #13 - with others
Ghetto Gloss (7/8-8/8/05)- The Feral House Archives - with others - DC illustration from Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs


A+D Gallery
(9/8-10/22/05): The Cartoonist's Eye - with others
Pratt Manhattan Gallery (1/19-2/25/06): Speak: Nine Cartoonists - with others
Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery (5/27-6/24/06): Art School Confidential - with C. Mitchell Drayton and C. Schneider - for related print set, see Prints and Posters here. 
Society of Illustrators (9/27/06-? ): Fantagraphics, 1976-2006 - with others
Fantagraphics Bookstore (12/2/06-2/4/07): Fantagraphics Books: 30 Years of Misfit Lit - with others
Walsall Art Gallery et al (5/07--): Cult Fiction: Tour begins at Walsall Art Gallery - www.hayward.org.uk
- with others
Pierre Menard Gallery (12/15/07-1/27/08): The Writer's Brush - with others
Fumetto International Comics Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland (4/2011): Solo exhibition


Oakland Museum of California (4/16- /12/12): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes - solo show, with Eightball 18 cover s&n print ed. of 35
Pratt Gallery (11/30/12-1/19/13): Icons: A Celebration of Works by Pratt Alumni and Faculty: 1887-2012
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (6/29–10/13/13): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes - print set available signed at DanielClowes.com
Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes - solo museum show
Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Eye of the Cartoonist - a comics history art show curated by DC

Society of Illustrators NYC (9/7-11/7/2015): Batman Black and White - DC (one page) and other artists
University of Chicago (3/28-6/17/2016): Integrity of the Page: The Creative Process of Daniel Clowes


Galerie Martel (2/1-3/11/17): Daniel Clowes solo show - eight-image portfolio ed. of 100; two prints, each s&n ed. of 100
Adam Baumgold Gallery (2/15-4/8/17): (SOME)BODY - group show