Books / Collections

This section includes the title, publication date, and contents of each book or collection issued by a North American publisher.
(For non-US publications see
here.) I have identified the formats in which each collection was published: PB = paperback,
HC = hardcover, s&n = signed and numbered edition, (dj) = dust jacket. The number in [] after s&n indicates how many
signed and numbered
copies were produced; all s&n books have a tipped-in plate with artwork unique to it. Each DC
collection has unique covers and end/title pages.

Letters and numbers or names and numbers in () refer to the title in which the story first appeared. 
For example, 'I Hate You Deeply' in Lout Rampage
first appeared in Eightball 2 (E2). For inform
on other places where these stories appear, please see
this alphabetical cross-referenced list.  
If a story was not written by DC, the writer is identified [W:] - stories written by David Greenberger are identified [W: DG]. 
All have color covers; b/w means black and white interior pages. Many of these collections exist in different printings, with
the only change being DC's new lettering to indicate the new printing; sometimes there is new lettering for the higher price.
If a new printing has significant changes - i.e., new cover art, etc. - those changes are noted.

For DC's two screenplay books, see here.

All New Lloyd Llewellyn Special
(ANLL), Caricature (C), David Boring (DB), Eightball (E), 
Ghost World
(GW), Ice Haven (IH), Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (LVG), Lloyd Llewellyn (LL), Lout Rampage! (LR), 
The Manly World of Lloyd Llewellyn: A Golden Treasury of His Complete Works (5/94)
(MWLL),  Orgy Bound (OB), 
#$@&!: The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection
(OLLC), Pussey! (P), Twentieth Century Eightball  (TCE).

#$@&!: The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection (5/1989) (OLLC)
Formats: PB, s&n PB [420] b/w contents
The 2nd (1993) and later printings have a different cover.

#$@&!, Part One
Concrete Vixen (ANLL)
Hound Blood (LL6)
The Eatniks (LL5)
Dementia Praecox (ANLL)
The Battlin' American (LL5)
The Nightmare (LL6)
The Goo (LL4) 
Wild Night in Tiger Town (ANLL)
Maiden Japan (LL5)
Queen of Venus (ANLL)
Uwanna (LL5) 
Crawl, Worm! (ANLL)
#$@&!, Part Two

Lout Rampage! (10/1991) (LR)  
Formats: PB, s&n PB [500] - b/w contents - some stories were first published in color. 
Almost all of these stories were first published at a smaller (standard comic book) size.

What Is the Most Important Invention of the 20th Century? (E1) [W: DG]
I Hate You Deeply (E2)
666 (Blab!4)
Sexual Frustration (E4)
The Laffin' Spittin' Man (E1)
The Stroll (E3)
Paranoid (E5)
The Dope Peddler (Twist 2)
Devil Doll? (E1)
What Did George Washington's Voice Sound Like? (E2) [W: DG]
Life in These United States (Weirdo 25) [W: Peter Bagge] 
The Operator (Twist 3)
The Truth (E2)
What Can Robots Do? (E3) [W: DG]
A Show of Violence (Blab! 2)
Seduction of the Innocent (Blab! 3)
Curtain of Sanity (National Lampoon 4/91)
I Love You Tenderly (E4)
One for the Father [W: James Clowes]
Marooned on a Desert Island with the People on the Subway (E6)
The Future (E4)
What Do You Do for a Cold? (E4) [W: DG]
Playful Obsession (E5)
The Sense-Assaulter [W: Rick Altergott]
Frankie & Johnnie (Young Lust 7)
Why do People Spit? (E5) [W: DG]
Color TV (Village Voice c.1991)
Daniel G. Clowes in Just Another Day (E5)
Where do Wiseguys Come From? (E6) [W: DG]

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (5/1993) (LVG)
Formats: PB, HC (dj), signed (not numbered) - HC [500] b/w contents
The title pages of LVG in E5 - E10 were fully or partially colored; here they are reprinted in b/w. 
Some art was redrawn/altered for the collection.
3rd printing of PB has a new cover (11/00).
In 6/08 select copies ordered from the publisher of the 7th printing came with a signed (not numbered) bookplate inserted
(not fixed) into the collection; the bookplate uses an image from the story.
10th edition features new front and back cover - front cover is painted in gouache 

Collects ten Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron stories/chapters from E1-E10.

The Manly World of Lloyd Llewellyn: A Golden Treasury of His Complete Works (5/1994) (MWLL)         
Format: s&n HC (dj) [2000] b/w contents

Collects Lloyd Llewellyn stories from LL1-6, ANLL, E1, E2, E4, OLLC - and The Last Time I Saw Irving 
(Love & Rockets 13 - the first page is not reprinted in MWLL), Under the Big Top (Doomsday Squad 2)

Pussey! (7/1995) (P)  
Formats: HC, s&n HC [750], PB b/w
3rd printing (PB) (7/06) and higher feature a new introduction by DC (a two-page comic), with a new front and back cover.
There are some other slight changes in this edition.
In 6/08 select copies ordered from the publisher of the 3rd printing came with a signed  (not numbered) bookplate inserted
(not fixed) into the collection; the bookplate uses an image from the story.

Collects Dan Pussey stories from E1, E3, E4, E6, E8, E9, E10, E12, E14

Orgy Bound (3/1996) (OB)
Format: PB - a mix of color and b/w stories. Most stories were first published at a smaller size.

Needledick the Bugfucker (E7) 
Art School Confidential (E7) 
Chicago (E7)
What Would You Do if You Were President? (Details 8/92) [W: DG]
Zubrick and Poegeybait (E9)
Ink Studs (E9)
Ugly Girls (E8)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 5/91)
Grist for the Mill (E8)
The Happy Fisherman (E11)
Hippypants and Peace Bear (E12)
The Sensual Santa (E14)
Why I Hate Christians (E11)
A Message to the People of the Future (E10)
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (E13)
The Fairy Frog (E11)
Velvet Glove (E11)
The Headlamp (E8)
Nature Boy (E8)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 10/91)
Ectomorph (E11)
Feldman (E15)
On Sports (E14)
Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid (E10)
Fuckface (E9)
Eightball (E9)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 8/91)
Squirrel Girl and Candypants (E16)
Pogeybait (E10)
Give It Up! (E8)
Buddy Bradley (E13)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 9/91)
The Party (E11)
My Suicide (E8)
Boredom (game): inside front and back covers

Ghost World
(1997) (GW) 
Formats: PB, HC (dj), s&n HC (dj) [500]. The HC is copyright 1997 and the PB is copyright 1998.
The HC was released 12/97 and the PB a few months later, in 1998. Some of the art was redrawn for the collection - printed in b/w/blue.
4th printing of the PB (3/01) is first printing with film edition cover - all later printings have this cover.
Starting in 6/08 select copies from the publisher of the 15th printing came with a signed (not numbered) bookplate
inserted (not fixed) into the collection; the bookplate uses an image from the story.

Collects Ghost World stories from E11-E18 

Caricature (1998) (C)         
Formats: HC (dj), s&n HC (dj) [500] mix of b/w and color stories - collection is subtitled 'Nine Stories'
PB (4/02) has a new cover.
Starting in 6/08 select copies ordered from the publisher of the 4th printing came with a signed (not numbered) bookplate
inserted (not fixed) into the collection; the bookplate uses an image from the collection.

Caricature (E15)
Blue Italian Shit (E13)
The Gold Mommy (E14)
Like a Weed, Joe (E16)                                                                                 
Immortal, Invisible (E16)
Green Eyeliner (Esquire 7/98)
Gynecology (E17)
Black Nylon (E18)

David Boring (9/2000) (DB) 
Format: HC (dj) (9/00).
The art in the serialized acts of the story (E19-E21) was printed in b/w with grey tones. The collection is printed entirely in color,
though the color is most visible in the panels from 'The Yellow Streak and Friends Annual.' These panels (and a few others from which
title lettering has been removed (see pages 37, 39, 69) are (as far as I can tell) the only regular panels to be altered for the collection;
the large imitation ben-day dots have been replaced with a subtler, colored effect. The collection has a few other changes: a new lobby
card and a page of clouds have been added to the material that separates Acts 2 and 3, and one of lobby cards has been increased from
a half page to a 2-page spread.

2nd HC printing (dj) (9/24/02) 'composition book' style hardcover is blue and white, cover has different portrait of DB,
and spine has different text; PB (9/24/02) - same cover as 2nd HC minus the art on the end flaps.
The first PB ed. is $16.95, the second is $19.95; prices are hand lettered by DC. Second PB does not have 2 pages from the first:
the end papers from the HC ['germ' page and 'candy' page] which appear as pages in the first PB are not present here. 
Some of the lettering on the second ed. cover is printed in green - was yellow on first.

Collects David Boring Acts 1-3 from E19-E21.

Twentieth Century Eightball (2002) (TCE)      
Format: PB - mix of b/w and color stories - stories marked * were re-colored for this collection. Those marked *(b/w with one color) previously 
appeared in b/w. Stories marked (TCE) appear only in this collection. Stories marked ^ have new border art, drawn for this collection.
In 6/08 select copies from the publisher of the 3rd printing came with a signed  (not numbered) bookplate inserted (not fixed) into
the collection; the bookplate uses an image from the collection.

Little Enid (TCE) 
{Title Story} (TCE)
Art School Confidential (E7)
Cool Your Jets (E13)*
Ectomorph (E11)*
The Truth (E2)*(b/w with one color)
Ink Studs (E9)*
The Stroll (E3)
Devil Doll? (E1)
Needledick the Bugfucker (E7)*
Feldman (E15)
I Hate You Deeply (E2)
Zubrick and Pogeybait (E9)* ^
Frankie and Johnnie (Young Lust 7) ^
Marooned on a Desert Island with the People on the Subway (E6)
Just Another Day (E5)
Hippypants and Peace Bear (E12)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 5/91)*
Chicago (E7)*
Why I Hate Christians (E11)
Pogeybait (E10)
On Sports (E14)
Sexual Frustration (E4)
The Operator (Twist 3)
A Message to the People of the Future (E10)
The Happy Fisherman (E11)
Give it Up! (E8)*
Grist for the Mill (E8)*(b/w with one color)
Ugly Girls (E8)*(bw with one color)
Curtain of Sanity (National Lampoon 4/91) ^
Playful Obsession (E5)*
Squirrel Girl and Candypants (E16) b/w; was published with one color in E16
Paranoid (E5)
I Love You Tenderly (E4)
The Party (E11)*
The Sensual Santa (E14)
My Suicide (E8)*
Eightball (E9)*
Man-Child (TCE)
Wallace Wood (TCE) 
Tits (TCE)
Tom Pudd (TCE)
Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid (E10)*
You (TCE)
About the Author (TCE)

Ice Haven (6/2005) (IH)
Format: HC [subtitle: A Comic-Strip Novel]
This story first appeared in E22 (2001) and has been revised and reformatted. Each page from E22 has been divided
into two pages in the collection. Every story from E22 is present, and 8 new stories have been added: a 2-page untitled
sequence; David Goldberg; Harry Neighbors, Comic Book
Critic; Leopold and Loeb; Paula; Convenience Store; About the Author; 

The End. A story from E22, Harry Naybors Explains Everything, has been almost completely redrawn and revised, now appearing as 2 stories: 
Harry Naybors Explains Everything, and About the
Author. The collection also has two new title pages (pages 3 and 5), as well as new end papers 
and front and back covers; there are approximately 16 new pages of material. The title lettering of Charles and His Therapist has 
been changed (the lettering is now red and the background is white) and other panels from E22 have been altered.
PB edition (1/18/11) has new front + back covers and spine art

Ghost World: Special Edition (Summer 2008)
Format: HC - includes GW comic and screenplay; annotations by DC; cover gallery and sketchbook material; and all published drawings of
GW main characters. Includes two new strips: Where are They Now? and Ghost World (back cover)

Wilson (4/2010)
Format: HC.
PB edition
(2/7/17) with new front and back cover and spine art
[Wilson is DC's first non-serialized graphic novel]

Mister Wonderful (4/12/2011)
Format: HC - An expanded, revised, reformatted collection of a story that first serialized in the New York Times Sunday Magazine for twenty episodes in
2007 and 2008. The book version has new strips and panels have been redrawn - some text has been added and some eliminated, and some panels
have been fully or partially re-colored. It also has new end pages and title pages.

The Death-Ray (10/2011)
Format: HC - This volume includes The Death-Ray story in E23, with new covers, title pages, and end pages.

The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist (3/2012)
Format: HC - Since this is not a DC story collection, but rather a monograph about him, I have listed all of the its stories in this section.

The Complete Eightball, #1-18 (6/2015)
Format: HC and HC with separate s&n glicee print [250]
This two-volume slip cover set collects the first 18 issues of EB, with each issue reprinted as a facsimile of its first printing.
Thought most of the comics have been reprinted before, this collection represents the first reprinting of the issue's hand-drawn
ads and letters pages. Each volume includes a 'Behind the Eightball' section with new art and annotations.
The slip cover (exterior and interior) features new art, as does both volumes, which have new covers, spine art, end pages, and
front and back matter. For the contents, please refer to this section.

Patience (3/3/2016)
Format: HC
[3/3/16 refers to the US comic-book store/direct market release; the wide-release date is 3/21/16.
For the first time, foreign versions of a DC book were released earlier, some as early as 12/2015 (see Translations).
[Patience is DC's second non-serialized graphic novel]

Original Art: Daniel Clowes Fantagraphics Studio Edition (2/11/2020)
Format: HC and HC w/ s&n plate [200]
Collects images of over 150 pages of original art reproduced at original size. All reproduced pages date from 1989-2016.
Most pages are from DC's comic books and graphic novels, some are from work that has never been collected, and
several appear here for the first time. Includes new cover art, end-pages, and comics done for this edition:
the front cover features a new 18-panel comic in the border (An Acorn's Journey); the back cover includes a new
untitled color comic.The volume includes an illustrated glossary (with new drawings) on pre-computer production
techniques DC used to color some of the comics. It also includes a few other new small illustrations and hand-lettering,
The front of the collection box includes a two-color drawing done for the volume.