Alphabetical Cross-Referenced List of Stories in Eightball, Lloyd Llewellyn, and Clowes Collections

The title of each story/strip is followed by the issue of Eightball (E), Lloyd Llewellyn (LL), All New Lloyd Llewellyn Special (ANLL), or the 
title and # of the non-DC title(s) in which it appears. It is then followed by the DC collection in which it is collected: Caricature (C), 
David Boring (DB), Ghost World (GW), Ice Haven (IH), Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (LVG), Lout Rampage! (LR), 
 #$@&!: The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection (OLLC), Orgy Bound (OB), Pussey! (P), or Twentieth Century Eightball (TCE).
In 2105, Clowes released The Complete Eightball #1-18, which reprints 'fascimile' editions of Eightball #1-18; any story that ends with
(E1) up to (E18) appears in this collection. Since every story in the Lloyd Llewellyn titles (LL and ANLL) appears in 
The Manly World of Lloyd Llewellyn (MWLL), that fact is not indicated in the cross-reference. 
I have also provided information in () on other places a story appeared. This list does not include translations/non-US publications. 

This page is not a complete list of DC stories; some never appeared in his comic books and collections. For such stories, see those identified 
as uncollected (UC) in the Stories by DC section of the bibliography or see this list of uncollected stories/strips. Any story designated as
uncollected will likely be a first and only appearance of that story (this is not true in the case of DC's work in Cracked - many of those 
stories are reprinted in Cracked-related titles, but never appear in a DC collection). The best way to determine a story's first appearance is to
compare the dates in Comic Books by DC, DC Collections, and Stories by DC. 

The stories from E that had not been collected until 2015's The Complete Eightball #1-18 are identified below as (UC). 
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About the Author (TCE)
According to Hoyle (LL2) 
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (E13) (OB) 
Art School Confidential (E7) (OB) (House 3) (TCE) (ASC screenplay book [reprinted in color])
The Battlin' American (LL5) (OLLC)
Black Nylon (E18) (C)
Blue Italian Shit (E13) (C) (Anthology of Graphic Fiction Vol. 2)
Buddy Bradley in Who Would You Rather Fuck: Ginger or Mary Ann? (E13) (OB)
Caricature (E15) (C) (Smithsonian Collection)
Chicago (E7) (OB) (TCE)
Color Me Red, Part One (LL5)
Color TV (LR)
Concrete Vixen (ANLL) (OLLC)
Cool Your Jets (E13) (TCE)
Curtain of Sanity (National Lampoon 4/91) (LR) (TCE)
Crawl, Worm! (ANLL) (OLLC)
The Crazy Hot-Rod Drop-Outs From Beyond Jupiter (LL3)
Daniel G. Clowes in Just Another Day . . . (E5) (LR) (TCE)
Dan Pussey in The Artist's Life (E9) (Chicago Cartoon 2) (P)
Dan Pussey Presents: Komic Kollector's Korner (E8) (P) (Funnybook)
Dan Pussey's Masturbation Fantasy (E4) (P)
David Boring Act I (E19) (DB)
David Boring Act II (E20) (DB)
David Boring Act III (E21) (DB)
The Death of Dan Pussey (E14) (P)
The Death-Ray (E23) (UC)
Dementia Praecox (ANLL) (The Best Comics of the 80s) (OLLC)
Devil Doll? (E1) (LR) (TCE) (Also reprinted as a Chick-style tract)
Dickie: Disgusting Old Acne Fetishist (E10) (UC)
The Doctor Infinity Story (E6) (P)
The Dope Peddler (Twist 2) (LR)
The Eatniks (LL5) (OLLC) 
Ectomorph (E11) (OB) (TCE)
Eightball (E9) (OB) (TCE)
The Eightball Profile: Pastor Robert Tilton (E3) (UC)
Erika Katz (E9) (UC)
Ernie's Adventure into the Beyond (LL6)
The Fairy Frog (E11) (OB)
Feldman (E15) (OB) (TCE)
The First Time (E14) (GW) 
502 (LL4) 
Frankie & Johnnie (Cad: A Handbook for Heels) (Young Lust 7) (LR) (TCE)
Fuckface (E9) (OB)
The Future (E4) (LR) 

Garage Sale (E12) (GW)
The Ghost and the Gearjammer (LL1) 
Give It Up! (E8) (OB) (TCE)
Ghost World (E11) (GW 1)
Ghost World (E16) [a six-panel ad featuring Enid and Rebecca, Ghost World's protagonists] (UC) 
Glue Destiny (E12) (UC) 
The Gold Mommy (E14) (C)
The Goo (LL4) (OLLC)
Green Eyeliner (Esquire 7/98) (C)
Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid (E10) (OB) (TCE)
Grist for the Mill (E8) (OB) (TCE)
Gynecology (E17) (C) (Yale Anthology Vol. 1)
The Happy Fisherman (E11) (OB) (TCE)
Harum Scarum (E2) (LVG)
The Headlamp (E8) (OB)
Hippypants and Peace Bear in Question Authority (E12) (OB) (TCE)
honk . . . h-honk (E6) (UC)
Hound Blood (LL6) (OLLC)
A House Is Burning Out of Control (E6) (LVG)
Hubba Hubba (E15) (GW 5)
Ice Haven (E22) (IH) (excerpts appear in Anthology of Graphic Fiction Vol. 2)
I Hate You Deeply (E2) (LR) (TCE)
I Love You Tenderly (E4) (LR) (TCE)
Immortal, Invisible (E16) (C)
Ink Studs (E9) (OB)  (Graphism) (TCE)
Insect (E17) (UC)
Introduction (P) [this story appears only in the 3rd printing of Pussey!]

King Ego (E12) (UC)
The Laffin' Spittin' Man (E1) (New Comics Anthology) (LR)
The Last Time I Saw Irving (Love & Rockets 13) (MWLL)
The Latch-Key Kid (E18) [an eight-panel ad] (UC)
The Lepidopterist (E17) (UC)
Life in These United States (Weirdo 25) (LR)
Like a Weed, Joe (E16) (C) (Stuck in the Middle)
Little Enid (TCE)
Lloyd Llewellyn, Egghead (LL2)
Lloyd Llewellyn in The Little Man in the Inkwell (LL1) 
Maiden Japan (LL5) (OLLC) 
Man-Child (TCE)
Marooned on a Desert Island with the People on the Subway . . . (E6) (LR) (TCE)
A Message to the People of the Future (E10) (OB) (TCE)
Mister? (E3) (LVG)
Modern Cartoonist [10 page insert] (E18)
Monster from the Edge of Nowhere (LL2)
Murder, Martians and Wild, Wild Women (LL1)
My Suicide (E8) (OB) (TCE)
Nature Boy (E8) (OB)
Needledick the Bug-Fucker (E7) (OB) (Graphism) (TCE)
The Nightmare (LL6) (OLLC)
The Norman Square (E16) (GW)
October (E18) (GW 8)
One for the Father (Blab! 5) (LR)
On Sports (E14) (The San Antonio Current) (OB) (TCE)
The Operator (Twist 3) (LR) (TCE)
Opposites Attract (E17) (UC)
The Origin of Dan Pussey (E12) (P)
Paranoid (E5) (LR) (TCE)
The Party in Color (E11) (Hateball) (The GenX Reader) (OB) (TCE)
Playful Obsession (E5) (LR) (TCE)
Powermaster (E17) (UC)
Punk Day (E13) (GW)
Queen of Venus (ANLL) (OLLC)
Red Hoerring's Blues (LL4)
Red Hoerring in . . . How's That? (LL1)
Sale (E4) (LVG)
Screeech (E8) (LVG)
Seduction of the Innocent (Blab!3) (LR)
The Sense-Assaulter (Buzz 1) (Reflex Magazine 20) (LR)
The Sensual Santa (E14) (OB) (TCE)
Sexual Frustration (E4) (LR) (TCE)
Shit Happens When You Party Naked (E5) (LVG)
A Show of Violence (Blab!2) (Mondo 3-D) (LR)
666 (Blab!4) (LR)
Shutupshutupshutup (E10) (LVG)
Smile! (E9) (LVG)
A Smile and a Ribbon (E17) (GW)
Smoke (E1) (LVG)
Squirrel Girl and Candy-Pants (E16) (OB) (TCE)
The Stroll (E3) (LR) (TCE)
Three Blue Teardrops (LL2)
Tits (TCE)
Title Story (TCE)
Tom Pudd (TCE)
The Truth (E2) (LR) (TCE)
Twentieth Century Eightball [title story] (TCE)
Ugly Girls (E8) (OB) (TCE)
Under the Big Top (Doomsday Squad 2) (MWLL) 
Uwanna (LL5) (OLLC)
Velvet Glove (E11) (OB)
Wallace Wood (TCE)
What Can Robots Do? (E3) (No More Shaves) (Salt 3)
What Do You Do for a Cold? (E4) (LR)
What Do You Think George Washington's Voice Sounded Like? (E2) (LR)
What Is the Most Important Invention of the 20th Century? (E1) (LR)
What Would You Do if You Were President? (Details 8/92) (OB)
When Grand-dad Shaved from the Rain Barrel (E7) (LVG)
Where Do Wiseguys Come From? (E6) (LR)
Why Do People Spit? (E5) (LR)
Why I Hate Christians (E11) (OB) (TCE)
Wild Night in Tiger Town (ANLL) (OLLC)
The Worry Bird (LL5)
You (TCE)
Young Dan Pussey (E1) (P)
Young Dan Pussey's Glamour Date (E10) (UC)
The Young Manhood of Dan Pussey or: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pussey (E3) (P)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 5/91) (OB) (TCE)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 8/91) (OB)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 9/91) (OB)
Zubrick (National Lampoon 10/91) (OB)
Zubrick and Pogeybait (E9) (TCE)
Zubrick's Pal Pogeybait (E10) (OB) (TCE)
#$@&! Part One and Part Two (Amazing Heroes 161) (OLLC)