Comic Books

This section includes issue number, publication month and year as listed in the indicia (this date often differs from the on-sale date), 
and complete contents for each issue of DC's three comic-book format titles: Lloyd Llewellyn (4/86-12/88), The All-New Lloyd Llewellyn 
Special (12/88), and Eightball (10/89-6/04). These comics' letters pages and ads feature DC art and lettering done specifically for each issue.
The information in [] refers to the page count and indicates if the entry was printed in black and white (b/w) or color (c).
These comics were published by Fantagraphics - all issues are out of print. 

Lloyd Llewellyn (4/86 - 12/88) (LL)
Each issue has DC illustrations and lettering that appear on the contents and letters page; these are unique to the issue
and have never been reprinted. Ads with DC art/lettering are listed below, while non-DC ads are not. The first entry under
each issue title refers to the inside front cover. Entries on the same line appear on the same page.
All issues are b/w with color covers by DC; the back covers are non-DC ads.

[For a simplified list that includes only the story contents of each LL issue, please see

Lloyd Llewellyn 1 (4/86) 
contents  [1p]
Murder, Martians and Wild, Wild Women [10p]  
The Ghost and the Gearjammer [8p]
Red Hoerring in . . . How's That? [2p] (penciled by Mort Todd) 
Lloyd Llewellyn in The Little Man in the Inkwell [10p] 
Lloyd Llewellyn 2 (6/86) 
contents  [1p]
Lloyd Llewellyn, Egghead [8p] 
According to Hoyle [6.66p]
ad [.33p] (appears on last page of According to Hoyle)
Three Blue Teardrops [8p] 
Monster from the Edge of Nowhere [7p]   

Lloyd Llewellyn 3 (8/86) 
contents [1p heavily illustrated]  
The Crazy Hot-Rod Drop-Outs from Beyond Jupiter [29p] 
letters [2p]

Lloyd Llewellyn 4 (10/86) 
contents  [1p]     
502 [12p]  
The Goo [8p] 
Red Hoerring's Blues [10p]  
letters [.66p]; ad [.33p] 

Lloyd Llewellyn 5 (1/87) 
contents  [1p]
The Worry Bird [6p] 
The Battlin' American [6p] 
The Eatniks [5p]  
Color Me Red, Part 1: The Wayfaring Strangler [5p]  
Maiden Japan [5p] 
Uwanna  [3p]
letters [2p]  

Lloyd Llewellyn 6 (6/87) 
contents  [1p]
Hound Blood [15p] 
The Nightmare [10p] 
Ernie's Adventure into the Beyond [4p] (credits say 'with Mort Todd' - MT wrote and penciled) 
letters [2p] 
The All-New Lloyd Llewellyn Special (12/88) 
contents  [1p]
Concrete Vixen [3p]  
Queen of Venus [11p] 
Dementia Praecox [6p] 
Wild Night in Tiger Town [3p] 
Crawl, Worm! [9p] 
letters [1p]

Eightball (8/89 - 6/04) (E)
Most E issues exist in multiple printings. Differences between printing are typically visible only in the indicia
(where the print number is given), the cover price (though different printings of an issue sometimes have
the same price), and/or DC's mailing address, which changed in 1994. Indicia for #1-10 are typeset; indicia for
#11-13 and #15-23 are handwritten (#14 has no indicia). Each indicia includes two dates: the first is the
publication/'cover date' - the second is the printing date. A few typeset indicias have incorrect dates.

Stories that are part of a larger collected story are identified by an abbreviation for the collection title followed by the chapter #:
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (LVG); Pussey! (P); Ghost World (GW); David Boring (DB). Issues 1 through 21 generally
have at least one DC drawn ad unique to it. The ad in 22 is incorporated into the last story, and 23 has no ad.  Most issues
have a letters page (except for 1, 10, 13, 22, and 23) that is hand-lettered and includes illustrations unique to it. All issues
have a color cover. Entries on the same line appear on the same page. The first item in each issue's list appears on the 
inside front cover, the last item on the back cover. Stories identified [W: DG] are written by David Greenberger.
(Issues #1-18 are reprinted in The Complete Eightball #1-18, 2015.)

[For a simplified list that includes only the story contents of each E issue, please see

Eightball 1 (8/89)
The first printing's publication/'cover date' is August, 1989; its printing date is June, 1989.
The second and later printings' publication/'cover date' is October, 1989.

contents page
Smoke (LVG1) [13p b/w] 
Devil Doll? [3p b/w]
The Laffin' Spittin' Man [6p b/w]
Young Dan Pussey (P1) [10p b/w]
Puss in Booths [.66p one panel b/w]; ad for 'hand-panted girlie ties' [.33p one panel b/w]
What Is the Most Important Invention of the 20th Century? [W: DG]  [1p c]

Eightball 2 (2/90) 
The Truth [1p b/w]
Harum Scarum (LVG2) [19 b/w] 
I Hate You Deeply [5p b/w]
letters; illustrated 'prank phone call contest' details; ad - [1p b/w]
What Do You Think George Washington's Voice Sounded Like? [W: DG] [1p c]  

Eightball 3 (6/90) 
The Eightball Profile: Pastor Robert Tilton [1p b/w]
Mister? (LVG3) [11p b/w] 
The Stroll [5p b/w]
The Young Manhood of Dan Pussey or: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pussey (P2) [8p b/w] 
letters; 'prank phone call contest results'; ad [1p b/w]
What Can Robots Do? [W:DG]  [1p c]

Eightball 4 (10/90) 
What Do You Do for a Cold? [W: DG]  [1p b/w]
Sale (LVG 4) [10p b/w]
I Love You Tenderly [4p b/w]
Dan Pussey's Masturbation Fantasy (P3) [5p b/w]
The Future [5p b/w]
letters; ad [1p b/w]
Sexual Frustration [1p c] 

Eightball 5 (2/91) 
Why Do People Spit? [W: DG]  [.5p c]; ad [.5p b/w]
Shit Happens When You Party Naked (LVG5) [13p: first page c, the rest b/w]
letters [1p b/w]
Daniel G. Clowes in Just Another Day . . . [4p b/w]
Playful Obsession [3p c]
Paranoid [1p c] 

Eightball 6 (6/91) 
Where Do Wiseguys Come From? [W: DG] [1p c]
A House Is Burning Out of Control (LVG6) [11p: first panel c, the rest b/w]
letters; ad; honk . . . h-honk (one panel) [1p b/w]
The Doctor Infinity Story (P4) [6p b/w]
Marooned on a Desert Island with the People on the Subway . . . [4p c] 

Eightball 7 (11/91) 
Needledick the Bug-Fucker [1p c]
When Grand-Dad Shaved from the Rain Barrel (LVG7) [13p: first panel c, the rest b/w]
letters; ad [1p b/w]
Art School Confidential [4p b/w]
Chicago [4p c]  

Eightball 8 (5/92) 
ad [1p c]
Screeech (LVG8) [12p: first panel c, the rest b/w] 
letters [1p b/w]
ad [1p b/w]
Ugly Girls [3p b/w] 
ad [1p] full-page fully-drawn ad
Grist for the Mill [2p b/w ink wash]
Dan Pussey Presents: Komic Kollector's Korner (P5) [1p b/w]
Nature Boy [3p b/w]
Give It Up! [1p c]
ad [1p c]     
The Headlamp [W: DG] [1p b/w] 
My Suicide [3p c]  

Eightball 9 (9/92) 
Ink Studs [1p c] 
Smile! (LVG 9) [12p: first panel c, the rest b/w]
ad (1p b/w); Erika Katz [1 panel b/w]
letters [.5p b/w]; Fuckface [.5p b/w]
Dan Pussey in The Artist's Life (P6) [4p b/w]
Zubrick and Pogeybait [1p c]
Eightball [2p c]

Eightball 10 (2/93) 
ad [.5p c]; Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid [.5p c]
Shutupshutupshutup (LVG10) [16p: first panel c, the rest b/w]
ad [1p b/w]
Dickie: Disgusting Old Acne Fetishist [.5p b/w]; Young Dan Pussey's Glamour Date [.5p b/w]
Zubrick's Pal Pogeybait [1p b/w]
A Message to the People of the Future [3p b/w] 

Eightball 11 (6/93) 
ad [1p c]
The Party in Color [5p c]
letters [1p c]
Velvet Glove [4p b/w]
The Fairy Frog [3p b/w]
ad [1p b/w]
The Happy Fisherman [5p b/w] 
ad [1p b/w]
Why I Hate Christians [2p b/w] 
Ghost World (GW1) [6p b/w/blue] 
Ectomorph [2p c]

Eightball 12 (11/93) 
ad [1p b/w]
Glue Destiny [6p b/w]
Hippypants and Peace Bear in Question Authority [3p c-gouache]
letters [.6p b/w]; King Ego [.4p b/w]
The Origin of Dan Pussey (P7) [6p b/w]
Garage Sale (GW2) [6p b/w/blue]  

Eightball 13 (4/94) 
[the first printing was poorly printed]
ad [1p c] 
Buddy Bradley in Who Would You Rather Fuck: Ginger or Mary Ann? [1p b/w]
Blue Italian Shit [7p b/w] 
Cool Your Jets [4p c]
Punk Day (GW3) [12p b/w/blue]
ad [1p b/w fully drawn]
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine [1p c]  

Eightball 14 (10/94) 
ad [1p b/w]
The Gold Mommy [7p c]
On Sports [5p b/w]
The First Time (GW4) [6p b/w/blue]
The Death of Dan Pussey (P8) [6p b/w] 
letters; ad [1p b/w]
The Sensual Santa [1p c]  

Eightball 15 (4/95) 
ad [1p c]
Caricature [16p b/w]
Hubba Hubba (GW5) [8p b/w/blue] 
letters; ad [1p c]
Feldman [1p c]  

Eightball 16 (11/95) 
[a misprint of this issue exists in which The Norman Square is printed with yellow in place of blue]
Squirrel Girl and Candy-Pants [2p b/orange] 
Like a Weed, Joe [9p b/w]
letters [.5p b/w]
Ghost World [.5p six-panel ad for Neil Smythe CD featuring Ghost World's protagonists b/w] 
MCMLXVI [6p c-gouache]
The Norman Square (GW6) [6p b/w/blue]
Immortal, Invisible [10p b/w] 
ad [1p c fully drawn] 

Eightball 17 (8/96) 
[the first four strips listed below and letters appear on the inside front cover - 1p b/w/pink]     
Opposites Attract [4 panels b/w/pink]
Insect [1 panel b/w/pink]
Powermaster [1 panel b/w/pink]
The Lepidopterist [1 panel b/w/pink]
Gynecology [22p b/w]
A Smile and a Ribbon (GW7) [10p b/w/blue]
ad [1p b/w/pink]
wrap-around cover 

Eightball 18 (3/97) 
[comes with 'Modern Cartoonist,' a 10 page pamphlet with illustrations and hand-lettered text b/w/red]
letters [1p b/w]
October (GW8) [18p b/w/blue] 
Black Nylon [6.5p b/w]
The Latch-Key Kid [.5p eight-panel ad b/w - appears below the ending of Black Nylon]
wrap-around cover

Eightball 19 (5/98) 
David Boring Act I (DB1) [36p b/w/gray + 1c page related to the story: inside front cover]
letters [1p c]
ad [1p c]

Eightball 20 (2/99) 
David Boring Act II (DB2) [32p b/w/gray + 1c page related to the story: inside front cover] 
letters [1p c]
ad [1p c] 

Eightball 21 (2/00) 
David Boring Act III (DB3) [48p b/w/gray + 2c pages related to the story: inside front cover, inside back cover] 
letters; ad [1p c]   

Eightball 22 (10/01)  
[the first full-color issue of E, and the first issue in which a non-serialized story takes up the entire comic] 
[the issue's 38p story (Ice Haven) is divided into the 29 parts listed below]
Around Ice Haven with Random Wilder [2p]
Our Children and Their Friends [2p]
The True Story of Leopold and Loeb [1p]
Melancholy Serenade [2p]
Seventeen with Violet Van Der Platz [2p]
David Goldberg is Missing [2p]
Vida and Her Grandmother [2p]
Mr. and Mrs. Ames Detectives For Hire [2p]
Charles [1p]
Violet In Love [3p]
Harry Naybors Comic Book Critic [1p]
Rocky 100,000 BC [1p]
The Hole [1p]
Seersucker [2p]
Julie Patheticstein [.25p] 
Mrs. Ames [.25p]
Kim Lee [.25p]
Officer Kaufman [.25p]
Mosquito [1p]
Blue Bunny [1p]
Random Wilder in Toilet Time [1p] 
Charles and His Therapist [1p]
The Ransom Note [2p]
Random Wilder, Again [1p]
David Goldberg is Alive [1p]
Our Children, Revisited [1p] 
Violet Alone Forever [2p]
Vida Goes to Hollywood [1p]
Harry Naybors Explains Everything [1p]
(wrap-around cover)

Eightball 23 (2004) - (was released 6/04)
[2nd full-color E issue - the 42p story (The Death-Ray) is divided into the 34 parts listed below]
Andy 2004 [2p]
The Origin of Andy [2p]
What Do You Think of Andy? [.66p]
Louie at Home [.33p]
Andy's World [2p]
Dear Dusty [1p]
Cigarette? [1.5p]
Incredible [.5p]
The Next Day [2p]
The Origin of the Death Ray [2p]
Baf! [2p]
Baseball [1p]
The Adventures of the Death-Ray [1p]
Andy [1p]
The Further Adventures of the Death-Ray [3p]
On Patrol [1p]
Target Practice [1p]
Sonny [2p]
Andy's Dream [1p]
Sonny and Theresa [.5p]
The Death-Ray and Louie [.5p]
Andy Again [.66p]
Stoob in "The Test" [.33p]
Sonny's Lament [1p]
The Unthinkable [1p]
Dear Dusty (again) [.33p]
Louie in Love [.33p]
Andy, Louie [.33p]
The Last Straw [2p]
26 Years Later [4p]
The United States of Andy [1p]
Why Did Andy Destroy You? [.25p]
What Do You Think of Andy (Again)? [.25p]
Choose Your Own Adventure [.5p]
(back cover) [2 large panels]