David Chalcraft
Associate Professor

Dave is interested in understanding factors that control the intensity of interactions among species, processes that control the trophic structure and biodiversity of aquatic and terrestrial communities, and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and population and community dynamics.



Caroline Sorey
Master's student,

Caroline is investigating how a pesticide alters abundance and species diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrate predators, and how those changes affect a predator assemblage's ability to suppress snail prey. She is particularly interested in whether predator species-specific mortality from the pesticide has a greater influence on snail suppression than non-species specific mortality.



Casey Nolan
Doctoral student

Casey's research interests are focused on salt marsh restoration and factors that mediate broad-scale plant community zonation. He is currently investigating the colonization of salt marsh pans (hypersaline, unvegetated patches) following hydrological restoration.



Doctoral students: Jon Davenport - Appalachian State University
  Scott Jones - University of Alabama
  Lauren McCarthy - East Carolina University
  Suelen Tullio - East Carolina University
Masters students: Natalie Amoroso - Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife
  Leah Connell - Wayne Community College
  Robby Deans - University of Texas at Austin (doctoral student)
  Tyler Gelles - Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  Jason Hernandez
  A. J. Kitchen - HMG Engineering
  Tracy Rogers - New England Aquarium
  Rick Trone - NC Department of Environmental Quality
  Charles Williams - Mayne Pharma
Postdoctoral scientsts Cliff Ruehl - Columbus State University