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 Karl L. Wuensch (Ph.D.)

    I am an experimental psychologist who suffers from anosmia, the inability to smell things. Although my doctoral studies did include research on the chemical senses, especially as they relate to behavior, my research subjects were rodents, not humans. I am by no means an expert on human olfaction or clinical/medical issues. Because of my own condition, I have assembled a collection of links to web resources that might help others learn about anosmia. From my own experiences with anosmia, I have learned a bit about polyps and allergy and how they relate to anosmia. I know very little, however, about anosmia caused by viral infection, head trauma, congenital factors, and other causes. Those seeking information on such topics may, however, find relevant information in the web resources I have linked on this site. Those who still have questions or something they would like to share are encouraged to post on one or more of the discussion groups linked on this site.  I have categorized links into the major groups show below. Just click on the title of the group to be taken to a page with links in that group.

    I cannot vouch for the validity of information provided in the sites linked below. They are included because I found them of interest to me. You should be a critical consumer of information provided on the web. Consider its source and ask yourself whether the author has some motive other than to provide you with accurate information. Do not attempt to treat yourself without the assistance of a physician. Some of the links here may lead you to physicians. With the exception of my ENT specialist, I know none of them. As always, seek a second opinion if it is recommended that you receive surgery or other medical treatment which is expensive or risky. Be a critical consumer of my own writings on this site too. What I present as having been a useful therapy for me may not be useful for you, and may not even be the most useful therapy for me.

My Own Personal Experiences With Anosmia

    Here are links to documents detailing my problems with polyps, allergies, and anosmia and discussion of treatments I have tried.

Nasal Polyposis As a Cause/Correlate of Anosmia

    Information of interest to those whose anosmia stems from polyposis and inflammatory conditions, including Samter's Triad.

Anosmia Discussion Groups on the Internet

    Here you can join Internet discussion groups where you can post questions, learn about the experiences of others who suffer from anosmia, get emotional support, et cetera.

Pictures, Graphics, and Videos

   Links to pages with great graphics -- photos of polyps, videos of endoscopic surgery, et cetera.

Other Sites Devoted to Anosmia

   Links to sites run by others who suffer from anosmia.

Miscellaneous Sources of Information of Potential Interest to Those with Anosmia

   These sites can lead you to lots of useful information about anosmia and related topics.

Olfactory Research, Education, and Treatment Institutions

   Links to the major institutions that conduct research on olfaction and/or provide treatment to those with olfactory disorders.

Treatment Providers

   Here are links to pages run by a few individual physicians whose pages are unusually informative or whose practice may be of special interest to those with anosmia.

Documents About Anosmia-Related Topics

   Assorted documents of potential interest to those who suffer from anosmia.



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