GEOLOGY 6900 (Geological Manuscripts) – Spring 2019

File Sharing with OneDrive
(deadlines are NOT negotiable)




All course assignment files (drafts, editorial work, final portfolios, etc.) will be exchanged electronically via ECU's OneDrive cloud storage service.  I have created a cpurse OneDrive folder that contains resources that may be useful to you as you move through the course.  I will add to this folder, as needed throughoyut the semester.  The link to this folder will be shared with all students before the firstr day of class.

Each student must create a OneDrive folder into which all course work will be uploaded.  Use the following convention for course folder names:  GEOL6900_YourLastName and create contain clearly named subfolders for each course project and for the final portfolio.  Use the following names for your subfolders:



When uploading files into your OneDrive folders, pay close attention to the file location and use the following convention for each assignment file name: AssignmentName_DraftNumber_YourLastName.doc.  For example, John Doe's second draft of the Journal Article would be named Article_Draft2_Doe.doc. All students are expected to be familiar with the procedures for naming, sending, and receiving electronic files via OneDrive.

·         Upload your first drafts to the appropriate OneDrive folder, share the draft with the two people assigned as peer reviews (editors) and with me, and send email notifications to both peer-reviewers and to Rigsby when you have done so.

·         Upload your second drafts into the appropriate folder – and send an email notification – to Rigsby only.

·         Upload your final course portfolio into the appropriate folder – and send an email notification – to Rigsby only.



You can find more information about ECU's OneDrive service at
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