Story Contents of Comics (Lloyd Llewellyn and Eightball) by Dan Clowes

This section list only the stories in each issue of DC's two titles.  For the complete contents of each issue, see here.

Lloyd Llewellyn (4/86 -12/88) 
Lloyd Llewellyn 1 (4/86) 
Murder, Martians and Wild, Wild Women 
The Ghost and the Gearjammer 
Red Hoerring in How's That? 
The Little Man in the Inkwell 
Lloyd Llewellyn 2 (6/86)
Lloyd Llewellyn, Egghead 
According to Hoyle 
Three Blue Teardrops
Monster from the Edge of Nowhere
Lloyd Llewellyn 3 (8/86) 
The Crazy Hot-Rod Drop-Outs From Beyond Jupiter 
Lloyd Llewellyn 4 (10/86) 
The Goo 
Red Hoerring's Blues 
Lloyd Llewellyn 5 (1/87) 
The Worry Bird 
The Battlin' American 
The Eatniks 
Color Me Red, Part One  
Maiden Japan 
Lloyd Llewellyn 6 (6/87) 
Hound Blood 
The Nightmare 
Ernie's Adventure into the Beyond 
The All-New Lloyd Llewellyn Special (12/88)
Concrete Vixen 
Queen of Venus 
Dementia Praecox 
Wild Night in Tiger Town
Crawl, Worm!   

Eightball (10/89 - 6/04)

Stories that are part of a larger collected story are identified by an abbreviation for the collection title followed by the chapter #:
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
(LVG);  Pussey! (P); Ghost World (GW); David Boring (DB).

Eightball 1 (10/89) 
Smoke (LVG1) 
Devil Doll? 
The Laffin' Spittin' Man 
What Is the Most Important Invention of the 20th Century?
Young Dan Pussey (P1)
illustrated excerpt from the novel "Puss in Booths" 
Eightball 2 (2/90)
The Truth 
Harum Scarum (LVG2) 
I Hate You Deeply 
What Do You Think George Washington's Voice Sounded Like? 
Eightball 3 (6/90)
The Eightball Profile: Pastor Robert Tilton 
Mister? (LVG3) 
The Stroll 
The Young Manhood of Dan Pussey or: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pussey (P2)
What Can Robots Do?
Eightball 4 (10/90) 
What Do You Do for a Cold?
Sale (LVG 4) 
I Love You Tenderly 
Dan Pussey's Masturbation Fantasy (P3)
The Future 
Sexual Frustration 
Eightball 5 (2/91) 
Why Do People Spit? 
Shit Happens When You Party Naked (LVG5) 
Daniel G. Clowes in Just Another Day . . . 
Playful Obsession 
Eightball 6 (6/91) 
Where Do Wiseguys Come From?
A House Is Burning Out of Control (LVG6) 
The Doctor Infinity Story (P4)
Marooned on a Desert Island with the People on the Subway . . . 
Eightball 7 (11/91) 
Needledick the Bug-Fucker  
When Grand-Dad Shaved from the Rain Barrel (LVG7) 
Art School Confidential  
Eightball 8 (5/92) 
Screeech (LVG8) 
Ugly Girls
Grist for the Mill  
Dan Pussey Presents: Komic Kollector's Korner (P5)
Nature Boy 
Give It Up!
The Headlamp
My Suicide  
Eightball 9 (9/92) 
Ink Studs
Smile! (LVG 9) 
Dan Pussey in The Artist's Life (P6)
Zubrick and Pogeybait 
Eightball 10 (2/93) 
Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid
Shutupshutupshutup (LVG10) 
Dickie: Disgusting Old Acne Fetishist 
Young Dan Pussey's Glamour Date
Zubrick's Pal Pogeybait
A Message to the People of the Future
Eightball 11 (6/93) 
The Party in Color 
Velvet Glove
The Fairy Frog 
The Happy Fisherman 
Why I Hate Christians 
Ghost World (GW1) 
Eightball 12 (11/93)
Glue Destiny 
Hippypants and Peace Bear in Question Authority
King Ego 
The Origin of Dan Pussey (P7) 
Garage Sale (GW2) 
Eightball 13 (4/94)
Buddy Bradley in Who Would You Rather Fuck: Ginger or Mary Ann?  
Blue Italian Shit 
Cool Your Jets 
Punk Day (GW3) 
Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine 
Eightball 14 (10/94)
The Gold Mommy
On Sports 
The First Time (GW4)  
The Death of Dan Pussey (P8)
The Sensual Santa
Eightball 15 (4/95)	
Hubba Hubba (GW5) 
Eightball 16 (11/95)
Squirrel Girl and Candy-Pants
Like a Weed, Joe 
The Norman Square (GW6)
Immortal, Invisible
Eightball 17 (8/96)
A Smile and a Ribbon (GW7)
Eightball 18 (3/97)
October (GW8)
Black Nylon 
Modern Cartoonist [10 page pamphlet insert] 
Eightball 19 (5/98)                                                                                        
David Boring Act I (DB1)
Eightball 20 (2/99)
David Boring Act II (DB2)
Eightball 21 (2/00)
David Boring Act III (DB3)
Eightball 22 (10/01)
Ice Haven 
Eightball 23 (2004)
The Death-Ray