Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals

The APA's Task Force on Statistical Inference has published an article in the American Psychologist in which they present the changes they are planning on recommending be made in the APA Publication Manual. The citation is:

Wilkinson, L., & Task Force on Statistical Inference. (1999). Statistical methods in psychology journals: Guidelines and explanations. American Psychologist, 54, 594-604.

IMHO, this article is required reading for anyone who teaches statistics, experimental psychology, or any course in which students are expected to read original research articles or write a research proposal. It shall be required reading for students who take PSYC 6430 from me. I think it is very strongly recommended reading for any person who is a producer of psychological research (that is, all of our faculty) and recommended reading for all persons who are consumers of psychological research, including undergraduate students.

Among the suggestions made in this report are the following:

You really should read the original article, there is a lot more there than I have summarized here.

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