Ken Parille - Publications and Presentations


*  The Daniel Clowes Reader: A Critical Edition of Ghost World and Other Stories, with Essays, Interviews,
    and Annotations. FB, 2013.

*  The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist. Abrams, 2012. Edited by Alvin Buenaventura, co-edited by me.
[Appeared on The Washington Post’s “Best Books of 2012” list.]

*  Daniel Clowes: Conversations. University Press of Mississippi, 2010. Co-edited with Isaac Cates.

 Boys at Home: Discipline, Masculinity, and The Boy-Problem in Nineteenth-Century American Literature.
     University of Tennessee Press, 2009.

 50 Essential Guitar Lessons. New York: Hal Leonard, 2008. (A revised version of Guitar 9-1-1)

*  Guitar 9-1-1: Lessons for Guitarists. New York: Hal Leonard, 2001.


*   “‘To Elevate Every Experience into Something Artistic and Exciting’: Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World.” In
     The Cambridge History of the Graphic Novel. Cambridge University Press. July 2018.

*   “'Unholy Momentum: Daniel Clowes’s Patience. Translated into Spanish in the Spanish edition of
     Daniel Clowes's Patience. Fulgencio Pimentel, 2016.

*  Romantic. Reform and Boys: Bronson. Alcott's Materialist Pedagogy. In Romantic Education in Nineteenth-Century
     American Literature: National and Transatlantic Contexts
. Routledge,
Jan. 2015. Co-written with Anne Mallory.

*   The Daniel Clowes Reader includes six essays by me:
       “An Aesthetic Biography of Daniel Clowes.”
An Introduction to The Daniel Clowes Reader.”
Clowes’s Romanticism and the Urban Aesthetics of Ugly (1986-1998).” Co-written with Anne Mallory.
Decoding 'Black Nylon'.
Close Reading Clowes's Dialogue: 'You've Grown into a Very Beautiful Young Woman.'
       “‘Me Worry?’ / ‘U BUY’”: Clowes and Advertising in the 1990s.

    For the collection, I also wrote short introductions for the Clowes stories and other material.

*    “‘The Medicine of Sympathy’: Mothers, Sons, and Affective Pedagogy in Antebellum America.” Revised and reprinted in
Sentimentalism in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary and Cultural Practices. Fairleigh Dickinson, 2013.

*    Narration After Y2K: Daniel Clowes and the End of Style. The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist. 2012.

*    Steve Ditko — HA! / AH! — Laughing at Death. Black Eye. 2011.

*   Allegories of Childhood Gender: Hawthorne and the Material Boy. The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review (36) 2010.

*   “What's This One About? A Re-Reader's Guide to Daniel Clowes's David Boring.” Reprinted in The Best American  
        Comics Criticism

*   The Maestro from Another Planet: In Praise of Lawrence Welk's Otherworldly Chiffon Paradise. The Believer.
        (2009 Music Issue). July/August 2009.

*   “‘Wake up, and be a man’”: Little Women, Laurie, and the Ethic of Submission.” Reprinted in Children's Literature:
         Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends
. Palgrave, 2009.

   “What Our Boys Are Reading”: Lydia Sigourney, Francis Forrester, and Boyhood Literacy in Nineteenth-Century
Children's Literature Association Quarterly (33) 2008.

*    Sometimes We’re Lovable in Our Error’: The Career of Abner Dean.” Comic Art (9) 2007.

*    “‘The Medicine of Sympathy’: Mothers, Sons, and Affective Pedagogy in Antebellum
America.” Tulsa Studies in
          Women’s Literature
(25) 2006.

   “A Re-Reader's Guide to David Boring.” Comic Art (7) 2005.

*   “‘Wake up, and be a man’”: Little Women, Laurie, and the Ethic of Submission.” Children’s Literature (29) 2001.

*   “All the Rage: Wordsworth’s Poetic Attack on Byron in Lines Addressed to a Noble Lord.” Papers on Language and 
 (37) 2001.

*   “Is There Life after Identity Politics?” New Literary History (31) 2000. Co-editor of the NLH special issue and 
        co-author of its introduction.

Essays for The Comics Journal

   Steve Ditko and the Comic-Book People. June 2019.

*   Hope I Die Before I Get.” February 2019.

 The Plight of the Superhero Comic Book. June 2018.

 Ghost World at Twenty: Daniel Clowes’s Dialogue. December 2017.

 “Everything Sells Everything: A Not-So-Secret History of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the American Superhero.” October 2017.
 Leslie Stein: A Brief Appreciation. July 2017.  

*   “Lichtenstein and the Art of Letters.” April 2017.  

*   “Error Report?: Comics, Text, and Editing.” September 2016.

*   “Comics Criticism: 2016.” August 2016.

*   Lulu Hitchcock Apocrypha! May 2016.

*   Black Panther #1: 31 Thoughts.” May 2016.

*   “'Unholy Momentum': Daniel Clowes’s Patience. March 2016.

*   “The Truth about America’s Superheroes; Or, Real-Life Revisionism. November 2015.

  “Daniel Clowes and Eightball, 1988-1998: Highlights, Mysteries, and Fun-Facts. June 2015.

*   Cartoon Solitude. April 2015.

*   2014: Comics, New and Old, Part II.
January 2015.

*   “2014: Comics, New and Old, Part 1.
January 2015.

2014's Critic of the Year! January 2015.

*   “'The Sponsor': A Fourteen Step Problem Comic. November 2014.

*   2014: New Comics, Old Problems. September 2014.

*   “Don’t Move: The Still Life of Pete Morisi. June 2014.

*  Five From Koyama. May 2014.

“Jack Kirby and Alex Niño: Innovation at DC Comics in 1972. March 2014.

*   “This Strange Profession: Abner Dean Interrogates the Gag. January 2014.

*   “Comics Survey: Word / Art, Part II. October 2013.

*   “Comics Survey: Word / Art, Part I. September 2013.

*   “Red People for a Red Planet”: Acme Novelty Library #19, Color, and the Red Leitmotif. July 2013.

 Two Questions Answered about 'The State of Comics Criticism: 2013.' April 2013.

*   Friendly Ghosts and Comics Form. February 2013.

*   Secret Loves: A Short History of Two Panels in Charles Burns's The Hive.  November 2012.

*   Steve Ditko’s Cartooning: Abstraction / Word vs. Picture / Motion.” November 2012.

*    Construction Manual: John Hankiewicz’s “The Kimball House.”  July 2012.

*    Six Observations: Alison Bechdel’s Graphic Archive Are You My Mother? May 2012.

*    “This Man, This Monster: Super-Heroes and Super-Sexism. March 2012.

*    2011: A Year in Comic Ambition. January 2012.

*    The Death-Ray Discussion Forum.November 2011.

*    Event Watch — Justice League #1: Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again . . . September 2011.

*    Drawing Sex and Paying for It.  June 2011.

*    Bedlam and Baby: Parables of Creation in Jack Kirby and Chris Ware. May 2011.

*    Moto Hagio’s "Bianca": Against Culture.  March 2011.

Short commentary In Walt Disney's The Complete Carl Barks series

“The Master Mover.” Walt Disney’s Donald Duck (Vol. 20). Seattle: FB, 2020.

“Old Froggie Catapult.” Walt Disney’s Donald Duck (Vol. 19). Seattle: FB, 2018.

*   “Three Un-ducks.” Walt Disney’s Donald Duck (Vol. 17). FB, 2017.

"The Truant Nephews." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 10). FB, 2016.

*   "The Magic Hourglass." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 9). FB, 2015.

*   "The Tuckered Tiger." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 14). FB, 2014.

*   "Super Snooper." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 8). FB, 2014.

*   "Ring Wrongs." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 5). FB, 2013.

"Darkest Africa." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 6). FB, 2013.

"The Screaming Cowboy." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 2). FB, 2012.

*   "Rocket Wing Saves the Day." Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Vol. 2). FB, 2012.


Other Writing

*   A Cartoon World: Daniel Clowes's Ice Haven. Boston Review (31) 2006.

*    Introduction to the exhibition catalog for the San Diego exhibition Original Comic Art. Buenaventura Press, 2003.


*   The Daniel Clowes Bibliography. 2001- Present.

In the Media / Interviews

*    Interviewed by Paddy Johnston for the academic journal The Comics Grid (9/24/14)
*    Interviewed by Tom Spurgeon for The Comics Reporter (8/25/13)
*    Interviewed for / quoted in
The Jewish Forward (8/23/13)
*    Interviewed for / quoted in The Chicago Tribune (7/5/13)
*    Interviewed for / quoted in The New York Times (4/1/12)

Book Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries, Bibliographies

*  Review of The Comics of Hergé: When the Lines Are Not So Clear. Edited by Joe Sutliff Sanders.
      Children's Literature Association Quarterly (42) 2017. 248-250.

*   Review of Schooling Readers: Reading Common Schools in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction by
      Allison Speicher. Nineteenth-Century Literature (71) 2017. 559-562.

Review of X'ed Out by Charles Burns. The Comics Journal. 2010.

Review of Boys in Children's Literature and Popular Culture: Masculinity, Abjection, and the Fictional Child by
      Annette Wannamaker. Children's Literature Association Quarterly (33) 2008.

*   Review of Serialized Citizenships: Periodicals, Books, and American Boys, 1840-1911 by Lorinda Cohoon. 
      Children’s Literature Association Quarterly (31) 2006.

*   “A Daniel Clowes Bibliography.” P.L.G. (37) 2003. (P.L.G. is a French journal)

  Review of Good Girl Messages by Deborah O’Keefe. Iris: A Journal about Women (42) 2001.

*   “Boyhood,” “Jack and Jill,” “Alfred Whitman,” and “Ladislas Wisniewski.” The Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia.
Greenwood Press, 2001.

*   Review of The Letters of Robert Crumb by Robert Crumb. The Journal of Popular Culture (34) 2000. 

Music Education Publications

*  50 Essential Guitar Lessons. New York: Hal Leonard, 2008. (A revised version of Guitar 9-1-1)

   LessonLab: The Best of 1995-2000. New York: Hal Leonard, 2002. Reprints “Advanced Phrasing” and “Songwriting  
for Guitar.”

*   Guitar 9-1-1: Lessons for Guitarists. New York: Hal Leonard, 2001.

*   “Advanced Phrasing.” GuitarOne. Cherry Lane Music, May 2000. Reprinted and translated into Thai in Overdrive magazine, 2008.

*   “Songwriting for Guitar.” GuitarOne. Cherry Lane Music, December 1999.

views with Cartoonists

*   “Nothing Good Can Come Out of Dishonesty”: An Interview about Teaching with Ivan Brunetti. The Comics Journal. April, 2011.

A Retrospective Interview with Daniel Clowes. In Daniel Clowes: Conversations. Edited by Ken Parille and Isaac Cates.
University Press of Mississippi, 2010. (Conducted July 2009.)

*   Lisa Hanawalt. The Blog Flume. 2010.


Internet 'Publications'

   Blog Flume {go here for posts by me.}

Conferences and Presentations

*  “Murder and Misogyny in Mid-Twentieth-Century Children’s Comic Books.” Children’s Literature Association,
       Richmond, June 2015.

 *  “Daniel Clowes's Ice Haven and the Art of Introductions.” DICE, Durham, November, 2013.

*  “Tales of the Dark Knight: Batman as Mosaic, Myth and Folk Hero” by Will Brooker. Greenville, October 2012. Respondent.

*   “Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist.” Invited. SPX, Bethesda, September 2012. Panelist / Interviewer.

   “A Conversation with Jim Woodring.” Invited. SPX, Bethesda, 2011. Moderator.

*   “Fredric Wertham, Sensation, and Mid-Twentieth-Century Children’s Comic Books.” Children’s Literature Association,
       Roanoke, June 2011.

   “A Conversation about Daniel Clowes, with Ken Parille and Isaac Cates.” Invited. SPX, Bethesda, September 2010

*    Critics’ Panel: How We Judge.” Invited. SPX, Bethesda, September 2010. Panelist.

*    Developing Iconographies, with Cartoonists Eamon Espey, Kevin Huizenga, and Tom Kaczynski.” Invited. SPX, Bethesda,
      September 2010. Interviewer.

   “Thrashing the Boys. Gender, Boyhood, and Corporal Punishment in Three Nineteenth-Century American Children's Novels
        Children's Literature Association Conference Convention, Charlotte, June 2009.

“Superheroes, Childhood, and Mom's Stockings: Daniel Clowes's "Black Nylon." SAMLA Convention,
       Louisville, November 2008.

“Jason and the Appropriator: Fashion, Photos, and Comics.” International Comic Art Forum. Washington DC,
       October 2007.

*   “Hey Perverts! Comics!: Stories for Children?” Comics and Childhood: The Annual University of Florida Comics 
       Conference. Gainesville, February 2006.

*   “Harvey Pekar, American Splendor, and the Autobiographical Comic Book in America.” Hereford Film and Speaker Series.
       University of Virginia, Charlottesville, March 2004. Guest Speaker.

*   “The Textual History of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan.” I was invited by Professors Jerome McGann and Johanna Drucker
        to speak to the
University of Virginia's Media Studies Graduate Seminar. Charlottesville, October 2001.

*  “Invisible Boy: Laurie, Submission, Scholarship, and Little Women,” Gender Identity Development in American Literature Panel,
      American Literature Association. Baltimore, May 1999.

*   Co-organizer, “‘Is There Life after Identity Politics’: A Conference in U.S. Cultural Studies,” with speakers Walter Benn
      Michaels, Robyn Wiegman, Eric Lott, Deborah McDowell, Philip Michael Harper, José David Saldívar. Charlottesville
      March 1999.

  “Mythology and Poetic Competition in Byron’s Manfred.” Classicism in Romanticism Panel, Northeast Modern Language
, April 1998. Presenter.

*   “Horatio Alger’s Ragged Dick and the Domestic Novel.” Fictions of Gender and Genre Panel, Conference on Texts and
       Contexts, University of Virginia. Charlottesville
, April 1996. Presenter.

  “The Trials of Teaching Wieland: Active Learning and Textual Support,” Connecticut Trustees’ Conference on Teaching and
       Learning. New Britain
, May 1994.