For a key to abbreviations, go here.

Translations - Caricatura (6/06): Spanish translation of DC's Caricature collection - http://www.lacupula.com/novelag/clowes.htm
Not on Paper -
In the Studio button (5/06): promo button uses DC self-portrait with non-DC lettering from the book In the Studio

Illustrations - Too Much Coffeeman 12 (Fall 2001): DC illustration of this magazine's title character in sketchbook style

Material About - Filmshi (5/8/06): interview with DC - http://filmshi.com/db/content/view/104/60/
ASC - many new entries have been added to the Art School Confidential section of the bibliography

Illustrations - Matmos: The Rose Has Teeth in The Mouth of a Beast (2006) [Matador] CD LP - includes a color DC illustration nc

Material About - The Secret of Drawing (2005): 4 part BBC program - DC's segment  http://audium.blogspot.com/2006/05/dan-clowes-interview-video-art-school.html

ASC - Philadelphia Inquirer (5/14/06): feature - http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/entertainment/14563282.htm
ASC - San Francisco Chronicle (5/13/06): feature - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/05/13/DDG5HIQMG41.DTL

ASC - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/11/06): feature - http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=422823
ASC - Film Force (5/5/06): interview TZ -  http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/705/705116p1.html
ASC - Film Force (5/5/06): interview Ethan Suplee - http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/701/701921p1.html
ASC - Now Magazine (5/4/06): feature http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006-05-04/movie_interview.php
ASC - Ifctv.com (5/06): interview Max Minghella -  http://www.ifctv.com/ifc/insiderNews?CAT0=5827&NID=16488&CLR=orange&BCLR=FF6600
Material About - Creative Screenwriting (5/5/06): DC interview - http://creativescreenwritingmagazine.blogspot.com/2006/05/art-school-confidential-qa_05.html
Material About - Sound of Young America (5/13/06): DC interview - http://tsoya.blogspot.com/2006/05/podcast-career-killers.html

ASC - Chicago Tribune (5/7/06): http://metromix.chicagotribune.com/movies/mmx-0605060215may07,0,3121191.story?coll=mmx-movies_heds
ASC - InsideBayArea.com (5/12/06): feature - http://www.insidebayarea.com/bayarealiving/ci_3814382
ASC - Washington Post (5/11/06): feature 
Material About - Bay Area Reporter (5/11/06): feature - http://www.ebar.com/arts/art_article.php?sec=film&article=165
Material About - GreenCine.com (5/12/06): DC interview - http://www.greencine.com/article?action=view&articleID=295&pageID=538
Material About - San Francisco Bay Guardian (1/21/98): DC cover feature 

Material About - Chud.com (5/4/06): interview - http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=interviews&id=6581
Material About - New York Times (5/7/06): short feature on DC and a favorite toy - http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/07/fashion/sundaystyles/07POSS.html

Material About - ComingSoon.net (5/4/06): feature - http://comingsoon.net/news/indietopnews.php?id=14374
Material About - BackStage.com (5/4/06): feature - http://www.backstage.com/bso/news_reviews/features/feature_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002462040

Material About - San Francisco Bay Guardian (5/2/06): feature - http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=474
ASC - Village Voice (5/2/06): interview with DC and TZ  http://www.villagevoice.com/film/0618,lim,73091,20.html

Material About - Wired (5/1/06): interview - http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,70731-0.html?tw=wn_index_2
Material About - New York Times (4/30/06): article on art school critiques has quotations from DC - also has a large color ad for ASC 
Material About - Newsarama.com (4/27/06): DC interview - http://www.newsarama.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68629
ASC - LA Weekly (4/26/06): feature/interview with DC and TZ - http://www.laweekly.com/film+tv/film/art-school-rejects/13304/
ASC - Salon (4/26/06): feature/interview with DC and TZ - http://www.salon.com/ent/movies/review/2006/04/27/btm/index2.html

Material About - Full Frontal Nudity 3 (6/95): interview with long introduction - includes a drawing by DC of the interviewer, Kyle Rimkus
Illustrations - Full Frontal Nudity 3 (6/95): interview includes a drawing by DC of the interviewer, Kyle Rimkus

Illustrations - Adverbs (4/06): DC cover on this Daniel Handler novel 

Material About - Anthem Magazine 21 (Mar/Apr 2006): 1 page interview 
Material About - filmforce.com (4/4/06): interview - http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/700/700004p1.html

Not on Paper - Santa Cruz Corey O'Brien Mutant City Ashes to Ashes Deck (3/06): a b/w/gray reissue of a color deck with DC art from 1991

Art School Confidential - new trailer http://www.sonypictures.com/classics/syndication/trailers/artschoolconfidential/ArtSchoolConfidential_Trlr_300.mov
Forthcoming - Exhibition at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery in May/June 2006

Forthcoming - Matmos CD The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast (5/06): illustration by DC - see here.

Material About - Mean Magazine Vol. 2.7 (March-April 2006): interview with DC and Terry Zwigoff on Art School Confidential

Material About - Mass Appeal 38 (2/06): interview

Material About - San Francisco Examiner (3/3/06): interview - http://www.sfexaminer.com/articles/2006/03/04/entertainment/20060304_en03_clowes.txt

Material About - Publishers Weekly (2/21/06): feature - http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6308907.html

Illustrations - New York Times (2/19/06): ad [one panel +] for Well - this panel did not appear in the ad in NYT 2/12/06 (see below)
Forthcoming - Adverbs (4/06): for DC cover see book title at amazon.com                                    

Forthcoming - Master of Space and Time (nd): DC to write script - http://suicidegirls.com/news/culture/14309/
Material About - Los Angeles City Beat (2/16/06): interview http://www.lacitybeat.com/article.php?id=3323&IssueNum=141
Material About - Filter (Winter 2006): interview with DC

Illustrations - New York Times (2/12/06): large ad [4 panel comic strip +] for the Broadway show Well features DC art and lettering (4-color) - 
               see also: www.wellonbroadway.com
Material About - New York Times (2/10/06): review of the exhibition Speak: Nine Cartoonists discuses Clowes and reprints a page from E22
Art School Confidential - Art School Confidential trailer: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=5447
Forthcoming - Pussey! cover at Fantagraphics blog: http://www.fantagraphics.com/blog/uploaded_images/PUSSEY-FC-Colors-764611.jpg

Illustrations - The Creeps (1999): The cover was drawn but the book was never done

Material About - Swingset 7 (late 2005): interview
Exhibitions - Pratt Manhattan Gallery (1/19-2/25/06): Speak: Nine Cartoonists - with others
Illustrations - Melto-Fu (2005): box on this toy made for Meltdown comics has a very small color image of Girly Melt by DC 
        (this maybe the only place the image appears; I believe it was not done for this box, but rather as a possible Meltdown character/mascot)

Art School Confidential - movie web site at http://www.sonyclassics.com/artschoolconfidential/ 

Material About  - Boston Review (Jan-Feb/06): Essay on Ice Haven


Art School Confidential Movie Information - The film premiers 1/23/06 at Sundance film festival
Forthcoming - The Prisoner of X (5/06): DC cover - see http://feralhouse.com/titles/kulchur/prisoner_of_x.php                     

Illustrations - (12/21/05): sketch http://www.fantagraphics.com/blog/uploaded_images/Clowes-799573.jpg

Material About - Flak Magazine (8/10/05):  http://flakmag.com/features/clowes.html 

Illustrations - The Village Voice Rock & Roll Quarterly Vol 3 No 1 (Spring 1990): 5 small illustrations

Prose - Black Cat Crossing (1991): DC provides a back cover blurb for this Richard Sala book
Illustrations - 99 Ways to Tell a Story (2005): DC panel from 'Gynecology' (E17) appear in a multi-artist story in this Matt Madden book

Material About - Nude Magazine 7 (Winter 2005): interview in this UK culture magazine
Prose - Roadstrips: A Graphic Journey Across America (10/05): DC provides a back cover blurb
Material About - Tokion 50 (10/05): interview
Material About - Resonance 47 (10/05): feature
Stories - Salt 3 (Winter 2004): What Can Robots Do? (E3) - Salt is a zine
Illustrations - Graphic Novels: Everything You Need to Know (11/05): cover is DC cover image from the German version of Caricature

Material About - San Francisco Bay Guardian (10/26-11/1/05) - http://www.sfbg.com/40/04/lit_comic.html - comics feature has quotations from DC

Exhibitions - Ghetto Gloss (7/8-8/8/05) - The Feral House Archives - with others - DC illo from Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs
Prose - Cult Rapture (1995): DC blurb - see http://feralhouse.com/titles/kulchur/cult_rapture.php
Illustrations on Paper - DC sketch (done with Jamie Hernandez in 1997) - http://www.fantagraphics.com/blog/uploaded_images/ClowesJaime-716984.jpg
Forthcoming - Graphic Novels: Everything You Need to Know (11/05): cover is DC cover image from the German version of Caricature

Material About - Hartford Advocate (9/22/05): reviews Ice Haven - http://hartfordadvocate.com/gbase/Arts/content?oid=oid:126726

Exhibitions - A+D Gallery (9/8-10/22/05): http://www.colum.edu/undergraduate/artanddesign/11th/

Material About - suicidegirls.com (9/11/05): interview at  http://suicidegirls.com/words/Daniel+Clowes/ 

Prose - cover blurbs and letters moved to this section, with new blurbs added
Forthcoming - Wally's World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of  . . .  (9/05): uses panel from DC strip 'Wallace Wood' (TCE) as cover illustration

Material About - Punk Planet 69 (Sept-Oct/05): interview
Material About - International Designers Network Vol.9 No.3 (2002): interview
Forthcoming - Uggly Family (2006?): a collection of DC/Mort Todd stories from Cracked Magazine - see http://www.comicfix.com/  

Illustrations Not on Paper - CafePress (8/05): 60 Uggly Family items that use DC art from the Cracked series of the mid-80s

Illustrations - ReadyMade 18 (Aug-Sept/05): self-portrait in ink and colored pencil http://readymademag.com/feature_18_clowes.php 
Material About - ReadyMade 18 ((Aug-Sept/05)): interview and self-portrait http://readymademag.com/feature_18_clowes.php 
Material About - BBC Collective (8/05): image gallery and  interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/collective/A4500820 

The release date of Art School Confidential has been changed from 9/30/05; it's now set for March 2006
Material About - Ice Haven reviews
Material About - The Guardian (7/27/05:) feature
Material About - WNYC (7/29/05): radio interview available at http://www.wnyc.org/shows/lopate/episodes/07292005
Material About - KPFA  (8/1/05): radio interview available at http://kpfa.org/archives/archives.php?id=6#9394

Translations - Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (2005): Japanese - hardcover 
Translations - Caricature (2005): Japanese - hardcover 
Translations - Ice Haven (2005): published in the UK by Jonathan Cape
Illustrations on Paper - Booksmith Author Card 768 (6/24/05): front image same as above - for Ice Haven book tour
Material About - Ice Haven reviews

Material About - numerous Ice Haven reviews
also, please search the Fantagraphic's blog (aka FLOG!) for Art School Confidential photos and information

Material About - Jane (Summer 2005): very short review of Ice Haven
Material About - Metro (6/7/05): interview (Metro is a free weekly paper in NYC)
Illustrations - MoCCA Who's Who 2005 (6/05): a b/w drawing of a John Kuramoto character  'Groovi'          

Collections - Ice Haven (6/05): see entry for information on the collection
Forthcoming - Art School Confidential: A Screenplay (9/05) will include the first color version of Art School Confidential (E7)
Material About - Chicago Tribune (5/29/05): article on  'Backyard Resistance' includes quotations from DC
Forthcoming - Columbia Chronicle (5/23/05): article on DC screenplay for  'Backyard Resistance' (this is likely not the final title of the film)

Mini Comics - Corn 1 (1991): with Laban, Leib
Forthcoming - new info on Ice Haven signing tour, June 2005
DC will go on a short signing tour for Ice Haven
          Saturday, June 11: Chicago, IL 3:30 pm - Printer's Row - Graphic novel panel with Chris Ware moderated by Dan Raeburn
          Sunday, June 12: New York, NY 3:30 pm - MoCCA Festival Puck Building - Q&A with Jonathan Lethem
          Tuesday, June 14: Philadelphia, PA 7:00 pm - Philadelphia Free Library - Q&A with Chip Kidd
          Wednesday, June 15: New York, NY 7:00 pm - Barnes and Noble (4 Astor Place) - book signing
          Friday, June 17: Boston, MA 2:00 pm - Million Year Picnic - book signing
          Friday, June 17: Brookline MA 7:00 pm - Booksmith  - book signing
          Monday, June 20: Santa Cruz, CA 7:30 pm - Bookshop - book signing
          Friday, June 24: San Francisco, CA 7:00 pm - Booksmith -book signing
         {Please call the above locations to confirm the accuracy of these listings - I am not sure that they are correct}

Forthcoming - info on Ice Haven signing tour, June 2005
Forthcoming - Little Enid Mini Figure (9/05) 
Stories in Non-DC Titles - Funny Book 1 (5/05): Dan Pussey Presents: Komic Kollector's Korner (E8)

Forthcoming - Art School Confidential: A Screenplay (9/05) - see here

numerous additions, changes, and corrections

Material About - US News & World Report (3/21/05): Feature on Adrian Tomine includes quotes from DC

Select Mentions - Gear (12/01-1/02): DC is #92 on the magazine's hot 100 list - a short paragraph

Illustrations Not on Paper - Pogeybait Doll (2/05): from Japanese company Presspop (see here) - all box art by DC
Stories by DC - Pogeybait Doll (2/05): Zubrick & Pogeybait - strip from National Lampoon (5/91) appears on bottom of box
A new French website on Clowes: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/danielclowesart/

Forthcoming - The cover to Ice Haven is viewable at amazon.com and bn.com - scheduled release date is 6/7/05

Material About -
Comic Art
 7 (Winter 2005): a lengthy analytical essay titled 'A Re-Reader's Guide to David Boring'

Material About - Circle Press 2 (Fall 94): zine with short interview and small illustration in sketchbook style
Illustrations on Paper - Circle Press 2 (Fall 94): zine with small illustration in sketchbook style - also has a short interview
The bibliographer notes with sadness the passing of contributor David Heath, Jr. in June of 2004.

Illustrations Not on Paper -3 Beads of Sweat Records t-shirt (late 04): DC logo now appears on t-shirts 

Illustrations by DC - The Comics Journal 264 (11-12/04): small illustration of cartoonist Ivan Brunetti
Material About - The Comics Journal 264 (11-12/04): review of Modern Cartoonist

Stories by DC- Strike! 6 (2/88): The Rattler in The Crime Wizards - DC pencils, inks, letters [W: Chuck Dixon] - art signed 'Johnny Firebaugh'


Material About - Galago Comics 47 (2/97): interview in Swedish
Translations -Galago
Comics 47 (2/97): Caricature (E15) - in Swedish
Material About - Comic Book Encyclopedia (11/04): p.92
Exhibitions -
Cartoon Art Museum (11/20/04-5/22/05): Contemporary Literary Comics: Selections from McSweeney's #13 - with others


Material About - Alternet.org (11/24/4): http://www.alternet.org/mediaculture/20589/ - feature
Stories by DC -
The Smithsonian Book of Comic Book Stories: From Crumb to Clowes (11/04): includes Caricature (E15)     

Art School Confidential - film production stills available here: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=5447
Illustrations by DC - Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs, which has a DC illustration,  is back in print: http://www.feralhouse.com
Forthcoming - DC has recently agreed to write the script for the film Backyard Resistance:
Material About - Apple Commercial (c.2002):


Translations - contents of Bolo Ocho 9, 10, and 11
Translations - contents of numerous El Vibora issues

Illustrations on Paper - MangArt (dated 2003 released 9/04): DC draws Shigeru Sugiura characters b/w

Illustrations on Paper - 133 More Noses (1991): 2 small DC illustrations in this mini comic
Illustrations Not on Paper - OK Soda (1994-5): two items verified - push/pull and static cling
Exhibitions - I added three current shows

Added a new section to the bibliography that lists in one place all of
DC's uncollected stories/strips

Illustrations on Paper - Eightball 23 [print - ed. 4] (7/04): E23 cover - 3 x 5 feet - printed for Meltdown Comics in cooperation with DC
Illustrations on Paper - Talk To Her (8/04): DC illustration of Orson Welles          
Illustrations on Paper - Screw Magazine (c.1992?): story on Norman Mailer reproduces a DC collaborative mini comic or single illustration by DC from a mini [?]
Material About - The Village Noize 15 (1993): interview
Material About - Giant Robot 34 (9/04): very short review of E23

Mini Comics - I added an alphabetical list of all DC mini comics to the mini comics page

Material About - Time.com (8/13/04): review of E 23 -

Illustrations on Paper - Real Stuff (3/04): DC's cover for Real Stuff 10 is reprinted in
this collection of  Dennis Eichhorn's comic
Illustrations on Paper - 100 Artists See Satan (8/04): has a DC illustration (I have not verified this)
Illustrations on Paper - Eightball 23 [poster] (7/04): 11" x 14.5" double sided (reverse image on back) E23's cover - for retailers who ordered 10 or more E23s

Material About - ZozoLala 116 (2-3/2002): feature
Translations - Como uma Luva de Veludo Moldada em Ferro [Conrad-2002]: Brazilian version of LVG

Material About -The Village Voice (7/27/04): review of E 23 -
Material About -The Onion AV Club (7/28/04): review of E 23 -  http://www.theonionavclub.com/words/index.php?issue=4030#review3

Illustrations on Paper - Internal Correspondence (10/95): DC cover on this Capital Distributors industry periodical
Select Mentions - The Believer 15 (7/04): Nick Hornby briefly discusses DB - 'the product of a genuinely odd imagination'
Illustrations on Paper - Pulse! (7/97): color illustration for an essay on prog-rock albums

Material About - Time Magazine (7/19/04): recommends Eightball 23 in an article titled "If You Read Only 10 Trashy Novels This Summer"
Material About - Bust (Summer 04): photo and brief mention of Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll
Forthcoming - Pogeybait toy from Presspop: see

Material About - New York Times Magazine (7/11/04): feature on comics discusses DC's work; reproduces a GW page; with photo of DC drawing a self-portrait
Illustrations on Paper - New York Times Magazine (7/11/04): photo of DC drawing a self-portrait done for a comics feature

Art School Confidential   - added new section on DC's forthcoming film Art School Confidential, which is currently in production

Comics by DC - Eightball 23 (6/04): single story issue (The Death-Ray), 42 pages, full color, magazine size, $7 US
A full-page ad for the comic that reproduces the cover at near full-size and two panels appears in the May issue of Diamond Comics's Previews.
This same ad also appears on the inside cover of The Comics Journal 260.
Translations - Bola Ocho 11 (6/04): Spanish Clowes anthology title - contents of this issue unknown
Exhibitions -
Jack Hanley Gallery (6/10-7/31/04): Our Insular Puerile World - 4 page DC story in McSweeney's 13 (The Darlington Sundays) - with others

Material About - Paper Sky (2003): interview at
             Material About - Cinemad 4 (2000): interview about Ghost World
            This was listed in the Interviews in Print sub-section, but I just found this online version

Comics by DC - a number of one-panel and multi-panel strips from E (strips from letters page and ads in the form of multi-panel strips) added-
            these should have been there all along, and their lengthy absence speaks ill of the bibliography's complier, who should have known better

Select Mentions - Comix: The Underground Revolution (2004): p.45, 52, 244, 249, 251, 253, 255, 259, 270, 271 - reprints numerous DC covers
Select Mentions - Amy and Jordan (2004): DC provides the back cover blurb for this collection of Mark Beyer comic strips

Mini Comics - mistakes corrected and new information added
Illustrations Not on Paper - Crypt Records T-shirt (1994): illustration of fictional Crypt Records A& R head "Irving Azlik, Jr."
Select Mentions - Juxtapoz Magazine 50 (May-June/04): one page article on Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll


Illustrations Not on Paper - Scram Magazine (4/04):
Through www.cafepress.com, Scram magazine offers 7 items that use the DC cover to Scram 17 or just the DC lettered Scram logo from the cover.
Items that use the logo: short sleeve t-shirt, beer stein, baseball cap, messenger bag.
Items that reproduce the full cover: long sleeve t-shirt, tile coaster, tote bag. Items from cafepress are only produced as they are ordered,
so the products that appear on the site are photoshop-style mock-ups; therefore, I can't say that any items exist.

Stories by DC - McSweeneys 13 (5/04): The Darlington Sundays - a four page color strip
Forthcoming - Pogeybait toy: from presspop - recent information indicates that this item may appear by late 2004


Illustrations Not on Paper - OK Soda T-shirt (1994): uses the entire boy can art
Translations - El Vibora 237 (1999): a Spanish translation of a DC story - details unknown
Ghost World Movie Material - lobby cards France (6/02): a set of 6 stills with non-DC GW logo


Translations - Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (3/04): Spanish -was published in Spanish as a 5 issue series and is now collected - see www.lacupula.com
Forthcoming - Eightball 23 (June/July 04):  the cover can be seen here:
Forthcoming - Daniel Clowes Print (2004):
The Buenaventura Press will be producing a signed/numbered Daniel Clowes print


Illustrations on Paper - http://www.skingraftrecords.com/graphics/fanart/art/danclowes.jpg
Stories by - Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll (2/04): Enid in the year 2525 A.D. - appears on the side of the box (UC)
Stories by - Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll (2/04):  Enid 1,000,000 B.C. - appears on the side of the box  (UC)
Illustrations Not on Paper - T shirt (1992): large rectangular b/w image of modish punk in decaying urban landscape.  I haven't seen this image elsewhere.
Illustrations Not on Paper - Signal Books (2003): DC designed the logo for this Berkeley, CA book store - see here:
Material about - Cake vol. II 31 (1995): feature on DC and Peter Bagge


Material about - Tales to Demolish 2 (2003): story by Eric Haven "I Killed Dan Clowes"
Illustrations on Paper -
http://zurikrobot.com/Misc/Misc.html - scroll down for Clowes/Ware sketch
Illustrations on Paper -
Material about - The Comics Journal 213 (6/99): Clowes art in Swipe File feature


Illustrations on Paper - Bang! 2  (4/03): French magazine reprints DC's storyboard for the title credits to Ghost World movie as first printed in the GW screenplay book


Material about - Jack Kirby Collector 39 (Fall 2003): DC and other comic professionals respond to the question "What is your favorite Kirby Cover?" - includes a small DC sketch
Material about - Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting (2003): p.31 reprints and discusses DC's poster for New York's Sunshine Theatre (2001)
Material about - Res Magazine Vol. 1 No. 7 (1-2/04): article on comics and narrative briefly discusses Eightball 22


Forthcoming - Art School Confidential (?): info about DC's second film
Material about - Interview at ReadersVoice.com (12/03):
Material about - The Rise of the Graphic Novel (2003): p.56-7 discuss Ghost World
Translations - Strapazine 30 (3/93): German translation of The Stroll (E3)
Translations - Strapazine 40 (9/95): German translation of Blue Italian Shit (E13) - issue also has DC cover
Translations - Strapazine 47 (6/97): German translation of the Ghost World episode The First Time (E14)
Translations - Bolo Ocho 10 (1/04): Spanish Clowes anthology title - contents as yet unknown
Illustrations on Paper -  Strapazine 40 (9/95): DC cover "The Liberators" - later appeared as back cover to Zero-Zero 12 (10/96) with additional top panel that includes an illustration and additional text
Illustrations on Paper - Hustler (9/97): 2-page spread for article "Diary of a Child Molester"
Illustrations on Paper - Fantagraphics Benefit (7/03): poster for a show featuring the band Built to Spill - uses and modifies existing DC artwork from panel 2 of  "Needle-Dick" (E7) - not done by DC for this occasion
Illustrations on Paper - Vox Canis 3 (1992): Dan Kelly-produced zine reproduces a letter from DC with a small illustration
Illustrations on Paper - Sub Pop Video Network Program 1 (11/03): DVD cover - same cover as 1991 VHS release


Ghost World Related Material - Japanese box set  "Enid's Private Collection" ():  includes DVD, screenplay, buttons, postcards, cloth dolls
Illustrations on Paper- Eightball sticker (1993): done as a give-way for the Hateball tour - red lettering on white background - image is used on letters page of E11, but lettering is blue
Illustrations on Paper - Internal Correspondence (1/94): Capital City Distributors publication - 2 page Eightball ad drawn for this publication 
Illustrations on Paper - Commes des Garcon ad (2000): uses panel of "A Message to the People of the Future" (E10) - I am unsure where this ad appeared
Illustrations on Paper - Sammy Dyer School of Theatre Arts (1990): poster advertising a performance by a Chicago dance school - poster is mostly printed text with a number of silhouettes by DC
Illustrations Not on Paper - 3 Beads of Sweat (1994): logo for Chicago-based record label - 
Illustrations Not on Paper - Meltdown Comics (1998): Large Melt character patch with logo at bottom
Illustrations Not on Paper - 15" Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll -
http://www.necessariestoyfoundation.com/enid.html: (2/04) - doll and all box art by DC
Forthcoming - Shigeru Sugiura tribute volume (?): will include a DC illustration (I have no other info on this)
Forthcoming - Ice Haven (2005): Pantheon will publish an expanded and reformatted version of Ice Haven from Eightball 22
Forthcoming - Pogeybait toy (2005): from presspop
Forthcoming - From Zap to Maus to Clowes (11/04): Smithsonian Book of Comic Books II - will include DC's Caricature
Forthcoming - McSweeney's 13 (4/04): a 4 page story in this Chris Ware edited volume

Illustrations on Paper - I Like Comics 1 (1993): Peter Bagge-produced fanzine (small magazine size) with one small DC sketchbook style illustration

Exhibitions - Richard F. Brush Gallery (11/10/94-12/17-94): An Exact Spectacular - exhibition includes DC's and others' art from Duplex Planet comics and card set
Illustrations: T Shirts - Duplex Planet (1991): illustration of Ernest Noyes Brookings from DC art for Place of General Happiness CD
Illustrations: Poster - Duplex Planet (1991): uses DC cover art for Place of General Happiness CD - DC's lettering is printed in blue, his line art in white
Material About: Select Mentions - added 15 new entries
Mini Comics - a new section for mini comics has been added; it includes over 20 new entries, as well as other new information
Illustrations- Best American NonRequired Reading 2003 (10/03): DC cover available in hard cover and soft and on CD
       Mini Comics - Dick (1994): mini comic produced for Lee's Comics in CA - cover and 7 pages by DC
Translations - In the past I had only listed the El Vibora issue numbers and titles of the specials in which DC stories appeared -
I have updated this list to include the DC contents of each issue, when known -
El Vibora: many stories from Eightball and elsewhere are reprinted in this magazine.  DC's stories appear in the following issues
and perhaps others:
238: Needledick the Bug-Fucker (E7)
239: Chicago (E7)
240: Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (E13)
251: The Party in Color (E11)
Issue 268 -275 serializes the contents of E22:
268: Around Ice Haven with Random Wilder, Our Children and Their Friends, The True Story of Leopold and Loeb
269-70: Melancholy Serenade, Seventeen with Violet Van Der Platz, David Goldberg is Missing
271: Vida and her Grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. Ames Detectives, For Hire Charles
272: Violet In Love, Harry Naybors Comic Book Critic, Rocky 100,000 BC
273: The Hole,  Seersucker, Julie Patheticstein, Mrs. Ames, Kim Lee,  Officer Kaufman, Mosquito
274: Blue Bunny, Random Wilder in Toilet Time, Charles and his Therapist, The Ransom Note, Random Wilder Again
275: David Goldberg is Alive, Our Children Revisited, Violet Alone Forever, Vida Goes to Hollywood, Harry Naybors Explains Everything
El Vibora Specials:
America Special: Ghost World (E11)
Film and TV Special: Velvet Glove (E11)
Parody Special: Eightball (E9)
New Underground Comix Special: Art School Confidential (E7)
Material About: Select Mentions - Amazing Heroes Preview Special 3 (Summer 1986): mentions DC's plans for LL 4-6
Material About: Select Mentions - Amazing Heroes Preview Special 10 (2/90): mentions DC's plans for E 3+4
Material About: Reviews -  Amazing Heroes 200 (4/92): review of Lout Rampage!
Material About: Reviews - The New York Review of Books (8/14/03): Ghost World  - http://www.nybooks.com/articles/16515
Information and Acknowledgments page - added links for contributors
Exhibition -  Hyde Park Art Center (8/24-10/4): Comix Chicago - with other artists
Material About: Features - The Face (11/98): UK magazine with one page article on Ghost World
Illustrations - t-shirt - Nine Pound Hammer (c.1988)
Illustrations - t-shirt - Corey O'Brien - uses same image as sticker of the Santa Cruz deck for COB
Illustrations - t-shirt - Eightball -  the San Diego Comic-Con (1991): uses image of Geat from LVG
Illustrations - OK Soda poster 21" x 22" - boy art
Illustrations - OK Soda  machine vending front w/ boy art - approx 5' x 3'
Illustrations - Madman Picture Exhibition Limited Hardcover  - same image as Madman card set
Material About: Feature - Spunkzine 4 (Winter 95) 
Forthcoming -  16" Enid Doll - http://www.necessariestoyfoundation.com/enid.html : possibly in 11/03
Missing - last panel to Uwanna, from LL 5 - available only if you sent for it (or?)
Exhibition - Buenaventura Gallery (7/7-7/27/03) Original Comic Art - the letterpress catalog for this exhibition has a short interview
Added missing information page
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Material on Ghost World - Japanese Ghost World photo-novel: 5" X 7" 64-pages
Forthcoming - Best American Non Required Reading 2003 (10/03): DC cover - will be available in hard and soft cover 
Illustrations - Purple 6 (Winter 00-01): back cover folds open, forming a 2 page ad for Commes des Garcons that uses 4th panel on pg.18, E16
Stories - Devil Doll? (E1) reprinted in the size and form of a Jack Chick Tract and included in Jello Biafra's 1994 CD Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police
Material About: Feature - Beaux Arts Magazine (1/03): 2 page feature in French
Material About: Interviews - Cut 121 (8/01): interview in Japanese - includes oversize illustration from cover of the Japanese edition of Ghost World
Stories - Cracked Monster Party 9 (6/90): The Uggly Family in Elvis, You're a Janitor 
Material About: Interviews - Neo: The Iowa Entertainer 19 (c.4/89): published before the release of Eightball 1
Material on Ghost World - movie book Japan (2001): Cine Carnet 003 - with 4 postcards (unique to this 64 page book) and DC interview in Japanese 
Material on Ghost World - movie book Japan (2001): Garden Cinema Express vol. 77 (30 pages)
Material About: Interviews - (10/19/01): http://www.browndailyherald.com/post/stories.asp?ID=133
Stories -  two previously published strips with DC art in No More Shaves (1/03) {a Duplex Planet collection}
Illustrations - poster for Spice signing (1/31/03) - self-portrait with other artists' self-portraits
Stories - Acid  (11/7/91) mini comic w/ Gary Leib? and?
Stories - Sissy 1 (1/30/92) mini comic w/ Chris Ware, Gary Leib
Stories - Sissy 2 (1/92) mini comic w/ Terry Laban, Gary Leib
Illustrations - (10/17/02) Booksmith author card (#553) - uses self-portrait from DB
Material About: Interviews - short interview in Comics as Art exhibit program (3/03)
Illustrations: Covers - Scram 17 (3/03)
Stories - cover for Scram 17 (3/03) is a color strip [see scrammagazine.com]
Material About: Interviews - The Comics Journal 250 (2/03) - DC discusses how he creates his comics
Material About: Features - Entertainment Weekly (6/26-7/9/92 double issue): the cover story - 'What is Cool'- has a short feature on DC, Eightball, And Lout Rampage
Material About: Interviews - PLG 37 (Winter 2002/03) - interview in French and English - also includes a reduced version of this bibliography
Translations - Bolo Ocho 8: contents of the issue
Translations - Eightball 22 serialized in El Vibora 268-275
Translations - corrected errors in Spanish publication information for DB and GW
Illustrations - entries and info on French book plates (see Images on Cards heading)
Illustrations: Covers - Raunch Hands: Payday - I  just discovered that this was issued as a CD
Illustrations: Covers - Merry Christmas from Yo La Tengo (2002):  CD
Translations - Bolo Ocho 8: Spanish
Stories - Give it Up! (E8): in After Hours 12 (10-11/00) - issue also has a short interview in Japanese
Stories - Immortal, Invisible (E16): in After Hours 12 (10-11/00)
Exhibitions - http://www.laweekly.com/ink/03/08/pulpit-clowes.php
Material About: Interviews - Pulp 34 (Summer 2002): European magazine
Material About: Reviews - Eightball 22: Portland Mercury http://www.portlandmercury.com/2002-03-07/art.html
Material About: Features - Sanfran.com (7/01) http://www.sanfran.com/archives/July_2001/SF0107culture.h
Stories - http://pages.sbcglobal.net/dheath/Pages/No%20Sex/NS16.htm
Material About: Interviews - DesignerMagazine.com (late 2002) http://designermagazine.tripod.com/DanielClowesINT1.html
Translations - David Boring (12/02): Spanish version
Illustrations - Immortal, Invisible book plate (?):  s&n - please see Pierre Tritten's page
Exhibitions - (Heller and Miller galleries)
Collections - Information on 2nd David Boring hardcover
Stories - The Doofus Omnibus (12/02): The Dude 
Material About: Reviews - Lloyd Llewellyn review in The Comics Journal 119 (1/88)
Posters - Montana Family Restaurant advertising poster (c.1985)

Material About: Features - David Boring feature/review (12/02): http://www.bookmunch.co.uk/view.php?id=678
Material About: Features - Comic Art 1 (11/02): feature on DC, contains previously unpublished art
Illustrations - Outside In 36 (Summer 1990): one page self-portrait in a mini comic
Material About: Reviews - Entertainment Weekly (5/21/93): feature/review of LVG
Stories - Hypno (12/94): Zubrick's Pal Pogeybait
Material About: Interviews - Salon.com (11/21/02): http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2002/11/21/comics/index.html
Material About: Reviews - David Boring (11/16/02): http://books.guardian.co.uk/reviews/artsandentertainment/0,6121,840831,00.html
Illustrations - OK Soda: 13" x 24" poster of girl art; silver ink
Material About: Features - World Art (4/96)
Covers - Butt Biscuit 5 (1990): mini comic cover
Illustrations - Dallas Fantasy Comics 6 (7/89): one page illustration
Material About: Features - Spin (2/96): short feature on Pussey!
Illustrations - Shut Up Little Man (1992): comic with three full page illustrations done with Gary Leib
Illustrations - OK Soda: cellophane envelope with DC art
Illustrations - OK Soda: 2 liter plastic bottle with DC art
Material About: Interviews - David Boring in Boldtype (9/02): http://www.randomhouse.com/boldtype/0902/clowes/
Material About: Interviews - Don't Touch Me 6 (Spring 97): lengthy interview
Collections- David Boring (9/24/02) paperback edition with new cover
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Collections - Twentieth Century Eightball and its contents
Alphabetical listing - contents of Twentieth Century Eightball
Material About: Features - Bizarre Magazine 61 (8/02): feature on DC and Fantagraphics
Material About: Features - Nylon (9/02): 2 page feature that reprints 3 pages from David Boring (p.18, 92, 10 [10 at full size])
Translations - El Vibora 268
Illustrations  - Madman Picture Exhibition 3 (6/02): DC illustration that appears in the Madman card set 
Illustrations - The New Yorker (8/5/02): full-page illustration (9 panels) for a story on reading faces
Translations - contents of Bolo Ocho issues 4-7