Information on Ghost Word and Art School Confidential and list of related items

Ghost World

Filmmaker site - includes many DC illustrations done for the site
Studio site:

Ghost World, A Screenplay
(7/01): includes script by DC and Terry Zwigoff, and numerous illustrations by DC
The DC lettering for the Ghost World logo appears on the movie poster, in all of the print ads (of which there are numerous versions),
and in all of the Oscar consideration ads (of which there are over 30 versions).

Promotional Items and Miscellaneous:

MGM/UA 2001 Preview Kit (2000): GW single-sheet press release with 2 photos and credits (no DC art/lettering)
3-D brochure with glasses (Summer 2000): uses DC art from GW, plus photos from the film
postcard (Summer 2000): uses DC art from GW, plus photos
movie poster US (1/01): photo with DC lettering - also available in 2-sided version, back is reverse image
5" x 7" card (7/01): movie poster image on front, reviews on back
press kit (7/0l): binder with production notes and a CD that has 17 color photos
poster (2/02): released to coincide with DVD release - different than movie poster
director's chair seatback (c.01): was given to cast/crew members - uses the lettering from title page of  GW collection
soundtrack poster (8/01): includes the DC comic that appears in the CD booklet

International: [I am sure there are many more items than those I list below]

movie poster (2001)
two-sided mini-poster (7/01)
movie book (2001): Cine Carnet 003 - with 4 postcards (unique to this book) and DC interview in Japanese (64 pages)
movie book (2001): Garden Cinema Express vol 77 (30 pages)
movie photo-novel (2001): 5"x 7" (64-pages)
Ghost World box set  "Enid's Private Collection" ():  includes screenplay, DVD, buttons, postcards, Rebecca and Enid cloth dolls

UK & Ireland:
press kit UK & Ireland (11/01): binder has UK GW logo and includes slides
movie poster UK & Ireland (11/01): double-sided, British "quad" style
mini-poster UK & Ireland (11/01)
postcards UK & Ireland (11/01): three different
shopping bag UK & Ireland (11/01): purple, uses the UK GW logo

postcard (6/02)
promo pamphlet (6/02)
mini-standee (6/02)
press kit (6/02)

lobby cards France (6/02): a set of 6 stills with non-DC GW logo
press kit France (6/02): includes 2 slides
poster Belgium (6/02): combines US poster and images from Ghost World: A Screenplay cover
promo booklet Germany (6/02)

lobby cards Germany (6/02)

[The vast amount of press on the film makes a complete list of features and reviews impossible. But the information below 
combined with the information accessible from the links I include make up a fairly extensive and representative sample of what is available.]


Preview (July-Aug/00):
Sight and Sound (8/00)
Mean Magazine (Nov-Dec/00): Thora Birch interview in which she talks at length about the film
Film Comment (May-June/01)
Spin (8/01)
Village Voice (7/18/01):
Time Out New York 304 (7/19/01):
Filmmaker (Summer 2001):
Pulse (8/01)
ICG Magazine {International Cinematographers Guild} (8/01): interviews with Afonso Beato and Terry Zwigoff
Dazed and Confused (10/01) (n.d.):
Empire (12/01): has interview with DC and Zwigoff
Public Arts (n.d.):
Village Voice (7/24/01): a review and an interview
Movie Review Query Engine has links to many reviews. has links to many reviews:
The Comics Journal 236 (8/01)
*see also Fantagraphics newsletter Vol. II #14

see also:

Art School Confidential 2006

Daniel Clowes wrote the screenplay and co-produced.
Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Ghost World, Bad Santa) directed. 
Production company 'Mr. Mudd' (How to Draw a Bunny, Ghost World, The Dancer Upstairs) produced. 
John Malkovich, Angelica Huston, Max Minghella, Sophia Myles star. 
Shooting began in July 2004 and concluded in September 2004.
The initial release date was 9/30/05 - it was changed to 5/5/06.
The film premiered 1/23/06 at Sundance (see below).
The film was released in NYC and LA on 5/5, and nationwide on 5/12.

Very loosely 'based' on 'Art School Confidential,' which first appeared in Eightball 7 (1991) and was reprinted in
Orgy Bound (1996), House Magazine 3 (2001), and most recently in Clowes's 2002 collection Twentieth Century Eightball.
Essentially, the film is based on the experiences (Clowes's time in art school) that inspired the comic.
(The careful reader will note that individuals have made use of our research and prose on the official movie site, in particular
the first sentence in this paragraph . . . )

Trailer and teasers:
The official website:  
Internet Movie Data Base entry: 

Art School Confidential: A Screenplay (2006): screenplay with deleted scenes, color version of the story ASC (E7), and additional art/material.

Interviews and Features:

Philadelphia Inquirer (5/14/06): feature -
San Fransisco Chronicle (5/13/06): feature -
Sound of Young America (5/13/06): DC interview - (5/12/06): DC interview - (5/12/06): feature -
Bay Area Reporter (5/11/06): feature -
Washington Post (5/11/06): feature -
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/11/06) feature -
RUSirius Radio (5/10/06): interview with Zwigoff then DC -
Filmshi (5/8/06): DC interview -
Chicago Tribune (5/7/06):,0,3121191.story?coll=mmx-movies_heds (5/06): Max Minghella interview  -
Film Force (5/5/06): TZ interview -
Film Force (5/5/06): Ethan Suplee interview -
Creative Screenwriting (5/5/06): DC interview -    
Now Magazine (5/4/06): feature (5/4/06): interview - (5/4/06): feature - (5/4/06): feature -
San Francisco Bay Guardian (5/2/06): feature -
Village Voice (5/2/06): DC and TZ  interview -,lim,73091,20.htm
Wired (5/1/06): interview -,70731-0.html?tw=wn_index_2
New York Times (4/30/06): article on art school critiques has quotations from DC - also has a large color ad for ASC (4/27/06): interview -
LA Weekly (4/26/06): DC and TZ feature/interview -
Salon (4/26/06): DC and TZ feature/interview  - (4/06?): TZ interview -
UnderGroundOnline (4/06?):
TZ interview -
UnderGroundOnline (4/06?): Max Minghella interview -
ReverseShot (Spring 2006): TZ interview -
Ready Made Magazine (8/05): DC interview -
Other Items:

Movie poster: uses DC art and photos from the film - designed by Chip Kidd - versions A and B
Mini movie poster: same as movie poster B
Promo postcard: image is poster version B
Press kit: 
DVD: released 10/10/06