Missing Information 
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Mini Comics:

Artists 4 (?): with others?
European Naked Robot 1 (nd): with Ware?
Stuffed Onion 1 (?): with Ware, Leib, Allen
Wheels 1 (nd): Clowes?
Yank 1 (): ?
Yard Thing 1 (?): with Ware and others ?
Spuz 1 (?): with Gary Leib, Larry Marder, and others [unidentified] 

Is there 'The Artists' or 'Artists' 1, 2, or 3?


Paige Presents or Paige Profiles (c. late 1970s): I have not be able to verify that DC contributed illustrations to a fanzine with this title
The Prattler (c.1980): DC may have illustrations/comics in this Pratt School of Art publication
LA Weekly (1991): illustration of the band Jane's Addiction - I know that this exists, but don't know the date
No Trend Press 18 (c.1993?): I have been told by a reliable source that DC did a cover for this German magazine, but have not seen it myself
Screw Magazine (c.1992?): story on Norman Mailer reproduces a DC collaborative mini comic or single illustration by DC from a mini -
  this info comes from a DC interview in 1993 in The Village Noize 15 in which he discusses this illustration, saying it appeared 'around a year ago'


Lumpen Times, vol. 20 3 (Chicago magazine) (?)
The Anti-Gravity Room; TV pop media news series, 23 "The Fringe II"?
Dial M For Motherfcker 3 (3/92): zine apparently contains DC interview


Tempo (1993): German magazine with a story "America" ?
info on, or images of, Oregon lottery billboards or art
Chronic'art 4 (4-5/2002): "Clowes" appears on a cover image I have seen, but don't know to what it refers - a feature?