This site's annotated lists include information on Clowes's work (comic books, anthologies,

graphic novels, illustrations, screenplays, etc.), as well as material about the cartoonist
(books, essays, interviews, features, etc.). It went online February 1, 2001 and has been
updated regularly. As of early 2024, it includes entries for over 2320 items.


I'm the editor of
The Daniel Clowes Reader, co-editor of Modern Cartoonist:
The Art of Daniel Clowes
, and co-editor of Daniel Clowes: Conversations.

My writing on Clowes
has appeared in The Best American Comics Criticism,
Boston Review
, Comic Art, and
The Comics Journal.

I maintain a Clowes-related tumblr and have written for The Comics Journal.
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Thanks to Daniel Clowes.
He looked over early versions of the bibliography, made several corrections, identified
items I was unaware of, and answered numerous questions. 

Thanks to David Pautler.
In 2000 he provided me with numerous entries and allowed me to use that information here.

Thanks to Alvin Buenaventura.
He was of inconceivable value to this project (and so many others). He is deeply missed.

Thanks also to Prof. Alan Howard, who hosted this bibliography on the
American Studies Site at the University of Virginia from 2001-2006.

Thanks to Prof. David Vander Meulen, who helped me to think through different ways to
organize the materail.

Thanks to those who provided information/entries:
Tim Adams, Antonio Aguirre,
Amandine, Andrice Arp, Philip Barrett, Jonathan Bennett,
Pat Broderick, Mike Engle,
David Greenberger, David Heath, Jr., Todd Hignite,
Hank Holzgrefe, Dave Howard,
Dan Kelly, Stephen Lawson, Russ Maheras, 
Mark McMurray, Bart Mendoza, Ana Mitric, Micah Moore, Derek Nystrom,
Cole Moore Odell,
Carl Richter,
Eric Reynolds, Rory D. Root, Jeff Sharman, Jen Sorensen,
Tim Stinson,
Devlin Thompson, Pierre Tritten, Robert Ullman, Bebe Williams, and Elron Yawl.  

Though some of the Clowes Bibliography links are inactive, I have kept them in the
interest of 'historical completeness.' Some of this material might be found by putting
the URL into the search box at the Internet Archive site.

I acknowledge that this bibliography, though somewhat 'exhaustive,' is
incomplete, and will remain so.


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