Material about Clowes                                                                                                                

This section includes material about Daniel Clowes, such as books, features, reviews, interviews, online interviews, and
select mentions. Nearly all interviews and features use illustrations from his work. Most features include excerpts from
interviews done specifically for that article. For a key to abbreviations, go

Note on links: Several are dead - I have kept them in the interest of 'historical completeness' and because some of
the interviews might be found by searching for the url via the Internet Archive site.


The Daniel Clowes Reader: A Critical Edition of Ghost World and Other Stories, with Essays, Interviews, and Annotations (2013) See here.
The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist (2012): 224 page full-color art book from with essays and interview
Daniel Clowes: Conversations
(2010): reprints
14 interviews, plus a new interview I conducted for this volume

Long-Form Analytical Criticism:

Ken Parille. Unholy Momentum: Daniel Clowes’s Patience at The Comics Journal (2016)
Ken Parille. Narration after Y2K: Daniel C|owes and the End of Style in The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist (2012)

Ken Parille.
A Re-Reader's Guide to David Boring in
Comic Art 7 (Winter 2005), reprinted in Best American Comics Criticism (2010)
Dan Raeburn.
The Imp 1 (1997): comic book/zine devoted to DC's work

The first DC interview I know of took place in July 1988; it first appeared in 1999 in Roctober 26 (Fall-Winter/99)


Neo: The Iowa Entertainer 19 (c.4/89)
Blab! 4 (Summer 89)
Quidnunc 1 (Winter 1989): interview takes place before the release of Eightball 1
New City (8/2-8/15/90): cover has an image of DC not by him, though the background figures are from LL and E
Damp 6 (Winter 91)
Reflex 20 (11/91): includes unpublished sketchbook illustrations and The Sense Assaulter
Boing Boing 6 (1991)
Comikaze 3 (1991)
The Comics Journal 149 (3/92): Comic Art in the 90s panel participant 
Dial M For Motherfcker 3 (3/92): zine apparently contains DC interview
The Comics Journal 154 (11/92): extended interview with numerous unpublished illustrations and sketchbook illustrations 
Dirt 2 (1992)
Lowbrow 1 (1992): lengthy interview with photos and numerous unpublished sketchbook pages
Pitch (1992): a zine produced by University of Chicago students - (see online interviews below)
Fiz 5 (March-April/93)
Net Magazine 3 (7/93): with Peter Bagge
The Village Noize 15 (1993)
Your Flesh 27 (1993): has a DC cover - lengthy interview
Panty Line Fever 4 (Winter 1993): zine


Hypno Vol. 3, 5/6 (5/94)
Circle Press 2 (Fall 1994): zine with short interview and small illustration in sketchbook style
Generic Soda Pop 1 (1994): zine
Hooked on Comix (1994): video interviews of cartoonists
No Idea 11 (1994)
The Nose 21 (1994)
Bunnyhop 5 (2/95)
Ruta 66 105 (4/95): feature and separate interview - DC cover, a color version of illustration from p.2 Blab! 4
Full Frontal Nudity 3 (6/95): interview with long introduction - includes a DC drawing of the interviewer Kyle Rimkus
Spin (2/96): short feature on P!
The Comics Journal 188 (8/96)
Fuzzy Heads Are Better 4 (c.1996): zine with short interview
Galago Comics 47 (2/97): interview in Swedish - issues also has a translation of the story Caricature (E15)
Don't Touch Me 6 (Spring 97): zine with lengthy interview
Fiction 2 (Summer 97) - zine
Dangerous Drawings (1997): collection of interviews with comic and graphic artists
San Francisco Bay Guardian (1/21/98)
Creepy Mike's Omnibus of Fun 6 (4/98): zine with short interview
Roctober 26 (Fall-Winter/99): the interview took place in July, 1988
Double Down 4 (1999): part of a DC drawing (p.2 Blab! 4) on the cover, along with non-DC art
Strapazine 57 (12/99): includes a German translation of Gynecology (E17)


Sequential Vol.1, 5 (2/00)
Index (June-July/00)
After Hours 12 (Oct-Nov/00): a short interview in Japanese
Mean Magazine (Nov-Dec/00): with Chris Ware
Shout (12/00)
Square 1 (c. late 2000): short interview
Cinemad 4 (2000): an interview about the film version of Ghost World
Jo Mastercard Tu Jane (2000): Spanish zine on DC
The Comics Journal 233 (5/01): full-length interview, DC cover -
Bitch-Feminist Response to Popular Culture 14 (6/01): focuses on Ghost World and film
Cut 121 (8/01): interview in Japanese - includes oversize illustration from cover of the Japanese edition of Ghost World
Urbanview (8/01): DC cover
Beikoku Ongaku 19 (11/01): in Japanese and English
Robot Power 20.5 (c. late 2000/early 2001)
Blur 5 (9/01): cover is a photo of the Little Enid doll
Ghost World movie book (2001): Cine Carnet 003 - interview in Japanese
Scram 15 (2/02)
Total Movie and Entertainment (Mar-Apr/02): one-page interview
Pulp 34 (Summer 2002): European magazine
International Designers Network Vol.9 No.3 (2002): short interview
PLG 37 (Winter 2002/03): French annual journal - DC is the feature; includes interview in English/French, color cover gallery, and reduced version of this bibliography
The Comics Journal 250 (2/03): DC discusses in detail how he creates his comics
Comics as Art (3/03): the program for this exhibition has a short interview
Original Comic Art (7/03): catalog for this show held by the Buenaventura Press includes a short interview
Jack Kirby Collector 39 (Fall 2003): DC and other comic professionals respond to 'What is Your Favorite Kirby Cover?' - includes small DC sketch


Metro (6/7/05): Metro is a free weekly paper in NYC
Punk Planet 69 (Sept-Oct/05)
Nude Magazine 7 (Winter 2005): Nude is a UK culture magazine
Tokion 50 (10/05)
Swingset 7 (late 2005)
Filter (Winter 2006)
Mass Appeal 38 (2/06)
Mean Magazine Vol. 2.7 (March-April 2006): interview with DC and Terry Zwigoff on Art School Confidential
Anthem Magazine 21 (Mar/Apr 2006): one-page interview
Chronic'Art (6/06): in French
In the Studio (10/06): includes an expanded version of the DC feature from Comic Art 1, with new color DC self-portrait
David Boring e Altre Storie (2006): interview with DC in Italian
Onion AV Club (San Francisco) (11/29/07)
Found 6 (2008): reprints material found by DC and includes an interview about the items
The Believer (5/10)

Elephant 10 (Spring 2012)

Juxtapoz (8/2012)
Kaboom: Magazine de Bande Dessinée 3 (Nov. 2013-Jan 2014): Interview with DC in French
Entertainment Weekly (5/29-6/5/15): not online
Previews (January 2016): Diamond Distributors catalog features short interview with DC on Patience


of these appeared in print.


Pitch (1992):
[The Comics Journal (9/14/15): 1995 interview, published for the first time in 2015.]
Cracked Machine (c. 96/97): (9/13/98?):
Dolomite (9/24/98):
Addicted to Noise (10/98):,_Dan/981006/

The Onion AV club (1998):
Jade (French journal) (1/99):
Hermenaut (5/99):
More Goat Than Goose (8/99):
indy Magazine (1999):
The Connection (radio interview 9/28/00):
Cinemad 4 (2000):


Reglar Wiglar (c.early 2001):
Tablet 16 (5/01):
The Stranger (7/19/01):
Filmthreat (7/30/01):
Fresh Air (radio interview 9/6/01):
NewCity (8/23/01):
Post- (10/19/01): (1/25/02): (2/9/02): (2/18/02) (4/02):

Writers Guild of America (2002):
Boldtype (9/02): (late 2002):
Chick Factor 15 (2002): 'listening room' interview with DC and others -
Paper Sky (2003): (12/03):


Metro Santa Cruz (6/15/05): interview about IH -
WNYC (7/29/05): radio interview available at
KPFA  (8/1/05): radio interview available at
ReadyMade 18 (Aug-Sept/05): interview and self-portrait 
BBC Collective (8/05): image gallery and  interview (9/11/05):
Los Angeles City Beat (2/16/06): interview
San Francisco Examiner (3/3/06): interview - (4/4/06): interview -
LA Weekly (4/26/06): ASC feature/interview with DC and Zwigoff -
Salon (4/26/06): ASC feature/interview with DC and Zwigoff - (4/27/06): interview -
Wired (5/1/06): interview -,70731-0.html?tw=wn_index_2
Village Voice (5/2/06):,lim,73091,20.html (5/4/06): interview -
Hero Spy (5/5/06):
Filmshi (5/8/06): interview with DC -
RUSirius Radio (5/10/06): interview with Zwigoff then DC - (5/12/06): interview -
Drinks With Tony (5/13/06):
Mr. Skin (7/06): interview
PBS (7/06):
Metro Active (10/11/06): DC interview 


New York Times Blog (8/24/07): DC on upcoming projects
HeraldNet (8/20/08):
Du9 (3/09):,1109
The New Yorker Blog (5/4/09): 'sneak peek' of forthcoming DC book
McSweeneys (2009): DC interview at  - I'm not sure when this was conducted.
*Interviews conducted for 2010 Wilson book tour: links to 28 interviews/features from 4/2010-7/2010 at this post at the Blog Flume.


Stussy (3/2011):

Comic Book Resources (4/13/11):
The Comics Journal (4/13/11):
Wurzeltod (4/15/11):
Wall Street Journal (5/4/11):
Maisonneuve (9/16/11):

Flavor Wire (9/28/11):
io9 (10/3/11):
CBR (10/6/11):
Metro Boston (10/10/11):
Chicago Tribune (10/10/11):
Oak Park Patch (10/11/11):
Details (10/12/11):
New City (10/12/11):
Vancouver Sun (10/15/11):
Metro NY (10/18/11):
WNYC (10/18/11):
AV Club (10/19/11):,63645/
PBS (10/20/11):
Now Toronto (10/23/11):
NY Magazine (10/25/11):
Miami New Times (10/26/11):
Propeller (11/1/11):
Rookie (12/28/11):
Bomb (12/29/11):


LA Times (4/4/12):
Publishers Weekly (4/10/12):
The Atlantic (4/19/12): (
San Francisco Bay Guardian (5/7/12):
NPR Morning Edition (5/6/12):
Artforum (5/09/12):
WBEZ (5/016/12):
KQED (5/30/12):
A.V. Club (5/30/12):,75653/
Guardian UK (7/20/12):
Boom (Summer 2012):

Vice (8/2012):
Baltimore City Paper (9/11/12):
Rolling Stone (9/26/12):
New York Times Sunday Magazine (9/27/12):


Huffington Post (5/16/13):
Chicago Tribune  (7/2013): DC annotates art that appears in his MCA Chicago show
Chicago Magazine (July 2013): DC annotates art that appears in his MCA Chicago show (6/23/13):
Cotton Candy (9/11/13):
The Chicagoan (12/2013):
Columbus Monthly (5/2/14): interview -
Columbus Alive (5/15/14): interview -
Outside the Box (4/2014): book with an interview


The Stranger (4.15.15): 
The New Yorker (4.21.15):
Univ. of Chicago (4/2015): in notes to their collection of Clowes's material, DC describes his process.
The Millions (5/7/15):  
Boing Boing (5/12/15):

Vulture  (5/27/15):
Guardian (5/28/15):

Nerdist (6/5/15):
Chicago Tribune (6/25/15):
Omnivoracious/ (6/26/15): interview
The Comics Journal (9/14/15): 1995 interview, published for the first time in 2015.


Fantagraphics Blog (1/5/16) Clowes issues a statement on why he withdrew from consideration for the Grand Prix at the 2016 Angoulême Comics Festival
Enola (2/1/16): interview in Dutch

The New Yorker Blog (2/22/16): DC talks about his 2/29/16 cover at
The Strand (3/2/16):
Toronto Public Library (2/29/16): Seth and DC Interview -
Noir City (Fall 2016): DC talks about his five favorite Noir films and Dragnet.

2017-2019 (2/3/17): short interview in French, overdubbed - (2/3/17): recap of a French interview - (2/4/17): DC talks about pages from Patience -   
France Culture (2/6/17):
interview - (2/4/17): French feature with new interview quotes -,153660.php#oBGWBvmwqhcBJjzj.01 (2/3/17): recap of a French interview -
Cryptekeeper (2/9/17): interview -
Grazia (2/19/17): French interview -
France Culture (2/25/17):
interview -
The New Yorker blog (3/16/17): 
San Francisco Chronicle (3/17/17):   
Getty Images (3/19/17): short video interview -
Nylon (3/20/17): interview -
Little White Lies (6/4/17): interview -
Intro (7/5/17): interview in German -

2020 - Present

RIYL podcast (1/20/20): Interview took place on 9/19 -
Trailers from Hell (11/20/22) - podcast interview on movies that influenced DC.
Cartoon Kayfabe on YouTube (10/23/22) -
Noah Van Sciver on YouTube (11/29/22)
PBA Comics "The Spidey Sale" catalog (11/1/22): Steve Ditko auction catalog includes a new quotation from DC. (8/28/23): interview on Monica
Library Journal (8/8/23): interview on Monica
The New Yorker (10/16/23): DC discusses his art for the cover of the 10/23/23 issue.

ome of these appeared in print. They typically include quotations from DC.


Metro (6/5/97):
NewTimesLA (11/19/98):
Metro (12/7/98):
NY Press (1999):
Austin Chronicle (9/8/00):
Varsity Review (10/16/00):
Salon (12/5/00):
Seattle Times (5/10/01):
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (5/11/01):
La Weekly (7/20/01): - issue has 2 DC covers (7/01): (7/01):
San Francisco Chronicle (8/8/01):

Metro (8/16/01):
National Post (8/01): search for 3 stories about DC - they don't appear to have specific URLs
Lawrence Journal-World (8/30/01):
The Guardian (11/3/01):,6737,586658,00.html


East Bay Express (3/27/02):
Ecrit et (n.d.): (11/21/02):
Chick Factor 15 (2002): 'listening room' interview with DC and others -
US News & World Report (3/21/05):
feature on Adrian Tomine includes quotations from DC
Rocky Mountain News (4/1/05): feature on graphic novels includes quotations from DC

Chicago Tribune (5/29/05): article on 'Backyard Resistance'
includes quotations from DC
Brookline Tab (6/16/05):
The Guardian (7/27/05):,6000,1536970,00.html 
Flak Magazine (8/10/05): 
San Francisco Bay Guardian (10/26-11/1/05): - comics feature includes quotations from DC

The Secret of Drawing (2005): 4 part BBC program - DC's segment


New York Times (2/10/06): review of exhibition Speak: Nine Cartoonists discuses Clowes and reprints a page from E22
Publishers Weekly (2/21/06):

San Francisco Bay Guardian (5/2/06): (5/4/06): (5/4/06):
New York Times (5/7/06): short feature on DC and a favorite toy -
Chicago Tribune (5/7/06): ASC,0,3121191.story?coll=mmx-movies_heds
Bay Area Reporter (5/11/06): (5/12/06):
San Diego Tribune (7/16/06): feature -

*For links to 28 interviews and features that date from 4/2010 - 7/2010, see this post at the Blog Flume.

SF Weekly (9/30/11):
The Daily Californian (10/5/11):
Montréal Gazette (10/14/11):
The Varsity (10/17/11):
Now Toronto (10/20/11):
The Torontoist (10/24/11):
The Star (11/11/1):


Diablo Magazine (4/2012):
The New York Times (4/1/12):
MediaBistro (4/4/12):
San Francisco Chronicle (4/21/12):
Houston Chronicle (5/10/12):

Wired (5.24.12):
Huck Magazine (4/22/13): DC quoted in this feature on D and Q

Chicago Tribune (7/5/13):
Believer (2/14): DC quoted in feature on OK Soda - 
Vice (1/30/2015): feature with extensive DC quotations -
LA Times (5/27/15): feature with interview quotations

Irish Times (6/3/15): feature with interview quotations


Publisher's Weekly (2/2/16): feature with new interview quotations from DC -      
       California Sunday Magazine (2/4/16): feature with new interview quotations from DC -

       East Bay Express (3/1/16): feature with new quotations from DC   
       Seattle Weekly (3/8/16): feature with new quotations from DC -
       Portland Mercury (3/9/16): feature with new quotations from DC -
       Playboy (7/4/16): feature with new quotations from DC -
       Art Forum (7/29/16): San Diego Comic-Con report with new quotations from DC -
Inverse (3/20/17): feature with new interview quotations from DC -
Surface (9/21/18): short feature with new interview quotations from DC - 
Diablo Magazine (10/2019): short feature with new interview quotes -

Washington Post (2/9/23); feature-interview on Monica
Publishers Weekly (6/23/23): feature-interview on Monica

(See also Online Features above.) These feature often include quotations from DC.


Speakeasy 120 (6/91): UK comics magazine
Entertainment Weekly (6/26-7/9/92 double issue): the cover story - 'What is Cool'- has a short feature on DC, Eightball, and LR
Spin (9/93): short feature on DC, Peter Bagge, and the Hateball tour - includes a DC portrait of Peter Bagge
The Comics Journal 162 (10/93): brief bio. with sketch
Wizard 29 (1/94): feature on E
Magnet 6 (Feb-Mar/94)
Spin (3/95): DC quoted in short feature on OK Soda
Comic Culture vol. 2, 4 (4/95)
Spunkzine 4 (Winter 95)
Cake vol. II 31 (1995): feature on DC and Peter Bagge
Pulse 147 (4/96): DC and other cartoonists talk about the music they listen to while working
World Art (4/96)
Cartoonist and Comic Artist Magazine 9 (1996): feature on DC - sidebar on his use of zipatone  
Lo-Fi 3 (1996)


Bizarre Magazine 4 (Oct-Nov/97)
The Imp 1 (1997): entire issue devoted to DC  
San Francisco Bay Guardian (1/21/98): cover feature 
Raygun (4/98): one-page feature
Wizard 82 (6/98): short feature
Print (July-Aug/98)
Zozolala 102 (10-11/98): feature in Dutch - cover uses title page from Immortal, Invisible (E16)
The Face (11/98): UK magazine with one page article on GW
Beaux Arts Magazine 196 (9/00): French
Nylon (9/02): two-page feature that reprints 3 pages from DB (p.18, 92, 10 [10 is at full size])
Jane (11/00): very short feature
Surface 27 (2000)
The Comics Journal 230 (2/01): short feature on the Clowes/Ware Fall 2000 book tour
Juxtapoz 31 (Mar-Apr/01): contains the most examples of DC's work in any feature or interview I have seen
Request Magazine (Mar-Apr/01): short feature
Resonance 29 (4/01): issue also includes ad for GW
The Comics Journal 233 (5/01): the
Spot On column discusses unused Clowes cover for DC Comics's Bizarro World - see here
The New Yorker (7/30/01): includes a 1/2 page strip


Current Biography (1/02)
Studio Voice 313 (1/02): Japan
VPRO Gids 4 (1/24-2/01): Dutch magazine similar to America's 'TV Guide'
Artpapers (Jan-Feb/02): feature on DC and other comic book artists
Flaunt (5/02): feature on DC and other comic book artists
Globe and Mail (6/1/02)
Bizarre Magazine 61 (8/02): feature on DC and Fantagraphics
Comic Art 1 (11/02): feature on DC with previously unpublished art

Beaux Arts Magazine (1/03): two-page feature in French
New York Times Magazine (7/11/04): comics feature discusses DC's work; reproduces a GW page, w/photo of DC drawing a self-portrait
Comic Art
7 (Winter 2005): lengthy analytical essay titled 'A Re-Reader's Guide to David Boring'
Resonance 47 (10/05)
New York Times (4/30/06): article on art school critiques with quotations from DC - also has large color ad for ASC 
LA Times (4/29/07): DC talks briefly on Frankenstein cover -,0,7199951.story?coll=la-home-right
Leader Post (11/20/07): DC discusses his appearances on The Simpsons

Slanted and Enchanted (2009): includes quotations from a DC interview conducted on 6.9.08
Huck Magazine (4/22/13): DC quoted in feature on D and Q


NOTE: The sections below (REVIEWS and MENTIONS) have not been updated since 2006 and 2004 respectively.


The following list makes no attempt at completeness; it is by far the most incomplete section of the bibliography and will likely remain that way.
100s of reviews are not listed here. Numerous reviews can be found by searching the web, and many others are quoted on the back of DC's collections. 

Lloyd Llewellyn 
The Comics Journal 119 (1/88)

#$@&!: The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection:
Village Voice Literary Supplement: (10/90)
The Comics Journal 148 (2/92)
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron:
Publishers Weekly (4/12/93) v240 n15 p59
Publishers Weekly (10/11/93) p54
Booklist (5/1/93) v89 n17 p1562
Entertainment Weekly (5/21/93)

Lout Rampage!:
Amazing Heroes 200 (4/92)
Booklist (3/1/92) v88 n13 p1190

The Comics Journal 180 (10/95)
Ghost World:
The Comics Journal 186 (4/96)
Booklist (9/1/97) v94 n1 p47 
Publishers Weekly (10/20/97) v244 n43 p14
Newsweek (4/27/98) v131 n17 p70
Book World (7/26/98) v28 p1
School Library Journal (2/99) v45 i2 p146
Liberation (1/28/99)
The New York Review of Books (8/14/03):

Modern Cartoonist
(see E18):
The Comics Journal Online: [appears in The Comics Journal 169 (6/97)]
The Comics Journal 264 (11-12/04)

Library Journal (3/15/99) v124 i5 p74(1)
The Comics Journal 211 (4/99)
Eightball 19-21 (3-part David Boring story):
Time (4/24/00)
Entertainment Weekly (6/2/00)

David Boring:
Slate (8/28+29/00): search
Village Voice Literary Supplement (9/00):
Publishers Weekly (9/4/00) v247 i36 p86
San Francisco Bay Guardian Literary Supplement (10/00)
The Stranger (11/2/00)
Chicago Tribune (11/12/00)
New York Times Book Review (11/26/00)
Washington Post Book World (12/17/00)
Boston Globe (1/7/01)
Art on Paper (July-Aug/01)
The Guardian (11/16/02):,6121,840831,00.html
Bookmunch (12/02):

Eightball 22 (Ice Haven): (1/6/02):,8816,191033,00.html
The Comics Journal 242 (4/02)
Portland Mercury (3/7/02):
Giant Robot 24 (Spring 2002): very short review of E 22; mention of DC cover for Expo 2001

Eightball 23 (The Death-Ray):
Time Magazine (7/19/04): recommends 23 in an article titled If You Read Only 10 Trashy Novels This Summer

The Village Voice (7/27/04): 
The Onion AV Club (7/28/04): (8/13/04):,9565,681633,00.html 
Giant Robot 34 (9/04): very short review of E23  
The Guardian (9/5/04):,6121,1297447,00.html (Summer 2004):

The Comics Journal 266 (2/05): review in Best Comics of 2004 section

Ice Haven:
Jane (Summer 2005): very short review
Giant (June-July/05): short review
The Village Voice (6/7/05):,beach1,64719,10.html
Philadelphia Inquirer (6/14/05):
Metro Santa Cruz (6/15/05): interview about IH -

Brookline Tab (6/16/05):
Nashville City Paper (6/24/05):
Entertainment Weekly (6/25/05): 
Metro News (6/27/5):

New York Newsday (7/1/5):,0,5182128.story?coll=nyc-manheadlines-books

The Guardian (7/17/05):,6903,1529933,00.html
Philadelphia Center Weekly Press (7/20/05): 

Times (7/23/05):,,923-1702898,00.html
Baltimore Sun (7/25/05):,1,7024298.story?coll=bal-artslife-books 
Hartford Advocate (9/22/05):
Boston Review (Jan-Feb/06):

Select Mentions and Miscellany:
NOTE: I stopped adding to this section in 2004.
These are mentions of DC, short reviews/pieces on DC, dictionary/encyclopedia entries on DC, items inspired by DC's work, etc . . .


Amazing Heroes Preview Special 3 (Summer 1986): mentions DC's plans for LL 4-6
The Comics Journal 119 (1/88) - discusses works of DC and other new cartoonists
Print (Nov-Dec/88): p.107, 109 reprints title page from
Maiden Japan (LL5)
Cracked 222 (9/86): letters page
Cracked 246 (8/89): letters page
Altculture at
Amazing Heroes Preview Special 10 (2/90): mentions DC's plans for E 3+4
Village Voice Literary Supplement 89 (10/90): discusses DC, Peter Bagge, Chester Brown
Amazing Heroes 189 (3/91):
Young Dan Clowes - a parody by Carol Sobocinski
The Comics Journal 141 (4/91): a letter on DC
The Comics Journal 154 (11/92): information on mainstream publications' interest in DC and other alternative artists
The Comics Journal 155 (10/93): Terry Laban spoof of DC and Peter Bagge
The Comics Journal 157 (3/93): DC speaks about Harvey Kurtzman
The Comics Journal 158 (4/93): info on book tours/signings of DC and other artists
The Comics Journal 161 (8/93): letter on E
The Comics Journal 162 (10/93): an entry about DC in an article on autobiographical cartoonists
Adult Comics, An Introduction
 (1993): p.98


The Comics Journal 168 (4/94): on DC exhibition Clowestrophobia at Grober Unfug, a Berlin store and gallery 
The Comics Journal 168 (4/94): mention in a  letter
Understanding Comics
(1994): p.4, 52, 56
Kitchen Sink Press, The First 25 Years (1994): p.89, 93, 113
The Comics Journal 168 (5/95): a letter about DC
Overstreet Fan 17 (11/96): short review of E17
The Art of the Comic Book (1996): p.254
Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels (1996): p.128, 196, 200, 201
Comics, vom Massenblatt ins multimediale Abenteuer
(1996): p.172 
National Society of Cartoonists 50th Anniversary Album
(1996): short bio. with self-portrait
The Comics Journal 193 (): on DC, Ghost World film, and UK signing tour
The Comics Journal  205 (6/98): short piece on DC's Green Eyeliner, which was appearing in Esquire fiction issue
Comics Between the Panels
(1998): p.48, 88-89, 161
The Comics Journal 210 (2/99): article on 100 English language comics of the century - Ghost World is 42
The Comics Journal 213 (6/99): Clowes art in Swipe File feature
The Comics Journal 218 (12/99): DC on the fate of the Ghost World film
Hanging Like Hex 11 (Winter 99): interview with Fireside has images from DC art for their CD - briefly discuss DC's art


San Fransisco Bay Guardian (10/00)
After Hours 12 (11/00): Japanese magazine
Bachelor No. 2 (2000): CD by Aimee Mann includes a song Ghost World, inspired by DC's comic - Mann talks about the song in Performing Songwriter (6/05)
Below Critical Radar (2000): p.24 (paragraph on Eightball), p.96 (photo of first Ghost World film promotional postcard)
Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de Héros et Auteurs de BD (2000): p.786
Reinventing Comics
(2000): p.9, 17, 30, 112
The 101 Best Graphic Novels
(6/01): p.25, Ghost World
Gear (12/01-1/02): DC is #92 on the magazine's hot 100 list - a short paragraph

Eightballs Comics (c.2001): a very small 6 page pornographic mini comic by "Ophelia Cummins" starring GW characters and DC
Sound Voice (1/02): Japan
The Age (3/20/02): UK magazine
Men's Health (4/02): short review of TCE
Apple Commercial (filmed c.2002, never aired): no longer online
Scorched Art: The Incendiary Aesthetic of Flame Rite Zippos
(3/03): p.70 has photos of two lighters with DC illustrations 

Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting (2003): p.31 reproduces/discusses DC's 2001 poster for NYC's Sunshine Theatre
The Rise of the Graphic Novel (2003): p.56-7 discuss GW

Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book
(2003): p.228 and 229 mention DC's satire of Lee in Pussey!
Tales to Demolish 2 (2003): story by Eric Haven 'I Killed Dan Clowes'

Res Magazine Vol. 1 No. 7 (1-2/04): article on comics and narrative briefly discusses E 22
Juxtapoz Magazine 50 (May-June/04): one page article on Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll
Comix: The Underground Revolution (2004): p.45, 52, 244, 249, 251, 253, 255, 259, 270, 271 - reprints numerous DC covers
Bust (Summer 04): photo and brief mention of Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll
The Believer 15 (7/04): Nick Hornby briefly discusses DB:  'the product of a genuinely odd imagination' - reprinted in NH's The Polysyllabic Spree (10/04)
Girlyhead 5 (8/04): short feature on Enid Hi-Fashion Glamour Doll
Comic Book Encyclopedia
(11/04): p.92