Dr. Alex K. Manda-- Associate Professor

301B Graham
Phone: 252-328-9403

Water Resources

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Geosciences, 2009)
M.S. Florida International University (Geology, 2004)
B.S. Cardiff University UK (Geology, 2001)


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Last Updated: 10/2019

Research Interests
Water is an important resource that people usually take for granted. However, it is crucial for mankind's survival and development. But where does most of the water we use come from? Is there enough water to meet people?s demands for generations to come? What factors determine its availability and quality? How will climate change, population growth and urban development affect the availability of potable water? These are some of the questions I am interested in answering. To address these issues, we need to understand what controls the quantity and quality of water as it flows in different types of systems (e.g. groundwater versus surface water) and media (e.g. karst, granular materials, rocks with cracks etc). My research goals are therefore to (1) use different types of techniques and equipment to sample water in different reservoirs (e.g. rocks, rivers, streams, lakes etc), (2) evaluate the effects of urban development and changes in climate on the quantity and quality of water, and (3) assess how water in surface reservoirs is connected to water in the ground. My research allows me to use a combination of geophysical techniques, computer models and geographic information systems (GIS) to solve research problems. So if you are student who is concerned about water and is interested in computers, running fancy tools and gadgets, or just like being out and about, contact me to discuss potential research projects that are related to water resources in North Carolina and the USA.

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