Welcome to ROADI.ORG, a website dedicated to transportation safety and mobility information for drivers and pedestrians 65 years and older residing in North Carolina.  The mission of this site is to provide information and resources about community mobility including driving, in an effort to improve the safety, access, and mobility of North Carolina's older adult population.

ROADI is the Research for Older Adult Driving Initiative of which Dr. Anne Dickerson is project director.  Dr. Dickerson is a professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at East Carolina University

Please Bookmark this site and use it as a reference to stay updated to transportation safety and mobility resources and information. The developers behind ROADI.ORG are dedicated to keeping the information provided on this site current and easily accessible. We are also striving to providing a location where other North Carolina organizations can provide updates on their own transportation related programs and activities aimed at seniors. To make sure this happens the site will be updated regularly.

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