Gender Socialization

"Gender Socialization" from Henslin, pp. 65-67. "Guns and Dolls" by Laura Shapiro. Answer the following questions and fill in the table.

1.  Why gender differences in a contemporary societies are problematic and why attempts are made to eliminate them?


2.  Based on both sets of readings fill in the table.




Nature or nurture accounts for the gender differences?

How aggression it is expressed/accomplished among...


In communications this is emphasized


The range of emotions expressed is wider among...


Who are punished more?


Capacity to read people, to discern their emotions is higher among...


Expressions of anger generate greater disapproval from mothers among...


Fathers tend to use more directives and threatening language for...


Who gets interrupted more by the adults?


Who tend to be more active?


Mothers keep closer, talk, and touch more


Mothers unconsciously reward for being passive and dependent


Mothers unconsciously reward for being active and independent


What does this table tell you about the impact biological and social influences have on the development of gender roles? Does nature or nurture have more influence in gender socialization? What kind of an answer to this question is provided by Shapiro? Do you agree or disagree with her conclusions? Explain.


Should gender differences be eliminated or should they be preserved? If preserved, then in what realms or institutions? Explain.