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Foundation Goals for PSYC 1000 as Taught By Karl L. Wuensch

    All Foundation Credit courses should have foundation goals indicated on syllabi by Spring semester, 2010. Here are the goals. In addition, FC courses that are Writing Intensive (i.e., PSYC 2210) should also indicate writing goals.

Goal 1. Students will learn the subject matter of at least one discipline in the Basic Social Sciences.

KLW:  Well, we could argue about whether Psychology is properly classified as a social science, but that is how ECU has classified it, and I don't expect to be be teaching much this semester that could not be classified as "subject matter."

Goal 2. Students will learn the research methodology, principles and concepts required to understand and conduct undergraduate-level research in a Basic Social Science.

KLW:  This goal is most relevant to the second chapter in our text and my associated document, Research Methods Employed In Psychology, but the role of research in Psychology will be emphasized throughout the semester.

Goal 3. Students will learn about the discipline’s contribution to general knowledge.

KLW:  What is "general knowledge?"  It seems that general knowledge is whatever I decide it is, so I choose to define "general knowledge" as including that which is imparted by students who successfully complete this course.

Psychology course receiving Foundation credit (FC:SO)

1000 Introductory
1060 Honors Introductory
2101 Statistics
2201 Child
2210 Research Methods
2250 Selected Topics
2275 Adjustment
3206 Developmental
3221 Social
3225 Learning
3226 Cognitive
3241 Personnel & Industrial
3290 Comparative
3300 Personality
3310 Neuroscience
3311 Neuropsychology
3314 Religion
4335 Psychology of Women
4375 Abnormal

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