How Do You Pronounce "Wuensch?"

    To hear how I pronounce "Wuensch," just click on this Audio Link.

     It is commonly mispronounced, on this side of the Atlantic, in unflattering ways, such as "Winch," "Wrench," or "Wench."  Properly pronounced the "W" makes a "V" sound and the "ue," (or, for short,  umlaut u, that is, ü, as in my signature, below),  well, you will have to listen to the audio files for that.  One of the forms to which "Wuensch" or "Wuenschel" has been anglicized is "Winchel" -- for example, Walter Winchel.  In German, "Wuensch" means "wish" or "desire," sometimes leading to some teasing, as in "was wuenschen Sie, Frau Wuensch," that is, "what do you desire, Ms. Desire?"

    Students who do not take my courses seriously may come to call me Doktor Böse -- Doctor Evil.

    It might also help to listen to this mp3 of "wuenschen," from LEO, an online German dictionary.

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