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          Have you ever heard of anything like this?  One of my colleagues got this email recently:


Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 1:50 PM

Subject: Your student is cheating

Dear Professor,


One of your students has paid us to do the online stats class . We would like to forward you all the evidences .

          Later they contacted him again asked for a payment for the evidence.  When he declined they asserted that he had a relative in his class and was unfairly favoring that relative and that if he did not pay them they would report him to the university.


          My colleague was able to identify the IUP addresses from which the student’s exams were being taken and assignments submitted – they were several locations in India. -- does use that email address.  -- article on the problem.


          While investigating this I found stories about students having paid a shyster to take an online class, found they were not doing a decent job, and tried to get their money back.  The response of the shyster in this situation is to threaten to inform the professor that the student is cheating.  Another scenario is simple blackmail.


          It did not take me long to find numerous other sites offering to take one’s online stats class. 


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