Statistical Consulting and Tutoring Provided by Graduate Students at East Carolina University


    The students listed here have completed at least one and as many as four graduate level courses in statistics.  They are competent in using SAS, SPSS, and R.  You should not expect them to offer their services pro bono.  Their graduate stipends are quite modest.  My consulting fee is $200 an hour.  I think that they deserve at least $50 an hour, but they may be willing to work for less.

Sophie Galofaro:  Has completed one semester or graduate statistics and is enrolled in a second.  She has mastered all of the basics taught in PSYC 2101, including the use of SPSS.

Jordan Ellis:  Has completed four semesters of graduate statistics, and will be completing ECUís graduate certificate in Quantitative Methods for the Social and Behavioral Sciences in May 2017. He earned his masterís degree in Clinical Health Psychology in 2015 from Appalachian State University and is currently working on his doctoral degree in Clinical Health Psychology at ECU. He is an outstanding teaching assistant for both graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics. Jordan has worked as the lead data analyst on several projects using structural equation modeling (SEM) procedures, including leading a project to develop the Adult Picky Eating Questionnaire. He also has experience processing and analyzing heart rate data and qualitative data.

Sydney Siver:  Has completed four semester of graduate statistics.  Is an outstanding teaching assistant for both graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics.  Is nearing completion of a masters thesis on a quantitative topic, person mean imputation versus multiple imputation.

Dominic Moore:  Is currently enrolled in the second semester of graduate statistics. Research interests include cyberloafing, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and organizational justice. Currently assisting ECU's S.T.E.P.P program with regression modeling and chi-square testing in addition to qualitative analyses through nVivo. Possess knowledge of SAS, SPSS, nVivo, and R.

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