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Department of Psychology

Certificate in Statistics, Through ECU's Department in Psychology

From the 2016-2017 Catalog


The 15 s.h. quantitative methods for the social and behavioral sciences certificate is designed to provide students with a coherent and integrated understanding of the statistical methods utilized in the social and behavioral sciences. The certificate is open to students enrolled in graduate degree programs and well-qualified non-degree graduate students. Students pursuing a graduate degree in psychology may count courses towards both the degree and the certificate. Other degree programs may vary with regard to these restrictions. The required courses are scheduled to allow completion of the certificate program in 24 months.

Students requesting to add a certificate while currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at ECU should follow the Graduate Schoolís admission policies and seek approval from the certificate coordinator. Well-qualified non-degree graduate students interested in obtaining a certificate, but not currently enrolled in a graduate program, may seek consent to enroll from the certificate coordinator. For access to the form to request to add a certificate, view www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/gradschool/academicpolicies.cfm . For more information about the Graduate Schoolís application process, view www.ecu.edu/cacad/gradschool/applicationinfo.cfm .

The student must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the required courses in order to receive the certificate.



As other programs within the university offer similar courses, students will be allowed to substitute up to two of the required courses with other statistics courses offered by the university following approval by the certificate coordinator. The courses are scheduled to allow completion of the certificate program in 24 months.

Karl Wuensch:  Query: When we have students entering with masters and a transferred course equivalent to PSYC 6430, will they still be able to get the certificate if they skip over PSYC 6430?

Mark:  As long as the university puts on their transcript something that we can consider in place of PSYC 6430 then the student can still get the certificate. What we cannot do is allow something to count towards a degree/minor/certificate if it does not exist (i.e., not on the transcript).

Alex Schoemann:  Iíll add that if for some reason thereís not something on the transcript, they can take another class to substitute for 6430.  For example, I have several medical family therapy students taking 6519 with me in the Fall (the topic is advanced Multilevel modeling and Dyadic data analysis).

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