Airport Search Data


            The purpose of this research was to determine if Arabs were more likely than Caucasians to be personally searched (taken aside for body and luggage search) in US airports, especially after terrorist attacks of 9/11. I collected my data at Raleigh International Airport, NC, on the 2nd of September 2004 from 55 Arabic and Caucasian travelers that I randomly chose.  The respondents were asked how many times they had been searched by authorities in US airports over 10 international flights within 3 years prior 9/11, and over 10 flights within 3 years after 9/11.


            The following SAS code will properly define the variables and values:


proc format; value r 1='Arab' 2='Cauc'; value s 1='male' 2='female';

data mus; infile 'D:\StatData\airportsearch.txt';

format race r. sex s. ;

INPUT race sex pre post;


            These data were kindly contributed by Anne-Sophie Rubini, a first year graduate student in the Industrial/Organizational program at East Carolina University.


            The data file is at .