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   Students and faculty can get SAS free of charge through a grant from SAS.  According to our contract, SAS requires that each individual who installs SAS on his or her machine fill out a consent form and a short questionnaire about usage  The grant we have gives them the right to use SAS as long as they are associated with the university (during the grant period, of course).  The software can also be renewed (but not downloaded) without ever setting foot in the Walk-in IT Help Desk, in Austin 103.    In April of 2012 I installed SAS 9.3 on my 64 bit PC.  As luck would have it, there were compatibility issues between 64 bit SAS and the 32 bit version of Office that ECU sold me.  Even if you have a 64 bit processor and operating system, you may need to install 32 bit SAS to avoid such problems.

    In October of 2016 I installed SAS 9.4 on my new PC at work.  I installed only the components I knew I needed.  I did not install Enterprise Guide or Miner.  The installation took about two hours.  Then I spent an hour figuring out why it would not import Excel data.  It was the same problem I ran into in 2012.  Our ITCS folks had installed 32 bit Office on my 64 bit machine (it turns out that there are good reasons for doing so), and 64 bit SAS is not compatible with 32 bit Office.

    Go to the ECU Download Center and click "Click here to access software" to the right of "SAS."   You will be presented with an online form to complete.  After you submit it you will be notified when you can go over to the Austin Building and check out the DVDs needed to install SAS.  If your computer does not have an optical drive, you will need to borrow one for the installation.  If you take your laptop to the help center in Rawl (one the first floor, on the right hand side as you are walking towards the Bate Building), they will help you with the installation, as they have an external optical drive.

    The installation directions in the installation pdf from the download server are good, but you might want to read the notes I took during my installation:  SAS 9.3, SAS 9.4.

    Windows 7.  I run SAS 9.3 on Windows 7 Home Premium with no problems.  SAS says that 9.3 supports Windows Home Premium only if you have the "SAS Education Analytical Suite," which I am guessing is what ECU provides us.  Learn more about versions of Windows 7.  

    Windows 8.  SAS says that that there are releases of SAS 9.3 and 9.4 which will run on Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.  Which system do you have?  I had Windows 8.1 on a little laptop I bought just to check out Windows 8.  From what I see on the SAS site, Windows 8.1 is not supported, only 8 Pro and Enterprise.  Perhaps those with 8.1 can use our  Virtual Computing Lab to run SAS programs.  ECU's stat software page implies that we now have versions of SAS that support the latest flavors of Windows.  The form you fill out to request SAS has a dropdown menu that includes the Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

    Windows 10. One of our doctoral students upgraded his Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 and found SAS would no longer work.  The enhanced editor was kaput, but the program editor would work, but with problems -- programs entered there would run, but after submission the code would disappear.  No graphic output was produced.  He did, however, report that the Enterprise Guide did work.  I am not very fond of the Enterprise Guide, but it will execute SAS code.  If you go to the Start Menu and expand SAS, you will find the Enterprise Guide.  I think that ECU does now have a version of SAS that supports Windows 10.

    Mac.  If you have a Mac you will either need to connect remotely to a PC in our Virtual Computing Lab or use software that allows your Mac to emulate a PC.

        SAS University Edition (Limited version/FREE) - Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS Studio, SAS/Access.  Unless I am missing something, this free edition of SAS should enable you to do everything we do with SAS in PSYC 6430/7431/7433, and it can be downloaded directly from SAS, no hassling with multiple DVDs.  Iím betting that the installation is a lot easier than with SAS 9.3 or 9.4.


     Faculty and students can download the software from ECU at no cost.     Go to the ECU Download Center and click "Click here to access software" to the right of "SPSS."  Complete the online form to request the software.  Check out the system requirements before you decide which version to download.  Then download the desired version.  If you already have an earlier version on your computer, it is best to uninstall it before installing the new version.  As with SAS, if you have a 32-bit version of Office on your computer, best to download the 32-bit version of SPSS even if your computer has a 64-bit processor.

    After you have submitted the online form, you will be sent an email from sharepoint@ecu.edu.  Within that email is the license code, something like this:  Your SPSS license code for activation is: 7c2adk8k3d97jndga6d8   You will need to copy that into SPSS as indicated in the instructions PDF which you downloaded when you downloaded the software.  Once a year you will need to renew the license code.  When you get the new license code run the IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard and follow the instruction to enter the new code.


    Can also be downloaded.  I prefer to use SAS Calis to do structural equation modeling and confirmatory factory analysis.


    JMP is a SAS product, and while not as full-featured as SAS and SPSS (imho), it does have a reputation of being easy to use and we have a good license for it.  To download it go to our download site and fill out the online software request form.  I downloaded version 9 onto my desktop computers (2 GB RAM recommended for 32 bit systems, 4 GB for 64 bit systems) but version 8 onto my old laptop (1 GB recommended).  JMP is available for Windows 7 (including Home Premium) and 8, and for the Mac.  See the system requirements here.  Also check out my notes on the download and installation.


    RStudio Desktop does support Windows 10, so I think it likely that R will run OK on Windows 10.


    If you find that the operating system on your computer in not compatible with the statistical software you wish to employ, check out our Virtual Computer Lab.

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