When Hell Freezes Over

When I am explaining the concept of a sampling distribution, I often say something like this:

    I may need to change the "Hell freezes over" part of this explanation.  It seems that Hell freezes over every year.

    One of my most entertaining graduate students was a Norwegian who told me he had flown out of Hell several times.  It seems there is a Norwegian Air Force station in or near Hell, Norway, and he had flown out of there several times.  A good story, for sure.  But it got me into trouble.  The year my Norwegian friend was in my stats class, I illustrated how to download SPSS from ECU with a document that included in the address of the download request "Hell, Norway."  This resulted in some Arschloch filing a complaint, at the state level, alleging that I was being disparaging to Christians.  This resulted in ECU ITCS blocking access to my help document and ECU's political correctness police harassing me.  The resulting loss in my respect for ECU has not diminished.

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