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PSYC 7433, Autumn, 2015, Polynomial Regression Homework: More Ladybugs

    Copp also noted that on snow-free days, during the warming after sunrise, ladybugs disperse, rising from their aggregations beneath leaf litter and approaching the sunlight. As the temperature drops again late in the day they return to the warm darkness under the leaf litter. In the laboratory he tested the research hypothesis that as the temperature drops the ladybugs become increasingly photonegative (move away from light).

    Again, I captured Copp's data from his scatterplot. The data are in the file ladybugs.dat on my StatData page. Each line of this file has two data points: temperature followed by number of ladybugs (in groups of 100) that were on the lighted side of the testing apparatus. Conduct a polynomial regression analysis to predict the number of ladybugs on the lighted side from the temperature.  Write an APA style results section, like the example I gave you for the analysis I did relating aggregation to temperature. Include a plot of the data with the regression line (for the final model which you adopt) overlaid. Attempt to explain every bend in the curve. Bring your results to class and be prepared to share them.

Animated Ladybug

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