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Faculty & Staff Userids

    For quite a while they have been last name, first initial.  Starting in 2014 they are Last name, first initial, last 2 digits of year started at ECU.

Storage and Archiving (ECU Technology Digest, December, 2014)

    Users whose mailbox reaches the 5GB limit can no longer send email through their account. Rules are set to automatically archive all items older than 60 days, which helps keep the mailbox within the 5GB limit.  Mail older than 7 years of age will be deleted automatically.

Limit on Size of Outgoing EMail

    It is 30 mB, but many ISPs will not allow such large emails to be received by their customers.  (Christian Holcombe, February, 2007).

Termination of Student Email Accounts

    Accounts of students who drop out of school will remain active on the system for a period of two regular semesters after which they will be terminated if the student has not returned to school (Jack Brinn, CIO, March, 2006).

Student Email Becomes Alumni Email Upon Graduation (ECU Technology Digest, December, 2014)

• The xxxxx@students.ecu.edu e-mail address will become xxxxx@ecualumni.ecu.edu.
• Students will keep all of the e-mails that are in their student e-mail account at the time it’s switched over to an alumni e-mail account.
• Students will receive all future e-mail sent to their xxxxx@students.ecu.edu e-mail address, even after graduation, because it will be automatically delivered to their new xxxxx@ecualumni.ecu.edu address (however, after graduation, students will no longer be able to SEND from their xxxxx@students.ecu.edu e-mail address).
• Students will be able to log into their new xxxxx@ecualumni.ecu.edu e-mail account with the PirateID and Passphrase they have at the time their student e-mail account is switched over.
• Students’ new ECU alumni e-mail account will have their online mailbox and OneDrive file storage; the Office suite of software (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) they have as a current student is not available as part of ECU alumni e-mail.
• The only change students will need to make as part of this process is to the e-mail address on any of their mobile devices that access their current ECU student e-mail account. STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A NOTIFICATION FROM ECU WHEN THEY NEED TO MAKE THIS CHANGE.


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