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Academic Genealogy of Karl L. Wuensch

Karl L. Wuensch, Miami University, 1982
Patrick J. Capretta, University of Colorado, 1958
Maurice P. Smith, University of Iowa, 1948
Kenneth W. Spence, Yale University, 1933




Robert M. Yerkes, Harvard University, 1902   Clark L. Hull, University of Wisconsin, 1918
  Hugo Münsterberg, Universität Leipzig, 1885   Vivian A. C. Henmon, Columbia, 1905   Joseph Jastrow
Johns Hopkins, 1886
    James McKeen Cattell, Universität Leipzig, 1886   Granville Stanley Hall
Harvard, 1878
William James
Harvard Medical, 1869
  Wilhelm Wundt
Universität Heidelberg (MD), 1856
  William James
Harvard Medical, 1869


Comment from a Colleague.

    I found in doing these genealogies over the years that virtually everyone in American psychology can trace their lineage back to William James, Wilhelm Wundt or Rudolph Hermann Lotze or if one wasn't to be hardnosed about what it takes to be called a psychologist in those days, Carl Stumpf.  By the way, since Hull was so greatly influenced by Pavlov, you can count him on the branch of your intellectual heritage as well. (Rand Evans, personal communication, 2006).

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