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Fair Use of Karl Wuensch's Documents

    Years ago I converted all of my hand-written lecture notes into Word documents. Then I started putting them online so that students could access them if they missed class.   I do not know how many people outside of East Carolina University are using them to educate themselves, but I get a good number of emails that indicate that there are quite a few who do. Over the years, this collection of documents has grown considerably.  I consider them one of the most important of my life's works.  I have frequently been asked why I have not gathered them together into a book published by traditional means.  My usual answer is that I do consider them to be my book, but one that is in online format, where I can modify it as often as I wish, instantly -- and I seem to be tinkering with these documents constantly.  Yes, I know, there might be money to be made through publication, but I strongly feel that education should be, if not free, at least of minimal cost. I could charge for online access to my documents, and might need to do so if the university were to decide no longer to host them for me with no cost to me, but I am hoping it does not come to that.

    I grant, to all, permission to use my documents for noncommercial, educational purposes, as long as the documents are reproduced only in their entirety and include my copyright notice or name and institutional affiliation.  As with any copyrighted document, others are also permitted to quote passages from my documents and cite the source.  The citation should include my name, the title of the document, the URL for the document, the copyright date on the document (if any), and the date the document was accessed (because my documents change frequently).  Here is are examples, in pseudo-APA style:


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