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Board of Governors Award For Excellence In Teaching

     The Board of Governors Excellence in Teaching Award is the highest teaching award in the University of North Carolina System. Sixteen teachers are honored with the award each year, one from each of the 16 institutions in the University of North Carolina system. I received this award for the year 2000. The award ceremony was held at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill on the 14th of April, 2000. I was introduced by my graduate student, Deena Pierce. You can see her introductory comments here. My guests at the ceremony included my mother, my wife Silvia, my daughter Lotus, my friend Neil Moore, faculty senate president Brenda Killingsworth, graduate student Deena Pierce, and Chancellor Richard Eakin. Over 200 persons attended the ceremony.

      In addition to a rather nice stipend ($7,500), President Molly Broad hung around the neck of each award recipient a nice medallion. The medallion is a little over 7 cm in diameter, bronze, and rather heavy. On the front face is the Board of Governors seal, like that at the top of this page. You can see what it looks like a little better by looking at the Seal of the University of North Carolina, which is quite similar. On the back of my medallion is inscribed "AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING, Karl L. Wuensch, 2000."

      At the end of the ceremony, I delivered the response (see it here), on behalf of all of the award recipients. Later that evening, at the Phi Beta Kappa reception at the Chancellor's house, the Chancellor announced my award again. I was still wearing my medallion around my neck. I told everybody that I might just wear it to bed that night. The Chancellor responded that he had wondered if I was going to do that. I didn't wear it to bed, but I did wear it to class on Tuesday.


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