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    The data from this research are freely available for educational use.  See my StatData Page, the Jury91.dat file, or my PASW/SPSS Data Page, the Jury91.sav file.

    Here is a snippet of SAS code for bringing in the data:

proc format; value cr 1='Fraud' 2='Burglary';
value p 1='Ugly' 2='Attr'; value s 1='Female' 2='Male';
input crime 1 pa 2 sd 3 ss 4 sentence 5-6 serious 7 exciting 8 calm 9 independent 10
  sincere 11 warm 12 phyattr 13 kind 14 intelligent 15 strong 16 sophisticated 17
  happy 18 sociable 19;
Format Crime cr. pa p. sd ss s. ;

"crime: is the type of crime of which the defendant was accused, "pa" is physical attractiveness manipulation, "sd" is sex of the defendant, "ss" is sex of the subject (mock juror), "sentence" is the recommended sentence in years,  "serious" is the rating of how serious the crime was, and "exciting" through "sociable" are the ratings of characteristics of the defendant.


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