Ph.D., Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 1967


M.A., Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 1964


   B.A., Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 1963





Visiting Professor, Fachhochschule Kiel, Kiel Germany ( 2003)


Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany (2002)


Visiting Scholar, University of Applied Science, Potsdam, Germany (2002)


Visiting Scholar, History of Science, Harvard University (1998-1999)


History/ Obituary Editor (1986- Present )  American Journal of Psychology

          Cooperating Editor (1968-1971)

          Manuscript Reader (1964-1967)


Editor, Cheiron Society Newsletter  (1980-1986)





Director, Great Books Program, East Carolina University (1998 – 2002)


Chair, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University (1990 -1998)


 Professor of Psychology, East Carolina University (1990- Present)


Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Professor of Psychology, University of Baltimore (1987-1990)


Head, Department of Psychology, Texas A&M University (1977-1983); Associate Professor to Professor (1976-1987)


Associate Professor of Psychology and Co-Director,  History of Psychology Doctoral Program, Department of Psychology, The University of New Hampshire (1972-1976)


Assistant to Associate Professor, Wright State University (1967-1972)




American Psychological Association. (1964 - Present) (Fellow)

             History Oversight Committee (1996-1998); chair (1995-1996)

             Consultant, Centennial Traveling Psychology Exhibit (1989-1994)

             President, Division 26 (1986-87)

             Executive Committee, Division 26 (1983-1988)

             Fellows Selection Committee, Division 26 (1983-1985) Chair (1984-1985)

             Designer, obverse of APA Centennial Medallion (1979)

             APA Centennial Lecturer (1979-1980)

             Historical Exhibitions Committee (1971-1979)

             Committee on the Centennial of Psychological Laboratories (1977-1979)

             Centennial Committee (1970-1977)

             Program Chair, Division 26, (1972, 1983)


Cheiron Society (International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences) (1970- Present)

            Executive Officer (1986-1989)

            Newsletter Editor  (1980-1986)

            Review Committee (1978, 1980-1989)

            Program Chair (1974, 1980)

            Host, Sixth Annual Meeting (1974)

            Reorganization Committee Chair (1973-1974)


Scientific Instrument Society, (1984- Present)


Scientific Instrument Commission of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science. (1990-Present)





Archives of the History of American Psychology, Akron, Ohio.  Instruments, apparatus and exhibitions. 2002- Present


Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments, Harvard University.  1989- 1999


Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments, Harvard University. "Those Pendulum and Chronograph Philosophers."  Exhibit of Harvard’s early psychological instruments. William James Hall, Harvard University (1994)


American Psychological Association Traveling Exhibit on Psychology (1989 – 1992)


Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD.  Exhibition on Memory (1988)