Welcome to the plankton ecology laboratory at East Carolina University. The primary focus of our research is zooplankton dynamics in estuarine and coastal systems. Zooplankton are critical components of food webs as they link the primary production of phytoplankton to fish. The interaction between zooplankton and fish varies in time and space, thus we are particularly interested in determining how zooplankton populations respond to environmental forcing. We use a combination of traditional and novel methods in order to determine zooplankton abundance and distribution. These include net sampling, optics and acoustics. Other interests of our lab include climate forcing of aquatic populations, analysis of long-term data and the use of size-based approaches to address ecological questions. Use the menu buttons above to find more information on lab personnel, current research projects, publications, East Carolina University courses and some other stuff.


Graduate Research

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Department of Biology
Institute for Coastal Science and Policy
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: +1 252.328.9986
Lab: +1 252.737.4214
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