Jules Benjamin Assignment
American History to 1877, HIST 1050

Dr. Kenneth Wilburn
Department of History
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC, USA 27858
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Questions for Jules Benjamin, A Student's Guide to History

Restate and respond to the questions that follow. Each question response should be no longer than a paragraph.

1. What is a philosophy of history?

2. What is historiography?

3. What are the two forms of historical evidence and methods of testing?

4. Discuss the use of computer technology in historical research.

5. What can you do with the knowledge you will gain from this history course?

6. How should you read our survey text?

7. Describe the best way to take notes in class.

8. How should you give a formal class talk?

9. Our final exam is in essay format. What should you do to make an "A" on the final exam?

10. How do you write with clarity and craft quality essays?

11. What is plagiarism?

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First Online Edition: 18 May 2008
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