'With Love', courtesy Juri Kataoka; Copyright © 1996-2014'With Love', courtesy Juri Kataoka; Copyright © 1996-2014

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Konnichiwa! This web site is dedicated to Haruko Kataoka, Shinichi Suzuki,
Gretchen Hazen Brown and Joanne Bath. May the beauty and love they
have created for Suzuki families inspire and transform the world.

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How to Teach Beginners
Haruko Kataoka
Required reading for Suzuki Piano Basics studio teachers; also helpful for parent teachers

Suzuki Piano Method: Reconciliation of Published Editions, Book 1 and Book 2
Cathy Williams Hargrave

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'The Right Hand!! I Learned It', courtesy Juri Kataoka Kenneth Wilburn, web editor, is the Suzuki Dad of Kenny (Book 2) and Shelly (Book 4). Shelly is now in graduate school at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Kenny entered East Carolina University in the fall of 2012. See Photos of Shelly and Gretchen Lindeblad (1996), Dr. Haruko Kataoka (1996), and Suzuki Friends (1998).

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