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History of South Africa, HIST 3820 (WI)

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Select your Internet assignment and follow instructions given in class and below.

I1 Title: ECU Summer Study Program Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa:: summarize and react.

I2 Title: Khoesan and San; Compare The Khoesan web site of David Boyce with The San, Art and Life in Africa, University of Iowa Museum of Art.

I3 Title: Zulus; discuss A Detailed Overview of the History of KwaZulu-Natal: From Stone Age to Hard Won Democracy, Kwazulu Natal.

I4 Title: ANC; explore The African National Congress. Discuss the ANC's website and choose a section to examine in detail.

I5 Title: Albert John Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela; compare the Nobel Peace Prize Lectures of Albert John Luthuli (1960), Desmond Tutu (1984), and Nelson Mandela (1993).

I6 Title: Nadine Gordimer; summarize and react to Nadine Gordimer, The Nobel Prize Internet Archive and Nadine Gordimer's Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1991

I7 Title: Steve Biko; summarize and react to We Write What We Like About Steve Biko, Dan Magaziner.

I8 Title: Freedom Charter and Declaration of Independence; compare and contrast the Freedom Charter with the US Constitution.

I9 Title: Philip Kgosana; summarize and react to Philip Kgosana's Recollection of the Langa March to Cape Town, March 1960, South African Democracy Education Trust

I10 Title: Rhodes Trust and Mandela Rhodes Foundation; discuss the relationship between the Rhodes Trust with the The Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

I11 Title: Thinking Africa from the Cape; "Thinking Africa from the Cape", Extract from Suren Pillay's Lecture, Stellenbosch University, 7 June 2011.

I12 Title: Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall; "The Student Protests Roiling South Africa,", Rosa Lyster, The New Yorker, 21 October 2016.

I13 Title: Dr. Kenneth Wilburn's Paper on South Africa; discuss Revolution in South Africa: Albert John Luthuli, Rolihlahla Nelson Dalibunga Mandela, and the African National Congress, 27 September 1997; pay particular attention to links to primary sources.

Extra Credit Assignments (in extensive web sites related to the Mother Continent, explore South Africa-related topics):

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