Imperialism in Theory and Practice, History 5660
2nd Summer Session 2016
Dr. Kenneth Wilburn

Class: 9:45 am - 11:15 am MTWTF in BC-101
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Course Goals:

Students in HIST 5660 will learn the subject matter of imperialism in theory and practice, as well as its nemesis, anti-imperialism. Selected readings from required books and articles will introduce students to research methodology, principles, and concepts related to the creation and destruction of nineteenth and twentieth-century European empires, with emphasis on colonial and revolutionary Africa. Furthermore, students will examine methods to heal the festering imperial and colonial legacies of the Atlantic slave trade. Finally, Pan-Africanism as a means to create an anti-imperial world will be explored.

Course Requirements:

This graduate course combines book reviews (40%), a 20-page research paper using primary resources (40%), and seminar discussions based on assigned articles, books, and films (20%). Students will take turns as discussion leaders.


Scott Cook, Colonial Encounters in the Age of High Imperialism (Harper Collins, 1996)
Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth (Grove Press, 1963)
Manu Herbstein, Ama, A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade (ERead, 2000)

Due Dates for Seminar and Writing Assignments:

Class Decorum:

Please enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and Email before you enter and after you exit our classroom. Except your laptop for note-taking, all communications devices must be turned off. Your classmates and I thank you in advance for your good manners and respectful commitment to intellectual engagement in HIST 5660.

Class Attendance Policy:

Three or more absences effect failure.

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