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Journal Internet Assignments:

I1 Title: ECU Summer Study Program Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.

I2 Title: Africa Country Quiz: select the "study" button of the "Quiz mode". Click on many of the countries to familiarize yourself with the Mother Continent. Read the country summaries, then select the "practice" button to identify the countries. Once you are confident, take the test and record your score in your journal. Summarize and react to the assignment. Lizard Point Consulting, Ontario, Canada.

I3 Title: Ancient Egypt: explore, summarize, and react, British Museum.

I4 Title: ECU's African Art Collection ECU's School of Art's Museum Without Walls: contains some 135 Kuba and 9 Bushoong works of art. View, summarize, and react to 20 of them. Here's how: go to the web site's search engine at In the "Search For" space type in Bushoong. Leave the other criteria alone. Then click on "Start Search." View the 5 scanned pieces and commentary (ignore the 4 pieces not yet scanned.) Click on each thumbnail; this enlarges the image and often provides much more written detail. Return to the search engine, click "Reset," and type in Kuba. Again, leave the other criteria alone. Click on "Start Search." Now scroll through the 135 thumbnails that appear. Choose 15 favorites. Click on each of your 15 thumbnail choices, look at the piece carefully and read about its origin and context. As with all net entries, limit this Bushoong-Kuba assignment to a one-page summary/reaction entry.

I5 Title: "Key Moments in Life": explore, summarize, and react, University of Iowa.

I6 Title: The Asante and the Kuba: compare and contrast the Asante and Kuba in the "Peoples" section of the Art and Life in Africa Project, University of Iowa Museum of Art.

I7 Title: Islamic Calendar: calculate your birthday according to the Islamic calendar below. Print out the result. Summarize and react to the introductions of the Islamic calendar in a single Internet journal entry:
Muslim Calendar Converter, Hijra/Gregorian and Gregorian/Hijra dates converter, IslamicFinder, and Introduction to the Hijra Calendar, Web Exhibits.

I8 Title: The Swahili: explore Swahili culture and language, Hassan O. Ali and Kassim O. Ali.

I9 Title: "Africa to the World! Nkrumah-era Philatelic Images of Emerging Ghana and Pan-Africanism, 1957-1966": summarize and react, Ken Wilburn, African Studies Quarterly.

I10 Title: The Freedom Charter and the US Constitution: in the mid-1950s, South African activists gathered and created one of the world's great documents, the Freedom Charter for post-apartheid South Africa. Compare and contrast the Freedom Charter with the US Constitution.

I11 Title: Manu Herbstein and Ama: explore Manu Herbstein's website devoted to Ama, Africa Today.

I12 Title: Reparations Documents:

Extra Credit Assignments:

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