Senior Seminar in African and African American Studies
Independent Study
CRN 33901, Section 001
Classes: Mondays from 11 - 11:50 in Brewster A-318
Wednesdays and Fridays by Arrangement in Brewster D-310
Spring 2018

Dr. Kenneth Wilburn
Office Hours (BA-318): MWF 8:15 - 9 and by Appointment
Office Telephone: 252-328-1029
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Students in AAAS 4000 will learn the subject matter of African and African American Studies in provincial, national and global contexts. A variety of research, discussion, and service assignments will introduce students to research methodology, principles, and concepts related to the multi-disciplinary areas of African and African American Studies. Finally, students will learn about the contribution of AAAS to general knowledge, as well as how AAAS teaches us about the human experience.

Seminar Discussions (25%) and Writing Assignments (75%):

In consultation with Dr. Wilburn, three research assignments will be arranged: films, books, and a research project. If students select films directed by Africans, then the books must be written by African Americans. Students may choose to reverse the attributions, but both books and films may not be created by the same group. The two papers on films and books will be group projects of ten pages each that review films and books related to AAAS. Each student will individually research and write a third paper of ten pages in length on an AAAS topic using primary and secondary sources. All papers must use Chicago-style formatting for footnotes and bibliographies. For citation assistance see:

Many of the semester's seminars will be devoted to the discussion of the stages of your papers on all due dates listed below--usually Mondays. Other seminars will center around topics led by AAAS faculty--occasional Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Brewster D-310.

Fall 2017 Guest Presentations:

Dr. Mary Jackson, School of Social Work, AAAS, Friday, 1 September
Dr. Joseph Hellweg, Whichard Visiting Professor of Religious Studies, Monday, 11 September
Dr. Marame Gueye, Department of English, AAAS, Friday, 22 September
Dr. Cherif Keita, Visiting Professor, Carleton College, Monday, 16 October
Dr. Crystal Chambers, Department of Educational Leadership, AAAS, Wednesday, 18 October
Dr. Kennetta Perry, Department of History, Co-Director, AAAS, Monday, 23 October
Dr. Sitawa R. Kimuna, Department of Sociology, AAAS, Wednesday, 25 October
Dr. Mary Nyangweso, Philosophy Department, AAAS, and Ms. Mansi Trivedi, Friday, 27 October
Ms. Wanda Tyler, Director of Intercultural Affairs, Ledonia Wright Culture Center, Wednesday, 1 November
Mr. Tom Braswell and Ms. Maria Modlin, Curators, African Art Collection, Gray Gallery, Monday, 6 November
Dr. Lathan Turner, Associate Director, Office of Student Transitions, AAAS, Friday, 10 November
Dr. Bernice A. Dodor, Department of Human Development and Family Science, AAAS, Friday, 17 November

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ECU seeks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students requesting accommodations
must first go to the Department of Disability Support Services, Slay 138; call 252-737-1016.

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