Hiroshima Peace Park
(More Hiroshima, 1995)
Memorial cenotaph. Unvieled in 1952, this memorial to those who died in 1945 and the aftermath of the atomic bomb is shaped like an ancient haniwa house, and meant to protect those who died from the rain. The front of the cenotaph reads "Let all the souls here rest in peace for we shall not repeat the evil." The word "cenotaph" means a monument erected in memory of a deceased person who is buried elsewhere. Literally it refers to an empty (keno) tomb (taph). As of August 6, 1979, the names of 95,685 victims of the blast had been recorded on the register for the Cenotaph. It is noteworthy that the register includes the names of Americans and Koreans as well as Japanese who died in the blast. 

Information from the Hiroshima Peace Reader (Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, 1980), p. 41.

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