Restoration and Revolution:
The Meiji Reinvention of the Imperial System

Restoring Imperial Honor: The Charter Oath

Centralizing Power Under the Imperial Guise
Subtext: Reversing the Unequal Treaties

Finances, Armed Forces, & Education:
The Impact of the Iwakura Mission

Abolition of the Hereditary Social System

Government Sponsored Industrialization:
Fukoku kyohei

The Intellectual Revolution:
Civilization & Enlightenment (Bunmei kaika)

Liberty & Popular Rights: The Jiyu minken undo

Crisis of 1881: Demands for a Constitution

Redefining the Political Order: Retrenchment

Taming the Meiji Economy:
Matsukata’s Deflation

Matsukata’s Fiscal Retrenchment

The New Meiji Economy

The Oligarch’s Bureaucracy

The Oligarch’s Bureaucracy, cont.

The Meiji Constitution

The Emperor in the Constitution

The People in the Meiji Constitution