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Dr. Terri L. Woods - Associate Professor


Graham 103


MW: 8:30-11:00



Aqueous Geochemistry


University of South Florida (1988)


University of Arizona (1978)


University of Delaware (1975)


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Career Summary

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Current Academic Interests

Much of my effort in the past few years has been in the realm of outreach to science teachers in the public schools. I developed Geology’s first totally online lecture/lab course for introductory geology and taught it to elementary and middle-school, pre-service teachers in spring, 2009. ECU has several totally online degrees and an online geology course is a necessary addition to those programs. I have also written and submitted several large proposals (~$470K to $3.5 million) to generate funding to facilitate the use of hands-on, inquiry-based science instruction in public schools in northeastern North Carolina. This region has the poorest passing rates on end-of-year science tests in the state, as well as some of the lowest enrollments in advanced science courses in high school. At least one of these proposals is still pending and may be funded. I am also continuing my work with the Burroughs Wellcome Fund board overseeing selection of recipients for their Student Science Enrichment Program grants (~$180K over 3 years) and every year I organize 4-5 groups of graduate students to run events at the regional Science Olympiad tournament held at ECU each spring. Finally, I am still actively engaged with the Center for Inquiry-based Learning ( participating in their efforts to enhance hands-on, inquiry-based science education.


Some of my scientific research has taken a new track and is focused on formation of oxidized copper minerals in water at Earth’s surface. I am also continuing to write up the results of the Reverse Osmosis project - “Ecological Assessment of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant Discharge Sites, Present and Proposed, in Coastal Waters of Northeastern Albemarle Sound”. This project was begun by Roger Rulifson (ICSP and Biology) and he subcontracted the water quality and sediment evaluation work to me. From July, 2005 through June, 2006 we collected approximately 40 samples every two weeks to be analyzed for major elements and nutrients.  I continue to teach undergraduate Mineralogy/Petrology, Physical Geology, Oceanography, and graduate Geochemistry regularly.

Click here to view the final pre-construction report for the Pasquotank County site.

Selected Publications

1992 - Woods, T.L. and R.M.Garrels, Calculated solution-solid relations in the low temperature system CaO-MgO-FeO-CO2-H2O: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 56, p. 3031-3043.


1993 - McNeil, M.B., Amos, A.L., and T.L.Woods, Adherence of sulfide mineral layers produced by corrosion of copper alloys: Corrosion, v. 49, p. 755-758.


1995 - Sutton, L.C. and T.L.Woods,  Geochemistry of ground water from the Castle Hayne aquifer in Northeastern North Carolina: Southeastern Geology, v. 35, p. 93-119.


2000 -  Woods, T.L., Fullagar, P.D., Spruill, R.K., and L.C.Sutton, Strontium isotopes and major elements as tracers of ground water evolution: Example from the  Upper Castle Hayne aquifer of North Carolina: Ground Water, v. 38, p. 762-771.


2003 – Gramling, C.M., McCorkle, D.C., Mulligan, A.E., and T.L. Woods, A carbon isotope method to quantify groundwater discharge at the land-sea interface: Limnology and Oceanography, v. 48 (3), p. 957-970.

2005 – Mehlhop, D.L.T., Woods, T.L., and D.W. Neal, Lithology and mineral chemistry of the Castle Hayne Limestone – An important Coastal Plain Aquifer in North Carolina: Southeastern Geology, v. 43, p. 113-135.

Many excellent geological-sciences videos are available on line to be viewed at no charge on the following websites:


Earth Revealed



Also Planet Earth is available


Spring, 2011  courses

Dynamic Earth (GEOL 1500) – Click here to view syllabus

Oceanography (GEOL 1550) – Click here to view syllabus


Lecture Outlines - Click on topic to view outline

GEOL 1500

Introduction to Geology and Earth

Structure of Matter and Minerals

Igneous Rocks and Volcanism

Weathering and Soils

Sedimentary Rocks

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Geologic Time

Introduction  to Latitude and Longitude

Mass Wasting

Running Water


Glaciers and Climate Change


Crustal Deformation

Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior

Plate Tectonics

Sea Floor

Introduction to Environmental Geology

Energy Resources

Mineral Resources


GEOL 1550

History of Oceanography

Introduction to Earth

Plate Tectonics

Marine Provinces and the Seafloor

Marine Sediments



Chemical Oceanography

Oceans and Climate




Life and Food Production in the Sea

Marine Resources

GEOL 1500 Study Questions - Click on topic to view questions & answers

Introductory Material -                                               Questions                    Answers

Structure of Matter & Minerals -                    Questions                    Answers

Igneous Rocks -                                              Questions                    Answers

Examination II -                      Questions                                Answers

Rivers                                      Questions                                Answers

Groundwater                           Questions                                Answers

Glaciers/Climate                      Questions                                Answers

Shorelines                                Questions                                Answers

Examination IV -                    Questions                                Answers

Last Section -                          Questions                                Answers


GEOL 1550 Study Questions - Click on topic to view questions & answers

Examination I -                       Questions                                Answers

Examination II-                       Questions                                Answers

Chemical Oceanography-        Questions                                Answers

Examination III-                     Questions                                Answers

Marine Biota Crossword Puzzle-          Clues     Puzzle          Answers

Examination IV-                     Questions                                Answers

Last Section-                           Questions                                Answers


Course Exercises – Click on topic to view instructions


            GEOL 1500 – Dynamic Earth

                        Fractional Crystallization

                        Absolute Dating Exercise

                        Plate Tectonics Exercise


            GEOL 1550 – Oceanography

                        Hurricane Internet Exercise Instructions

                        Hurricane Exercise Data Sheets

                        Photosynthesis Exercise Instructions

                        Data for Photosynthesis Exercise

Graph for Photosynthesis Exercise

Plate Tectonics Exercise



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Course Lecture Notes – Click on topic to view notes


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GEOL 1550 – Oceanography


Here is the URL for the YouTube video on the origin of Earth and Plate Tectonics:


History of Oceanography                               Introduction to Earth

Latitude and Longitude                                  Earth’s Interior

Plate Tectonics                                                Marine Provinces                                           

Marine Sediments                                           Coasts

Estuaries                                                          Review of Basic Chemistry   

Water’s Unique Properties                              Seawater Chemistry                           

Biogeochemical Cycles                                   Oceans and Climate

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect                        

Coastal Flooding                                             Waves                                    

Tides                                                               Ocean Circulation

Biological Productivity, Energy Transfer and the Marine Environment

Marine Life                                                     Food Chain Diagram                         

Ocean Resources and Law                             ClassificationMarineOrganisms                     



GEOL 1500 – Dynamic Earth



Structure of Matter                 Minerals                                 

Help recognizing and describing mineral properties

Systematic mineralogy            Systematic Mineralogy Reading Assignment

Igneous Rocks                        Weathering                             

SedimentaryRocks                  Metamorphic Rocks               

Geologic Time                         Mass Wasting             

Latitude/Longitude                 Rivers                                     

Coastal Flooding                     Groundwater                          

Glaciers                                   Climate Change                     

Greenhouse Effect                  Coasts                                    

Crustal Deformation  

Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior

Earth’s Interior and Evidence for Plate Tectonics

Theory of Plate Tectonics       Seafloor                                  

Environmental Geology          Energy Resources                  

Mineral Resources 


GEOL 5450 - Aqueous Geochemistry



Nucleosynthesis                                  Goldschmidt                                      

Chemistry Review                              Uniqueness of Water

Acid dissociation                                Hydrolysis                                          

Ksp Lecture                                        Activity/concentration Relations   

DebyeHuckel                                      Complexes and Ion Pairs                   

Gibbs Free Energy

Sample calculation for construction of Gibbsite solubility diagram

Using stability diagrams to describe the process of feldspar weathering

Brief introduction to construction of a K-Al-Si stability diagram

Basic introduction to stability diagrams

More detailed introduction to constructing and using stability diagrams

River Water Composition                   Isotopic Mixing and Dilution


GEOL 3050 - Mineralogy/Petrology I



Chemistry Review                                          XLChem Min/Pet I                                        

Crystallography and Symmetry Elements      Igneous rocks Lecture Notes                         

Igneous rock-forming minerals                      Metamorphic Minerals

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Examples of questions for the lecture test on the first half of the silicate minerals



Alphabet Symmetry Key

Shapes Symmetry Key


Other Powerpoint Presentations


PCS Phosphate

Bowen’s Reaction Series  --  Practice for First GEOL 1500 Exam

Relative Age Examples